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Everyone's experience is going to be different. ...

Everyone's experience is going to be different. Here is what I think.. If you wore braces as a kid, then I think that you will have better results and be a whole lot happier with the invisalign than those that didn't wear braces.. The reason is that your jaw has already been moved, your teeth are set in place and probably don't need that much movement. Also, I think closing gaps is easier and has better results that trying to uncrowd teeth that are laying on top of one another.

Does it hurt? Yes, your teeth and bones have to move. The first trays are the worst, then after that it hurts for the first few days.

Are the bottons noticeable? Yes, if they are on your front teeth.

Are the buttons rough? They shouldn't be, if they are go back to the ortho and have them smoothed out.

Do the bottons fall off? They shouldn't, and if they do, then the ortho didn't put them on securely.

Will my teeth be perfect at the end? Who knows.. mine aren't. I am on my last tray on the bottom #14 and the one tooth I was trying to correct, is still crooked. I have 2 more trays on top and they are nowhere near straight. The ortho told me a month ago that 25% of all patients need more trays. Wish I knew that upfront.

My trays made me lisp, dried out my mouth and made my lips dry and cracked.

I found the trays to be claustrophobic, plastic in your mouth 24/7 isn't fun. I found it annoying to go out to dinner, and I definitely think it was a hassle overall to always have a toothbrush and paste in my purse.

Do I think they are better than traditional braces? Probably, since I have nothing to compare them too and I did choose them. Am I completely satisfied? Not at this point, but I am sure I will be after the next set of impressions and trays. The end result will be straight teeth, which is what I wanted, doesn't really matter how I got there.

Overall, I think wearing braces sucks, whether they are metal, clear of invisalign.

I am changing my opinion that Invisalign isn't...

I am changing my opinion that Invisalign isn't worth the time or money.  I am almost done with my 2nd set of refinement trays and no imporovement from 12 weeks ago.  My teeth are still crooked, and still crowded on top.  Once again, the trays are not fitting correctly, and causing a slight lisp.  I have an appointment next week and am asking the Ortho to scrap invisalign and put braces on my teeth.  After 20 trays and 11 buttons I expected straight teeth.  I don't think invisalign works well for crowding... afterall, how are the teeth going to move apart when they are encased in plastic?    Approving the 3d pics wasn't an option and besides they aren't accurate.    In the 3d , my teeth looked straight after the 1st set of trays, and now I am almost done with round two and they aren't straight.  If you need to move your teeth apart, DONT GET INVISALIGN

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Ok - this is my second day of wearing the invisalign. My thoughts - I am not satisfied or happy at all. I should have just purchased the clear braces that I had when I was 19yrs. old. (I'm 34 yrs old)Prior to deciding to get these - my teeth - mostly my bottom teeth I thought needed to be straightend. I didn't think that my top teeth were bad and was overall satisfied with the the top teeth. I went to a regular denisit and told him my concern. After speaking with him - he mentioned that he suggest that I get on the top as well. i was informed of the "bumps" that were going to be placed on my teeth. But totally not aware of actually how they would work - all they said is you can not see them, there the same color as your teeth and they were "NO BIG DEAL". I am very upset. I actually have 5 bumps on my top and 2 on my bottom. And YES they are very visible and very uncomfortable. It is exactly like wearing braces except they cost 2xs the amount. I believe that this is why I am sooo upset. It's the bumps that makes these horrible not the actually invisaligns. If i just had the trays - well they are braces, but i could survive. But I feel that I was totally mislead. I know that to straighten teeth you have to go through some self consious times, but that is why I thought I would go this route. thinking it would be a little better. but with all of the bumps - it truthfully looks exactly like I have braces. I feel that I am going to have these bumps taking off my top teeth. And continue to treatment with the bottom teeth. I'm very nervous since I already feel that my top teeth were fine (I am satisisfied with them) - I don't want to go through all of this hassel and feeling uncomforatble for nothing. I truely believe that in marketing these that everyone - not just my denist needs to be informed of the "bumps" - everyone will be different - some poeple might not have any some people might only have a few - but when it comes to seven which I have and most are in the front. Do you think they could have mentioned that this is what it will look like and it would be less expensive - maybe you should consider braces!!!!!!! Come on!!!!
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HI All trays are included in the price; so it should be the same for you. My ortho told me that whatever it takes to get the teeth the way I want them. I don't have my new trays back yet... it's been 3 weeks. So, the time lost is really the major downfall. You will be able to tell if all of your trays will do the work when you are 3/4 of the way done.
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Hi, are your new set of trays more expensive? Or are the additional trays included in your package if your not satisfied? I only have 28 upper trays and I don't think they're gonna do the job. Thanks!
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