1 month out.. feeling better every day!

This time last week I was in the hospital recovery...

This time last week I was in the hospital recovery room. My Tummy Tuck took about 3 hours. I am actually doing very well. The Surgeon that did mine has learned a method that does not use drains. So I am very thankful that I didnt have to worry about those. The only problem I have is that the anesthetic always makes me sick, so I woke up vomitting as usual, even though they did give me anti-nausea meds. The second day after my surgery I did have a low grade fever. They told me that it is normal. But since I am a massage therapist and lean toward more natural ways of healing, I tried to do without my pain meds that day.. NOT a good idea. It hurt so bad to just breathe! As soon as I started taking the pain meds again I started feeling better.

As I said, I am now one week out and was able to go all day yesterday without pain meds. I did take one to help me sleep. Unlike my usualy hyper self... I have stayed on the couch watching TV or sleeping all week. Because of the risks of blood clots I have gotten up every other hour and walkied around the house or walked out to get our mail. I am still not standing up quite straight but am very close. Overall, this has not been that bad of an experience. My stomach is completely flat and my scar, though it goes from hip to hip, is very thin. There is still quite a bit of swelling in my abdomen but I am told that takes 3-4 mos to completely go away. Oh! I also forgot to mention the muscle spasms. They started on day 4.. honestly felt like labor pains, I told my surgeon though and he gave me a muscle relaxer which helped pretty quick. I hope my post will help anyone who is thinking about having a Tummy Tuck. I would definitely find a surgeon who does the technique without the drains. They sound awful! Good Luck everyone!! The cost that I am posting included everything. (Hospital fee, anesthesiologist, surgeon.. etc) 

Congratulations you are doing amazing!!

Exactly 2 weeks ago Dr. Jones preformed my tummy tuck and it took him 5 1/2 hours. He is an amazing surgeon. He has answered so many late night and weekend text I would've gone crazy. I do agree not having the drains has helped a lot. Good luck on your recovery. So far I am extremely happy with the work he has done on my tummy.
I am going with a drain-less surgeon as well...I'm glad to hear you have had a pretty good recovery...it doesn't seem as common so I was a little unsure if its better...Good luck with your continued recovery...I still have a few months to go!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated. I have...

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated. I have commented on others posts. I've been able to keep a pretty positive outlook throughout. I felt like. my PS gave me enough info that I knew what I was getting into and that it wouldn't be easy. However, now that my incision has two gaping holes in it with serous fluid draining constantly, I really just want to sit and cry! It has been doing this for 6 days now. I have to change my dressing almost every hour depending on how much I'm up and about. Sometimes sooner. It soaks through my clothes and everything' I've tried about every kind of bandage you can buy. And those things aren't inexpensive! I saw my PS yesterday he said the only thing to do Is watch my sodium intake & wear my binder. Both of which I've been doing all along. Sorry to be so negative I just think my nerves are shot bc of all of this! I welcome any suggestions.
Thanks Miranda! I finally figured out a good compression bandage so at least I'm not changing bandages and clothes every hour. I do agree with the mind over matter attitude. The openings do seem to be healing. I can see a stitch sticking out of one of them. I see Dr. Jones this week and suspect he will have to clip it back. I know if there's no flesh around the stitch it wont desolve and will keep the wound open. My husband offered to do it and I trust him completely, but would rather let Dr. Jones see it and make that call since this is his artwork ; ) I like the fact that he gets takes so much pride in his work. I am feeling much better this week too. It will be 4 weeks for me this Thursday. Are you back to work full time now? I was going to start back last week. But wasn't even close to being strong enough to stand for an hour and give deep muscle massages. Am hoping to start back next week. I went to church yesterday morning and wore dress pants for the first time. They fit me much better than before and were even a little loose. So that is encouraging. Thanks for your encouragement. Its good to hear from someone who had the same surgeon and is a few steps ahead of me. Maybe we have made it through the roughest parts now. = )
I actually went back to work part time on day 10 post op and was full time again on week 3. I have the luxury of sitting when I need to so it was easy for me to go back. Today is week 5 and I still have swelling if I stand to long at work. I agree I do hope we are through the roughest parts!
I had a spot on my back that oozed and I promise it did heal. I understand to well how these set backs can make you depressed but hang in there. I am now a little over 4 weeks and just amazed how different and better I feel from week 3. Stay positive. I do feel its mind over matter with tummy tucks!!

I am finally able to sleep on my side!! Yay!! It's...

I am finally able to sleep on my side!! Yay!! It's amazing the difference just between this week and last. The places in my incision that opened are healing and barely seeping now. I still have trouble walking through a grocery store without my abdomen tightening up and running out of energy. The best part is how my clothes are looking on me!! I am finally getting excited to go clothes shopping! I can fit into a small top in my stomach area again.. but after having an augmentation a couple of years ago.. small no longer fits my chest area. I think thats a good problem to have though = ) And for the first time in over 20 years I am ready to go bikini shopping!! I still have some pain, but it is controlled with Advil. My lower abdomen still has swelling too but still looks so much better than before my TT. I'm told it can take up to 4 mos for that to completely go away. But I
can say for sure now that even though recovery is slow and pretty tough... it definitely is worth it! Happy Healing to everyone!!
I did it! Consultation with Dr Jones May 14.
Also, how long did it take before you were able to meet with your PS and the length of time from that appointment to the actual surgery? Thank you for any input you can provide. :-)
Hi! I am pretty sure Dr. Jones is one of the only PS in Indiana that does the drainless procedure. He is a super nice person. Check out his office website at www.myplasticsurgerygroup.com. I think it only took about a month after my first visit with him until my surgery. I had thought about it for years and he did one of my good friend's TT a few years ago, So I was pretty sure when I met with him that it was exactly what I wanted and that I wanted him to do it. I hightly recommend him. I dont know what qualifications they have to have. I just know that its a more tedious surgery and it takes a little longer than when they place drains. I'm glad that I had it done. Just be prepared for a long recovery. I'm getting a little impatient, I must admit = ) I will be seeing Dr. Jones for a follow up appt tomorrow. Good Luck and feel free to keep in contact when you have your surgery. I will be glad to give you any info you need.

6 wks post op. finally feel like myself again. I...

6 wks post op. finally feel like myself again. I must admit at this point I'm really not sure that it was worth all of the pain and being off work for a month. It looks better than before, there's no doubt. But am still not where I want to be. I am going to start working out Monday again. Hopefully with a good workout plan I will get there eventually. I know I still have swelling.. Guess I'm not really sure exactly what's swelling and what are fat pockets.. Guess I will know in a few months.
Carmel Plastic Surgeon

I would recommend my surgeon to anyone. He is such a nice person and did a great job on my Tummy Tuck.

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