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Sx wanted: Brazilian Butt Lift/ Full torso Lipo/...

Sx wanted: Brazilian Butt Lift/ Full torso Lipo/ TT(maybe). I am 200lbs. want to be at least 165- 185 by the time of Sx. w/ the HCG diet it its def possible. i got married & fat & happy & things got out of control. i actually got up to 225 all together. Ive wanted a bigger butt since I was 11 & now 34. Im a black girl that always had a good shape (b4 this weight gain) nice hips & thighs so u would naturally expect a nice butt too then after having a child i also lost my nice waist. so now i am just overall f'd up. I dont even recognie this mediocre mom i see in the mirror that seems to be waisting away into a fat oblivion.

So even though I doint have alot of $ & i know there is so much more I can do with this kind of $. I have to be happy w/ me again. so plan is to start HCG again & get back in the gym so i can get back to something decent b4 my Sx date comes (whenever thatll be?) So... im hoping this will help somebody or somebody will read this & help me. I thought this search would be easy but it has became a nightmare & is consuming my life. I went to who ppl say are the best drs in GA for consultaions & i must say that I was very disappointed: Dr. J- after i drove 1 hr for the consult never showed up & called me after looking at my pictures to tell me to expect to pay $10,000 + after its all said & done. which i felt is so unprofessional. -if im gonna give u that much money can u act like im more important than a few min call. then after more research i find that if he messes you up & u need a revision then u have to repay for the sx. IMO- the pics on his site arent so hot bc they look very fake but the coordinator of his i meant had a beautiful butt & i couldnt tell that she wasnt born with it so i know he can do some good butts & a girl thats on here looks like her butt is now the shape of a truck. FYI- just bc its bigger does not mean its better.- overall- i think he good but not consistent & w/ my luck i'd end up being the 1 he messes up. plus he told me i really needed a TT too & i absolutely cant afford his prices for that. Dr. D- she started telling me that she wants to make the sx a 2 day procedure just for lipo which sounded good at the time bc that meant she could get more fat out. bc theres max of 6L a day so in all i would get 12L. of lipo but she wanted to freeze the fat & to wait 6month to a yr for the fat grafting to the butt. the positive to that is more liposculting/better look & she wont charge extra for the fat grafting later she just breaks the price up & charges maybe an extra $500 for op. rm fee. cons- fat freezing means that the fat cells are likely to die which means they wont last so ill have waisted my $ & to properly freeze fat you have to send it to a special lab & it cost about $2000 for storage which means she cant be storing it properly if shes not charging me fo it. & even still the most of the cells will die by the time its thawed- i feel like this is a personal experiment for her at my expense. overall, i think she's great at liposculpt but her butts arent very impressive, they kinda look like the dont have aall the aspect of a great butt which is projection, roundness, fullness, & S curve so there again we have a no consistancy issue. & i cant afford it to not be right. & she,s not a plastic surgeon only a Cosmetic so mstill up in the air about that Dr C.- I think he has to be the worse & I dont even know how his name even came accross my radar. He tells u whatever u want to hear to get ur $ & i got the feeling that he wouldnt care if ur results dont comeout good bc he already got paid. He's also not a Plastic surgeon. Ive also went to other dr's that arent worth namng. One thing i keep gettint mixed answers about is whether to have a TT or just lipo b/c some say my skin will retract & other say it wont.But i dont really like the TT scars either. & dont know if i can afford 1 w/ most of these us drs. after all that Ive decided that the most consistant DRs are Dr. S in miami/aventura or dr. C in TJ- but both of them are booked out till september & i think ill go crazy if I have to wait till then since ive wanted the Sx since 2003 also can anyone tell me how to post b4 pics

Hey need advice from somebody whos gone thru this....

hey need advice from somebody whos gone thru this. my dlimas are best bang for my buck. safety. distance & overall cost including hotel stay, post op massages.
If i go to campos it is so far will i ned to plan for $ to go back to him or find a dr close to home for post op visits? how much did it cost u guys?

Wow!!!! Where do I start?!?! Hunny you have been through the ringers with your research! a nut shell, your best options other than the two you're considering salama and campos, others are Cardenas in Mexico and Cabral is DR...I know for sure Cabral has open dates this month and May June or whenever is nearest u choose and if you message me your email I'll send you pictures of his work he quoted me $5000 the plane ticket was $380 when I priced it out through spirit airlines. He doesn't have a website right now I think it was taken down for construction. I'm having surgery with Cardenas in 2 days she's absolutely wonderful and very personal...her website is and all of her contact info is there, she charged me 5200 for tt lipo and fg my plane ticket was $427.

Ok it has come to my attention that I come off as ...

Ok it has come to my attention that I come off as unlady like & just plain out mean by giving my views on these Dr.'s. So please let me apologize for anybody that I may have offended w/ my blunt honesty & my opinions. And also let me reiterate that I obviously thought highly of Dr.J & Dr.D's results or I wouldn't have been waisting my time going to them.
Oh I remember now...forgive me hun my brain fart I've been travelling for 9 hours I'm exhausted to say the least. My surgery is in 8 hours I just landed in san Diego.
@roxy- I researched cabral & found some really dangerous things about him that I won't say on here. but I can't remember why I didn't choose Cardenas bc I do remember I liked her work. I'll take another look at her stuff. How far out was Cardenas booked for? If her date is far out try to put in a good word for me to get in faster & I'll go I'm gonna send u my email in a min. 2 DAYS! Gosh I'm jealous. I know ur so excited. Congrats!
i just went through the same thing just about.. I booked with Dr,Salama,his staff is really really good,his prices are set,and he shows great results.I feel for you, I really do!

Ok uploaded a couple pics. im senstive about my...

ok uploaded a couple pics. im senstive about my be nice about it- in my erykah badu i probably shouldve take these on an empty stomach instead of right after dinner.

Bad news- dr s said its a no go bc I'm too fat....

Bad news- dr s said its a no go bc I'm too fat. Kinda bummed bc I told him I planned to loose 20-25 lbs b4 the Sx but he said I would have to lose 35-40 b4 he will consider me. I wish he would have given me a quote & scheduled a date though since he's booking so far out. But at the same time this motivates me more than anything to get the weight off. So game on Dr.S!
Check in to Dr Perry in Miami.
Hey girl :) I feel like Dr. S is full of it for telling you he can't do it. Especially when you told him that you are in the process of losing weight. That's not cool.
Well Mznewbooty27 I might have to do that (even though I can't really afford his prices like the other 2 Drs) bc Dr S told me I'm too fat & wants me to lose 35 lbs b4 he will consider me :(. I love ur result though. Dr j told me I'd be a "home run" to do do who knows

Ok got my quote back from campos it was higher...

ok got my quote back from campos it was higher than expected for full torso lipo/ fat graft to butt/ plus he added that i needed an extended TT- all for 7600 which is not expensive compared to US Drs. but with the cost of travel & stay it pretty much brings me back up to the same price i'd be paying here probably but i still would rather go to him & know what the results will be. I had a few more ?'s so im waiting on a reply before i put down a deposit. Also i really regret sending him the worse possible pics of me bc i think me just eating & being bloated & the underwear i had on made me look 10 X's worse than usual & probably affected my pricing. I'm so relieved i finally picked a dr. so i can stop driving myself crazy researching but the only problem now is I CANT wait until September for an appt. Ill go crazy b4 then so if i cant get someones cancelled date i will probably have to make another decision. does anyone have any suggestion as to how i may be able to persuade him to move up my date? like- do you think I can try to buddy up with someone who has a sooner date & he'll add me to his schedule? Now its time to start researching my hotel stay & flights. any suggestions?
@atl have you made a decision on the doc yet? I like most of the docs mentioned (Campos, Salama, CARDENAS, Jahno, Jimmerson, Markmann) They all have differences. I am going with Cardenas (switched from Campos for personal reasons) I have seen some great work by all noted. But, my biggest example was the precision of Dra Cardenas. The lady on her website under tummy tuck. I think Patient 6. I haven't seen NOT 1 Dr show dramatic results like that. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Its not about the booty.. Look at her body. And to me that is what she does Sculpt!! Many docs work show smaller women and then of course nice results. Best wishes on ur making ur final decision. Pray on and use your inner woman :) LOL
...ok chyynadol is serious. Ive never come across that Doc, but that was a dramatic change as well!! She is NICE too. Price was in range as well!

Hey guys I know its been a while since I've posted...

Hey guys I know its been a while since I've posted but of course I'm still on here following ur journeys. So the person that was going to give me their date gave it to someone else. I guess she thought i was bc i wasnt moving fast but hey when ur $ is involved u gotta make sure ur end is right. I cant let my desperation blind my rationale. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise bc since I had planned Sx all hell broke loose in my life from my husband leaving me, to having to drop out of school, having to try to figure out how I could make it with all the new bills I've accumulated over this marriage, my 15yr old son turning into my worst nightmare & now back to working towards reconciliation with my husband and losing my job all while maintining my sanity....ok so now that I got all that out......this is where I'm at on my journey- since I had to wait I decided to go thru with getting the lap band which consist of 6 mths of visits to a nutrionist, a psychologist, seminar, & group therapy to prepare u & so that insurance will pay. I figured it would be like insurance for my lipo & bbl to make sure I can maintain the body I'm about to pay for. So today was my last pre-op visit, all papers are being submitted to the insurance co. so I'm looking at jan or feb for the lap band Sx & all I can think of is how soon after that can I get the the good stuff done? Will the dr know how to work around the port from the lap band, ect? So I'm hoping by may-June I'll be ready for the lipo,TT, & Bbl
@atl it's been a minute since I checked in on u i noticed, how r things going?. I'm not going to comment on that situation but u handled it with class!! Oh is that a comment lol.. J/k but really u did. The boards are not as supporting as they used to be. But kp doing what ur doing that's what it's here for and most of us users are here to support inform encourage and uplift regardless of differences in look location and PS. As I think I've said before I'm going w/ Cardenas Queen of TTs and great sculpting. I have in fact had a personal consult with Dr J and seen many of his patients. his style/work nor his pricing is something for me. He has acknowledged to me directly top runners in bbls (at the time he mentioned Campos Mendieta and himself as most experienced) He (drJ) is the shelf man of the A!! And a cool person. A chick in his office named Aziza (patient coordinator i think) is very knowledgeable and she has a you tube video of his work on her. I've seen some nice work from the diff docs ur considering and him. Dr Jahno (atlanta area) is good too!! You have time, so of course take it Hun. I will be praying for you in Makin ur decision, for personal matters, and ur upcoming procedure. (Sorry for typos half sleep but addicted to RS lol)
hey Cris! I thought u prob already had ur Sx & left us Girl u can look at her profile & tell she has affiliation w/ the dr bc there is no profile. But anyway...u convinced me to go w/ cardenas for my TT i think she quoted a good price about $1000 less than campos but I'm still skeptical about her butts do to mixed reviews but for the price she's practically throwing in the bbl for free so if I go with her i won't turn it down. But there is supposedly a couple of P.s. in Atl that do TT as medical necessity so u can pay on insurance. So if I can get it for free and they are almost as good but I don't have to travel I may go to one of them instead. I'm waiting to get their numbers now. Yeah I did love Aziza I even felt hers. I think hers was perfect for her but the thing is most ppl I see don't look as natural as hers but in Dr.J defense I know that some ppl actually ask for that type but damn its a real disproportionate # of those shelfs to me. Soooo when is ur date?

Well i get my lapband on 1/24 u usually lose 30lbs...

Well i get my lapband on 1/24 u usually lose 30lbs between the pre/post-op diet & i only want to lose 20-25 more lbs after that so i talked to the dr about how soon can I get a TT/ BBL. He said i shouldnt during the reshaping phase which is 6-1yr after i reach my goal weight which could take about 3 months after Sx. I am so disappointed bc I cant imagine having to go 1 more yr with this butt & muffin top. I understand what he's saying b/c when you lose weight the visceral fat goes as well (the fat that lipo cant help-under rib cage around vital organs,it is what widens you to not have a shape & look like a so ill have a diff frame & I shouldnt do all that around a frame I wont have anymore. So I was thinking maybe in June I will just mess with the fat on top & get liposculpting so that my appearance can look better for the time being until my bones finishes reshaping after the visceral fat loss & wait until nxt yr for the rest. Alot of Dr's that I had a consult with told me that even if I didnt get a BBL that if they sculpted the contour of my back & waist my butt would look better because i do have a little bit of booty its just you cant tell where it starts because there's no separation between it & my back. Cardena's & Dodds are 2 of the best liposculpters i've seen. What would u guys do if u were in my shoes?
Thank you for being honest about the doctors you checked out. I've read that Dr. J does great work but sadly, your review of him was not the first of its kind that I've come across.
Hey honey this here is confusing trust me I'm still torn between a tummy tuck and just lipo I'm ant 200 now and 5'9
Hey I agree tht you don't need the lapband. Dr. Perry has excellent lipo skills.

Well guys I'm almost halfway to my goal weight 20...

Well guys I'm almost halfway to my goal weight 20 lbs down 27 more to go. The lap band is awesome! Now I've been approved for my breast reduction/lift which will be in July so I asked my surgeon if I could pay a Little extra to get some lipo done at the same time to save $ since most of the cost are from operating room, anesthesia ect..fees. He said he'll work something out so I'm excited to see what all he'll tell me what all can go on the insurances dime instead of mine. So I'm trying to figure out should I just ask him to do my full back & sides then transfer to butt & worry about my stomach later. My stomach has went down but I know it's going to look bigger when they reduce my breast but I'm kinda scared for him to mess with my tummy until my Bariatric dr says i can get the TT done.
How is your progress? I am trying to drop 20-30lbs before my surgery that I would like to get sometime late summer/early fall. I am also 200-210lbs (I stopped weighing myself, it's depressing) but I am going to the DR for my surgery because Yily and Duran have the best results I have seen out of any American doctor. What are the details of the hcg diet? I have heard of it but can't find the complete details.
Hey lady, I take my hat off to you! You have truly defined the word persistent! I am in the process of losing weight myself. i wan to have the procedure done in sept or october of this year. Honestly, I don't care when as long as its after August...if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you?
Look for Duran, Baez yilly Dominican Republic they are so far the best. Dr Daniel Azurin also it's great if u don't want to travel out of the States.
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Cardenas, Campos? i am a research junkie & a medical esthetician looking for consistancy Btw. Lap band -Dr. Gorjala 1/24/13. Breast- Dr. A. Losken 6/13 both in GA

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