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My Facelift is the Best - Beverly Hills

I'm 53 years old and was starting to look a...

I'm 53 years old and was starting to look a little tired and because my mouth was starting to turn down at the corners, I looked a bit angry. Also my neck was doing that thing! I'm healthy and keep in shape so I did not like what I saw in my face & neck, it didn't match how I felt about life. The only con is; surgery & recovery. It wasn't bad but it is a process. The pros are many; looking great, getting my jawline back, smoother neck, lots of compliments! Love my Dr. and his staff!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He knows what he is doing!!!

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I have an appointment in two weeks with Dr. M. Can you give me more details of what procedures you had and how long your recovery was?

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