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My Botox Experience Was Awful.

I had botox 5 days ago, and I really don't know...

I had botox 5 days ago, and I really don't know why I decided to do it. I am 50 years old but everybody tells me that I look 10 years younger. I have a smooth line on my forehead, but I do have some lines between my eyes, and of course some crows feet. After researching about botox, reading about its side effects, asking friends about it, (everybody told me positive things), I decided that it wouldn't do me any harm; on the other hand, I thought that I would look much better. Unfortunately, I didn't read these reviews before; had I read them, maybe, I would have never done this.

Anyway, the shots were not as painful as I thought, I could say that they were painless. The next day I started to feel my forehead as heavy as a rock, have headaches, but the worst of all is that I feel so dizzy, with a blurry sight, that I have stopped to go to the gym this week because I do not feel at my best.

I hope that this effect can be temporary and next week I can feel normal again. I am sure that this is not anxiety or something like that. I am just telling you about my experience, hoping to share with others what the doctors won't share with you. I know that each person is different. A friend of mine that also had botox the same day that I did, is not experiencing nothing like that. She is only concerned about her inability to smile naturally.
One more thing that I have to add, I look much better without botox, as other women posted, some of my lines have gone, but new have appeared, and the bags under my eyes (that I normally have) are more prominent. I only have to wait, let the time pass, be patient, and hope to be OK to travel soon. My wrinkles will be really welcomed. Good luck if you decide, after reading my experience, to enter in the world of botox. If you have any comments that can comfort me, I would appreciate them.


Hi Angela, Thanks for your comment. After a week I'm feeling much better; but the dizziness continues. As you said, only time will give me the total relief. For me, it was my first and last time with botox.
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Hi Moesha What you are experincing is exactly what Im going through at the moment. I had botox for the first time in the UK and the Dr there did a fantastic job. He told me that he will take a very conservative approach, so that I became used to the look. However, my bad experince happened 2 weeks ago. As I was in a new country, I researched heavily in choosing the correct Doctor. This doctor that I had choosen is used by top models and actresses and I paid 400GBP for this service, which is expensive compared to other Doctors and to my treatment in the UK. However, after a week of the injections I felt as if I was feeling out of it, as if I was coming down with an illness. I have the dizzy feeling every day, blurred vision and I feel as if Im going to faint everyday. This has progressively got worse and I feel that I have levelled out as Ive felt the same way for the last 4 days. Im also finding that if I go in the shower and try to close my eyes whilst washing my hair, the water leaks in through my eyes despite holding them tight. So what your experncing, is exactly what Im experincing. All we can do it wait for the injections to work through our system. I had 21 injections to my forehead, crows feet and under my eye and Im a 34 year old woman. So I dont know if the Dr has just pumped as much botox into as he can, rather than looking at me and making me a work of his art? Can anyone tell me how long I will feel this way? Thanks Angela
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 Updated: May 22, 2009 Eight weeks have...

 Updated: May 22, 2009

Eight weeks have passed since I had botox.  The good news is that the symptoms are gone, the dizziness, the blurry vision, and the heaviness on my forehead.  What I like is my forehead, looks smooth. However, it's not worth what I went through only for having a temporary nice forehead.  

The bad news are that the wrinkles under my eyes (that came with the botox) really make me look older and I would say, ugly.  I think I am an attractive woman, but I don't like the way I look when I smile, now I think I look like a witch.  Fortunately I wear glasses, and they have been my great companion during these two months.  They are wonderful concealers for those nasty lines.

I don't even think about having pictures of me taken.  I don't know if anyone who had botox has seen their face in a photo.  It's like it's not you, it's only a frozen expression.  Yes, the frozen expression as a side effect of botox was true.  I am a bit concerned because I read other reviews about the wrinkles and bags under the eyes (that I didn't have before) would last after the botox wears off.  I thought they would be gone, I still have the hope that I would recover my expression and these horrible wrinkles will left me with the botox.


I'm a 27 year old male and recently had Botox and restylane. I am overwhelmed by the difference. This drug is absolutely incredible. It's as if someone turned back the clock and I literally look like a younger, healthier version of myself. The results are just phenomenal and I'm absolutely hooked. I don't think the experience that was mentioned here is very typical. I had some slight soreness for a couple days, but mostly from the restylane under my eyes. I highly recommend these treatments and you're never too young to start! Hallelujah for cosmetic procedures!!! :)
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