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I've just started treatment but so far everything...

I've just started treatment but so far everything has gone great.  Prior to lipo dissolve I had lost over 100 pounds and have kept if off through daily excercise and diet.  However, I have problem areas of fat on my stomach and saddlebags that no amount of diet or excericse will get rid of so I decided to try lipo dissolve.

They told me that this was not a quick fix and would take six months to really show.  The nurse said that if I want to see my results sooner then I should wait 4 weeks between treatments to let the swelling go down and the process work.  Like everyone else this is a six treatment process.  The cost will be $4800 to do all 3 areas.  Thats a lot less then liposuction.

I've only done the trial 1 area right now and its only been a few days.  The shots didn't hurt at all.  A little pinch, but not painful.  I immediately swelled and the first 5 minutes were pretty uncomfortable.  I felt a little out of it the whole day and my upper abdomin was definelty doing some strange things.  It felt like it was liquifying and swelling.  My belly got so huge and funny looking, but today is day 3 and the swelling has started to go down.  Last night I had egg size lumps under my skin but today they are gone.

I plan on going to the gym tonight to workout which I think will help the proces along.  I am also a big water drinker and have been drinking a lot of water which I believe has helped the process.

In two weeks I go back for my 2 treatment.  I am going to do the two areas that weren't treated the first time (lower abs and saddlebags) and then wait 4 weeks for a new treatment to let my body do its thing.

I'll report  back with the bad and good, but anyone who is ready this whole section of blogs and is considering doing it should first consider their lifestyle.  This isn't for everyone as the blog will show.

If you don't eat right, don't excercise, and don't drink enough water you should look into first dieting and excerising before doing this.  I don't think you can do this without first setting your body up for success.

Also, if you are a person who is allergic to stuff or very sensitive to medical things don't do this.  As you read throught these blogs you'll see that the people who had problems are people who usually have complications with procedures.

It also seems that whoever is administering these procedures in MO isn't doing it right because that is where a lot of compliants are coming from.  I'm in Nevada and it seems CA and NV are doing it the same way.  Remember its not FDA approved so its not exactly the same everywhere.


Had the lipodissolve a few hours ago so obviously no results yet. I am swolen but not that much. The fat on my stomach seems to jiggle a little more than normal. I am in no pain at all and as far as the injections went....NO BIG DEAL! I did not have the numbing cream and it was not painful to me. I was very nervous after reading reviews but for me it was super easy. I guess some people are bigger weenies than others...If I see results from this...I will do it again. My costs were lower than most I have seen on here as well. $297 for entire stomach and love handle areas. I believe I had 6 tubes injected. Now I am off to drink more water and flush out the fat.
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I've scheduled my first treatment in one week. I am very physically active: aerobics 3x a week, karate 3x week and weight class 1x week. But, because I am almost 50 and have 2 children I cannot get rid of the belly fat. I trust the HCP that will be administrating the procedure...but I've trusted medical "expertise" before and have been dissappointed. Please if you have had bad experiences with lipodissolve...let me know. Thanks rocketjava
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I just finished my second treatment. The first one was for just my upper abs and it went great. A little weird, a little discomfortable, but once I started working out after the 48 hour hiatus they require, everything was great. I really feel that excercising and drinking lots of water helped. At first I was really bloated but excercising helps push it through your body. My second treatment was yesterday and I did both the lower and upper abs and started on my outer thigh, but then I got light headed and needed to stop. I didn't eat breakfast and I have exceptionally low blood pressure to start with and it was just too much for me. I'm not worried about it and have third appointment in three weeks for the other thigh that we didn't do then I'll take it slow from there. Best advice I have for you: keep up your excercise routine, drink water, and take it slow. If you can only handle one area at a time then only do that. Good luck!
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