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So Ive been without hips and a tiny butt for...

So Ive been without hips and a tiny butt for years, time for that to change. After years of research and a close personal referral, I've decided to go with Dr. Campos. I've had a close friend of mine visit him last year around this time, and I have to say he is a true artist and her body looks better and better everyday!!! I havent read or heard anything bad about Dr. Campos so Im taking my talents down to Tijuana!!!!

Any who...the reason this has been the hardest decision Ive had to make, is because I have soooooo many people in my life, that love me, that are so against my decision to have surgery. Although Ive made up my mind, made several deposits, did EXTENSIVE RESEARCH, and at this point 1month out before surgery..I still have no support from anyone except for friends!! So Im going at this alone and would love to talk to women that are going thru the same thing I am!


By the way - my family AND my bf are totally against it as well. Only one girlfriend and a guy friend are supporting me. My mom looks like she's gonna cry everytime I mention it and I'm 50!!! are not alone. You have all of us so just do your thing and keep your head up! xoxoxo
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U are not alone! My mom won't even discuss it with me. But this is my life and I have to feel good about me! I totally understand. Im soooooo happy for u! Its gonna be great.!
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TheMissingPiece Thanks!!! Im so excited...when are u going? or have u gone already!!

Sooooo!! For the longest times I couldn't login......

Sooooo!! For the longest times I couldn't login... I don't know y but ok! Today marks day 1 post surgery with Campos and I feel fine. Lil bit of pain..a lot a bit of discomfort but I'm maintaining!!! I chose to recover at ClubMed because of the girls review! This was the best decision I've made between Campos and ClubMed I feel right at home. Everyone has been so nice and attentive to my needs, I couldn't ask for a better experience!! I'll try and check back later..gettin sleepy again. N I think my first massage is today!! Exciteddd!!!

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