My Stomach Was Bigger After Mesotherapy

I had five treatments for upper and lower abdomen....

I had five treatments for upper and lower abdomen. Not only was it extremely painful ( like a thousand bees stung me ) but I saw no results. After all the swelling wore off my stomach was bigger than before the treatment.

I did not lose an inch, but I did loose a great deal of money. Not worth it!

I am in Dallas, Tx. I don't recommend this procedure. I did not see a difference at all,even months later. I just wasted my money. I was extremely painful and it was not worth the sacrifice. They wanted me to pay for more treatments, but I did not see any advantage to it. There is something called a mini lipo which is ambulatory and has no down time. Ask a plastic surgeon about it. I also recommend to get anything done after a year,for the swollen to go down and then you can tell if you need that. I think if you do it before seeing how would you look after the swollen has gone down, it will be imbalanced and look awkward. Your diet and exercise is what you need now.

I have recieved my 1st treatment of Mesotherapy injectons on my stomach and can't be happier with the results. Yes, it is painful, but worth every dollar. I paid $260 and will pay $200 on the second treatment. I had a C-Section and could not get rid of my belly fat no matter how hard I tried with excersice. Now only after 1 1/2 weeks I have lost 5lbs!! I recommend it and you must still continue to eat well and excercise. The Dr. advised me to lay on sodas, bread and drink protien shakes.

I had a baby two and half months ago and saw a naturopathic doc who has me on this protein diet and cardio 4 x's a week. I have been doing this only two weeks (I know, not long enough) but I am considering mesotherapy on my tummy area and luv handles. I am very thin elsewhere and dont want to look super skinny. I have always been healthy with watching what I eat and exercise but CAN NEVER get rid of the fat around this area!! I hate it! I read your review and wondering what else you can tell me with your experience. You say with the first treatment you noticed a difference. Have you had more treatment? Is it still working? Please as much info you can give me I would appreciate it. Are you in Vancouver, BC? If so, which doc did you have it done with? Thanks soooo much. Really appreciate it.

I saw no results.

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