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I have been morbidly obese all my life and finally...

I have been morbidly obese all my life and finally lost 85 lbs. I never thought I would be having cosmetic surgery because of my very conservative/religious upbringing. But since my weight loss, I've had breast implants/mini lift and smartlipo on my thighs (for contouring). I've always hate my thighs, they were 2 sizes bigger than my top and lots of cellulite. I did the smartlipo, not only to contour them but also to help the cellulite, which it didn't. I am 5'5 165 lbs (plus or minus a few), I'm not at my goal weight yet but at my goal size of 8 tops/10 bottoms. I worked out with a professional bodybuilder to see if I would improve the appearance of my thighs without any success. As a black woman, I tend to get hypertrophic scar (which I have around my areolar for my breast surgery), so I kept shying away from thigh lift surgery. I finally bit the bullet (after reading so many reviews on this website) and did a couple of consultations and was told yes I do need thigh lift and you need the one that would go down your thighs to the knee. I was devastated because I was looking for a scar I could hide and with my tendency to heal poorly, I can't expect in fine/thin scar. I thought long and hard about and decided to go ahead, and heck while I'm under do something about my flat droopy butt :)

I had my surgery friday 2/21/14

DOS: my surgeon said he removed 3 liters of fat and he injected 1000 cc in each butt cheek. I decided to make the 1 1/2 journey home instead of staying in a hotel because I wanted to be in my own environment. I live alone, a friend drove me to and from surgery and had a spare key and checked on me that night. I layed on my stomach the drive home and slept the whole ride. it was difficult, not going to lie to you. trying to pee standing up is horrible, let me just say i made a mess every where. i took the percocet (which just knock me out for 2-3 hrs) and ibuprofen.
so that night I was in pain, didn't know when I had to pee (but everytime I try too, I did and made a mess), was very very thirsty and was so tired. my butt felt hard as a brick. I'm not use to laying on my stomach so that was difficult also.

POS #1-6
my head/neck/shoulders/arms were a mess the first few days. once I switch from the couch to bed the pain improved. my arms were hurting initially because I was using them to get me in and out of the couch/bed. I haven't taken any Percocet since Saturday night. my pain is tolerable with ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol.
I have been having low grade fevers so my doctor added another biotic to the one I'm taken now, and I'm waiting to see how that works.
today I had a bowel movement, lol.. I dreaded it because of the logistic of it. I would definitely recommend getting a toilet seat riser with arms. I survived the experience, glad I have been working out my arms, lol. not only do you have pain from the bbl, I had to worry about putting strain on my incision (he gave me staples :(

emotionally, it has been difficult. I've only told a selected few people that I was having the surgery. my family, except for one sister, is unaware that I had surgery. my boyfriend (very new relationship) lives a distance away and because of his work hours, he couldn't be with me, he is off today so he is coming to spend a couple of days with me. my friends were nice. they came by and help change my dressing, pick up all the stuff that I dropped :) and bring me stuff from the store that I needed but they have their work and personal life to tend to.
of course I'm going through why in the world did I do this, which is mostly when I'm in pain. I think of how much money i have shelled out on just my butt/thighs (total almost 20 thousand dollars). I still can't believe I did it. i'm very swollen and am now 12lbs heavier than before :( i can't wait for the fluid to go away. my butt is big and I know it will go down, but in the meantime when I go back to work on Monday, how do I respond to people's looks and questions.
I go back to see the surgeon tomorrow to remove the staples and my drains (I have 2).. now my next stress is going to be wound opening up and horrible incision scar.
I will post pictures later
Hi there. I'm feeling your pain, trust me. I just had my medial thigh lift and a posterior lift two weeks ago today. I'm currently battling a stupid infection in the groin incisions, despite 'excellent' hygiene. sigh... My thigh lift was in the groin only. That was tough enough to accept, so I totally understand your hesitation for the long incision. Hopefully all will heal nicely and one thing I do know - skin heals differently on different parts of the body. So you never know - you may scar beautifully! I hope you're planning on good, long-term scar management, too. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and breast aug a little over three years ago and was diligent with the silicone strips. My scars are fairly nice. I hope my new ones scar as well, though at the moment I'm afraid that may not be the case since this infection is definitely hampering wound healing! Anyway, welcome to the board here. I've found a great deal of help and support and unbelievably - real friendships here!
hi there, were you placed on antibiotics after the surgery? and if so how long were you on them. I went to the surgeon today, he removed my drains and said I was healing appropriately, but I know that's too early to tell. I go back next for some staple removals. my thighs are huge because of the swelling.. I don't know how much worse it's going to get and it's already massive :(
I was put on 20 days of augmentin. The infection showed up within a couple of days of surgery so I really think it was picked up in the hospital. I had it for days before it was treated. I was taken off the first antibiotic and put on a different one for the infection. It doesn't look any better but it no longer smells. Hopefully that means it's healing. I was to have most sutures taken out Tues but I can't see that happening now. Much of my incision looks open. :( The really crappy part is I live about 2300 miles from here. Have to figure out who will follow up on me at home. I'm bloated and swollen everywhere so I know how you feel. Wishing you the best of luck! Let me know how it goes, ok?.

emotional breakdown last night

POS #7
I have been holding pretty well this week, going through some periods of sadness but holding up. my boyfriend who lives out of town was finally able to come see me since the surgery. I was so happy, he brought food and help take a shower (he literally had to pick me up in and out of the bathtub). he help oiled me up and was helping me put the bandages on my thighs, I suddenly started crying. before I know it, I was sobbing. this is a brand new relationship and was so embarrassed of breaking down like in front of him. he didn't run away scared, lol. he calmed me down and I confess along with everything else I'm concern about my incisions opening up, hating being helpless especially when you live alone.

went to surgeon today. he is very please with my process, took out the drains and said come back in 1 wk for removal of some of the staples (none was taken out today as I thought). going down (and then up) the 1 flight of stairs to the car and laying on my stomach with my knees bend up for 1 1/2 hr each way was rough. my pain was not as well controlled today. I don't know what Monday is going to be like.

preop pictures

Wanted you to see the before pictures

post op pictures

These are pics I took today, post op day 8. I'm pretty bruised up and as I've mentioned before very swollen. I was 167 day of surgery and today I'm 182. :(

post op

Frontal view

post op

post op picture

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Surgery definitely takes an emtional toll on anyone, so it's completely understandable that you broke down a little. Sounds like you have a great boyfriend standing beside you! :-)

Keep us updated with your progress and know you have our support!
thanks! I thing he's a good guy too:) we'll see where things go. he had told me before the surgery, he didn't think I need to have any surgery (even though he got really excited once he heard about the bbl, lol) but would support my decision. this site helped me a lot in making my decision so I felt I should join and maybe help somebody else.

wish i had bought...

I got a lot of supplies but for whatever ever reason I didn't get these (toilet sit riser with arms, feminal urinal, lipofoam). I order the lipofoam but by the time I get them, I don't think I will need them. A friend of my is suppose to bring by a regular toilet sit riser today.
You're looking good! You'll probably lose about 30% of the fat in your butt so you'll probably end up right where you want!

Every day gets better

My pain improves everyday, I'm just using the ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol. I'm able to get into the bathtub by myself and take a shower , yay!!!). Also, I'm able to put pants on, although with difficulty. I still can't put my socks on.

I never got the toilet sit riser but I'm managing with some struggling, lol, won't get into too many details. I did get the lipofoams earlier than expected, which was a great surprise and have been using them.

I returned back to work Monday, I didn't feel comfortable driving, so I rode with a friend, in an uncomfortable position. We both had a laugh at what I have to do. My swelling got really bad on Monday. It was hard for me to walk, I felt like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters. I weighed 184 (pre surgery was 167). I called the surgeon and he called me in some lasix. Now I weigh 181 but I can walk again. I'm trying not to let it affect me psychologically, but seeing numbers like this is reminding me of a place that I don't want to be at.

My incision is looking okay, because of the swelling it's hard to see what the final product is going to be like. Is it going to be worth all the pain and suffering and money. I go on Friday to get some staples remove. My butt still feels huge to me, I'm wearing clothes to camouflage it, until the swelling goes down.
To top it all off, I got my period today. ...The joy of mother nature :(
Oh the Swell Hell.... Don't be to freaked the swelling does last a bit. I swelled a lot and was up a good 10 lbs after surgery. But once I hit the 6 week mark the pounds went away. It can be rough emotionally so please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us or all of us. Redwinelover is a wealth of information as is Onedimsim! Both great girls. Most everyone on here is very helpful and supportive . As far as your butt goes lol I have to laugh cuz I am wishing for one of those... I'm sure it will go down quit a bit just give it some time. Thanks for posting!


I'm still having fevers :( even though I'm on 2 antibiotics. Last one was Thursday of 100.5. I had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday, he said things were healing good. He took out some of my staples. He did want me to continue with an antibiotic, so he gave me something different. The swelling is still bad, I can't wait to shed this water weight gain. Other than those 2 things, things are improving everyday
So sorry about the fever. We put our bodies thru hell when we do these surgeries. Just keep a real good eye on how your incisions look. Drink lots of water too that helped me shed the water weight. I posted new pics if you want to see my scars.
Your scars are looking really good. I am trying to be realistic about my end results. I knew that I was sacrificing the best result by not extending the incision down to my knees but because of the swelling I can't see the end result. I am wondering if it was worth it. Also he has to go back and fix the upper part of my left leg :(
Thanks Sweetie!! Honestly I think your going to be pleased with the results. Your only a few weeks out and it's so hard to see the Forrest thru the Trees when it's your own body. If you go back and look at my two week pick I was huge and really sore. So hang in there it does get better. By 6 weeks you'll be jumping for joy!!! Revisions are common, so try not to stress to much. I may need one for the knees too! But I promise it is worth it!!! Here if you ever need to talk or anything. Xoxo

post op day 14 pics

I can't see any improvements in my thighs yet, swelling is not helping. On the other hand I love how small my stomach and waist is and I'm hoping my butt don't get any smaller, lol

fun pic

Loving the side profile:) wish I could keep it that way. I don't know how much smaller my butt is going to get

swelling is improving!

the past 3 days has shown tremendous improvement in my swelling. I went from 184 to 173 today! now only 6 more pounds to go. all my staples are out, I have steri strips, so far so good with the incision. I still don't see the results that would make this surgery worth it. the lateral thighs with the fat graft is still hard and the lateral right thigh bulges out. same complaint with my lower right thigh near my knees. also, the left thigh area that will need the revision is still swollen and rubs against my other thigh and makes walking a little uncomfortable. I'm waiting to see how things look like after the post op swelling resolve. I'm loving the butt (still hard) and my stomach. I can't wait till I can sit down and able to put my socks on! pain wise, I hardly ever take any Tylenol or ibuprofen anymore.

Having fun trying on one of my dress

did you have any JP drains in place?? I am about to have my thigh lift, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lift on Monday. My Dr. is not going to insert any drains, did you have any?
Hi there, I had 2 jp drains. He said I may not need it but to prepare myself psychologically to have them when I awoken. I think he did it just to be extra cautious. My drains did not have a lot of output and he took them out at my 1 week visit
You look hot!!! I love the dress... I have been following all the thigh lifts too in preparation for one myself...

area on thighs

I've been doing good, able to sit down for short periods of time, but I still avoid it if I can. My thigh incisions are completely healed (with the train tract marks I feared from the staples). I have been able to put my own socks on, yay!!!. I am now 168 lbs, which is also great news. My butt has gotten a lot smaller, which is not great news, lol. I went from 47 inches to 44 inches, i hope it doesn't get smaller. I still have large area on the cheeks that is very hard. This past week, I noticed this really really tender area on my outer right thigh, where he had injected some fat. It is peeling and the skin feels extremely thin. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to my surgeon. I will send him a picture of the area and see what he says.

another closeup

Not happy, fat necrosis!?

So that spot in my outer thigh was really bothering me, so I made the 1 1/2 hr drive to see the doctor this past tuesday. We were thinking it could be an abscess, so he lanced it (that hurt!), what we got was this weird liquid with some oily aspect. So he's thinking it could be fat necrosis that liquified. I didn't think I would have to worry about stuff like this 6 weeks out. Now my right butt, which is really hard has an area that is starting to hurt just like my thigh did. I can't sit down because it hurt. I had the doctor examined my butt when I was there Tuesday because I was concerned about the hardness, and he said that wasn't unusual, but the pain did not start until yesterday. I'm so frustrated and emotional. I'm ready to be completely recovered from this surgery. I don't know what to do.

butt fat necrosis

So, 5 weeks after my surgery I develop fat necrosis on my outer thigh (where fat was injected) that was extremely painful. It was draining oily fluid. A day after seeing the surgeon, I started developing the same symptoms on my right butt cheek. I'm on vacation, in pain, can't sit down. Last night it started draining the same oily liquid. I'm so unhappy and frustrated
I did everything I was told to do and was Extremely careful. I have an appointment to see the surgeon when I get back home


So my butt has healed, still hard in the area and dented but at least it is healed and I can sit down. If I knew I was going to have this problem, would I have had the surgery? Probably not. There is some improvement to my profile but I don't know if it was the pain and suffering and the money. My thighs, I still hate. The surgeon even acknowledge that we need to fix some areas, but I'm nervous about more surgery. I don't like my scars but it was a gamble that I took (and lost). Even after saying all that, I can't say 100% that I regret the surgery. Now that I've recovered, I need to start eating right and exercise and see what the final product will look like. I'm still a little bruised. Both outer thighs, with the fat injections, feel lumpy. I don't know how long that's going to last


So my incisions itches and are numbed, which is normal. Unfortunately for me, I tend to have hypertrophy. I don't think the use of a staple to close my incision helped matters none. My left thigh scar is further back than my right thigh one and is visible from the back. The pics of my left thigh didn't upload before.
You've been threw a lot, but your looking beautiful...Sexy..
Have you done any lymphatic drainage? I just had medial thigh lift in Brazil. Due to anemia, I couldn't have any other procedure with it. There are massage techniques you can use on the scars to help break down the tissues and soften up the scars.
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