My Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer Looks Soft and Natural

I didn't want implants - I found a Dr. who did...

I didn't want implants - I found a Dr. who did a fat transfer via lipo from my abs, flanks and outer thighs and transferred it to my breasts. I went from an A/B to a D. Full, natural, beautiful! I'm so glad I did it - my breasts have always been very small and limp. It's the best.

Does anyone that has had the fat transfer done have before and after pics?
Hi there thanks for the review! I was wondering.What type of lipo did you have done and did you have bruising and if so how long did the bruising last?
Has anyone on here gone to Dr. Khouri for this procedure? I was wondering how things turned out.

I'm a little over 3 years out now, and still a...

I'm a little over 3 years out now, and still a size D. I really like that I can wear a t-shirt sans bra and look good. Not as good as implants, but quite ok. For the question about the mammogram, my Dr. told me to have one before (no more than 6 months prior) and then at 4 months afterwards, which helps ensure future mammograms are read correctly. Another thing is to ask your doctor if they use prp - plasma from your own blood. It helps with the healing and also helps minimize lumps afterwards.

The brava was helpful and my doctor said a key reason it lasted so long. Also, she used fat from my outer thighs (which still look great at 3 yrs+). This was the hardest place for me to lose weight and now it seems to have the same effect in its new home : )

Hope this helps!
hello, Can anyone tell me how much they paid for just a fat transfer to the breasts? thank you!
I paid $5,600 for fat transfer only. I had implants removed 1 year before my fat transfer. From experience I would say go for the fat transfer and stay away from implants. That's just my experience with having 2 sets of implants and capsular contraction each time.
Thank you so much! How much of a cup size difference did you get from the fat transfer? Have you kept all the volume and where did you have it done? I am really nervous about spending the money and having none of the fat 'take'.
Dr. Barbara D. Marino

The doctor I chose was so careful and meticulous. She sculpted my body and then did my breasts. Great surgery suite in her office - staff was very nice and professional.

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