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My Tummy Tuck Road to Recovery

I had a T/T on November 11, 2008 I'm still in the...

I had a T/T on November 11, 2008 I'm still in the healing stages, I went into the with an open mind I did not have to high of expectations. I knew I would have pain, swelling and bruising it was explained to me, I also did my own research before I jumped into a full T/T with Lipo.

the one thing I wanted the Dr to focus on the most was my belly button, we talked extensively on this issue. I like my belly button and wanted it to stay the same as much as possible. I have read many Dr's fly past this due to the time involved in this area. It was important enouph to me to get the facts and express my concerns to the Dr and not let her take the importance away from me we all know how Dr's do that to us. They really don't mean to it's just there nature to rush through all your concerns. I'm a real estate agent kind of like we do to our clients we rush though the signing of an offer and slow down when it gets excepted. She was very receptive to my communicating this issue and she too has a concern for belly buttons. One of the comments made during our discussion is if you don't talk about it then it may not be an concern with you therefore no real focus on it just a belly button is maintained. I did keep my original belly button for the most part and am very pleased.

I would say it's about communication and getting the facts before you choose to do a surgery like this. You should also make sure of what you want a full T/T a mini or jus lipo know your goals before your sit-down with your Dr.

I also got involved in where my lines were drawn. I'm sure it didn't matter in the end but it made me feel like I had some control in how my tummy would look overall. To me the positive of the T/T was I got rid of my saggy kid skin that got in the way of my abs showing. I also think having my 2 c-section scars along with the hysterectomy scar removed was a defenet positive impact on my tummy.

Another positive is my belly button isn't frowning at when I look down anymore do to the slackened skin from age and children it's GON REMOVED YEAH!!!

Yes I believe I deserve it and so do you, do your homework be smart ask the write question let them know what concerns you the most mine was my belly button silly as it may be It was my main concern.

I traveled to the Dominican Republic to have my T/T I did the in depth search on my surgeon and asked all the question checked her out for law suits, negative and positive feedback . I also set fallow ups with my Gynecologist after I returned. The Dr's communicated so I would have a great recovery. If you travel be sure you have a follow up Dr set for your return to keep the bruising and swelling under control this my suggestion because It worked well for me, my Dr's are pleased I did it this way so we had no surprises like hey DR I SPRUNG A LEAK he looks at you like your crazy because you didn't communicate to your Dr you were going to have a serious but common surgery a T/T.

Moving forward to the consultation interview if you will we interviewed each other as I did many surgeons I chose her mostly because her personality struck a chord along with her credentials and positive feedback from other patience. If you want to know about a surgeon Google them patience talk good and bad you will find the dirt and glider. You just need to weed through who didn't fallow the Dr's orders when they got home and who truly had a bad outcome. I have found most negatives are fairly easy to correct you just need to communicate with your surgeon and have patience.

The negative well MMM... mine is I bruise very easily and bad this is a negative for me. I surf , fish, and play on the beach on a regular basis, and my bruising is ugly horrible it's getting better I'm 2 weeks post op today yeah!!!:).

The other negative is the hard spots like cardboard feeling Is how I explain it but my husband and I figured this out. I take my shower put my bandage on my scar area I lay on the bed on each side as he massages gently with moisturizer all these areas and they are breaking up and becoming much softer very nicely by the time I'm ready to wear my swimsuit no lumpy brumby's for me thank you hubby love him so much what a great support.

The other negative is unable able to do a full workout for 3 long months!!! That's ok though I will do a speed walk not to speedy though I promise I will listen to my body and all of you should a lot of the bad results of T/T'S are just doing too much too fast and pulling something lose before it's ready.

Over all I am ecxsteamly pleased with my 42 year old body I'm not the body builder I was but I still look good thanks to my Dr .

YES IT IS WORTH IT JUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK and don't look for a miracle keep your expectations normal level not to high I believe you will be pleased I am. I am not perfect by no means, but I am very pleased with the my perfect T/T for me yes there's pain and yes there's swelling just wear your pressure garment like your told to and keep it tight I know how you want to wear your cute clothes, but why screw up your awesome tummy you just spent so much to get slow down.

I sure hope whoever is reading this enjoys there new tummy as much as I do you deserve it give your Dr some coo do's for doing a splendid job. If you're not satisfied please communicate communicate communicate and do it nice we get more with candy write.

I wish you good luck in your new venture please do your research no surprises because you read it here. I'm open to emails and sending before and after pics. remember this should be your last resort don't use it for weight loss and you should be at you optimum weight to have the best results in my opinion I am not a Dr jus a patient with results I'm happy with.

again good luck sorry for the book.


Updated: December 1, 2008

Hi Everyone'

I'm approaching 3 weeks post op on my tummy tuck I also had lipo on my inner and outer thighs and my upper and lower eye lids done at the same time. I am recovering very well most of the bruising is gone. The swelling is much less, I don't expect to go away till at least the 3 month mark. I do have a question to anyone who has had a tummy tuck, when were you able to wear your clothes again and when did you start exercising again? I mean maybe a vigorous walk I don't want to push it and mess it up, any advice here would be appreciated. I am still pleased with the results so far especially my eyes, thighs are great to. I will let you know how I doing at my next fallow up until then.


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Becous I have a tighter firmer tummy afer having 2 children 2 emergecy c sections and hysterectomy. I work out regularly and I just can't fight the kid skin anymore at 42 it was time to go I wnted my body back yes the pain is defenetly worth it.

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Your review was super helpful to me thank u so much , btw u look awesome
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Hi Im new to this site... I need help. Im signed in and I still can't see the doctors information. I reaaaally want to know.
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hi every one, i had a tummy tuck 6 months ago. its very well, but now my skin is sagging down when i bend. is that the surgeon's mistake or is it just my skin and whats the solution???????????
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Wow you look great! I also have a huge concern with how my belly button will look - I am so fearful of getting a huge one. I have strongly communicated with my doctor on this. Yours is exactly how I want mine to look! It is the perfect size & shape & looks very natural! Mine is in 2 1/2 weeks - thanks for all of the great advice!
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3,500 for a TT in the US it's very cheap. So be careful where u are going to do it.
3,500$ for a TT in dominican Republic it's a normal price. In latin America (Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentine) the cost for a TT is around 3200$.
I had my TT done in Bolivia for 2700$. I did a lot of research before choosing the place where I would have my surgery that’s why I know the costs for TT in South America and the cost for a TT in a good clinic or hospital with a reputable surgeon is around 3000$.
I went through a medical tourism agency (I highly recommend you to go through an agency if you want to have your plastic surgery in Latin America because if you have any problem your agency covers you). am VERY pleased with my experience and results,, It was well worth the trip..Very professional and nice surgeon, good hospital, nice team. Everything and everybody was excellent at what they had to do.
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Please advise where u had the Tt. Thanks!! Brandihillard12 at g-ma-il dot com
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hey i have a question though... it says that you went to the dominican republic to do your t/t but it says here in corpus christi TX....where did you actually get it...its cause.... my mom wants to have it done and the closest is in corpus...i saw your review and was great but i just want to have it all cleared up.....and was the price 3,500?
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What do you mean by dominican republic? Is that the PS race?
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I recently had a tummy tuck op - It's now 3 weeks and I still have substantial swelling around the belly button area. It's big and there has been no reduction in the size. Is this normal, do I need to see my Dr. Also when can I stop wearing the pressure garment.
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who is the doctor in corpus christi? please let me know her name and number.
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Hi kel84,

Provider information is shown above the review. Please note, you must be signed in to view.

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Sharon I can't see the Dr's information Please help me. Thank you. Im signed in...
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i am really trying to decide if i want to go to the dominican republic to have my cosmetic surgery i am requesting a tummy tuck and breast lift and going a cup size up or just stay here in atlanta and get the procedure done any suggestions i have 4 kids 30 yrs old and cost is a factor and scarring tissue afterwards open to all suggestions as i am afraid
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I just happened to read your post. I looked at the pictures and you look great. I also used this Dr. to do my Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. I went to the Dominican Republic. I did my procedures in Jan. 2008. Everything came out great. They took care of everything for me. It really was quite a kick to see the picture of Doctor Camilo. I loved her. Thanks for putting your post. I enjoyed reading it.
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I enjoyed her to she is awsome I am so pleased to hear you had her as a Dr to. It is so amaizing how good they are in the Daminican at these prosedures and how afordable. Thanks for your coment as well hope your recovery went as good as mine. I feel great cant wait till I can work out again though. V:)
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The first too days was the worst it was not that bad after that. I am completely off the paine pills and have been for 2 weeks now. I am 6 weeks post op not a problem now and no more swelling. You should be fine in two weeks just besure to wear the compresion garment it realy helps with pain and swelling. It was the eayest surgery I ever had in my life, and I have had a lot even my gal blader was worse than this. Hope this helps it also helps to have a great surgeon. V:)
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I'm having a TT and I' more afraid than excited. I'm also having a whole reparied in my bladder at the same time so I'm very nervous.I'm planning on returning to work after 2 weeks off. The Dr. says that is possible. I would like to hear it from someone that has had the surgery.How bad was the pain?
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Just a question? Where did you get yours done at?? I love the results..
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you look fantastic, congrats!
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it looks great so far Slk123, congrats!
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I am really considering having breast enlargement and a tummy tuck. Have a 10year old who was 9 lbs and a c-section. I deserve to have my figure pre pregnancy and if it costs a little I think it could and should happen soon!! \xoxo Thank you Victoria
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Hi Becky I thought I would add the pain should be getting better soon I was feeling pretty good the 4th day. I also used 2 wedge pillows a small one for my head and a larger one for my feet. This kept the pressure off my incision so I could sleep better. Drink lots of water it also helps with the pain. It sounds weird but it works to flush your system and keep you walking just enough to the bathroom. Good luck you will be happy when you start to see how great you look. V:)
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I too am getting ready to see the same Doctor I would like to know any down fall that you had whith her. Was the place that you stayed at comfy. Please give me advice. Also if you can send me any picture of you now so I can see how well you healed.
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I just had my surgery done last Friday and I'm still in quite a bit of pain and I still have my drains in...my question is..when does the pain start to go away? and when can you start to stand up straight? Do the drains hurt when the dr. removes them?
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