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Hey ladies! I've been pouring over these blogs for...

Hey ladies! I've been pouring over these blogs for the past month and now it's time to write my own, so here it goes. I'm 28, no kids, no husband and i'm pretty sure my dog isn't going to judge me for wanting a nicer booty. I was 22 when I first looked into sx in mexico and even set a date but I decided it was probably better to use that $ to put a down payment on a home with my bf, pay for a wedding, or something more responsible than plastic surgery. Well fast forward 6 years and I STILL have that damn money. My BF (same one as back then) has awful credit (ugh and that's a whole other saga girls) and i'm not getting tied up in all that by getting married. I've just hung on to all that cash I saved up, and now i'm ready to do this body transformation FOR REAL. I'm getting close to 30, there have been a lot of disappointments over the years and I need to do something positive for myself.

So, i'm getting full body lipo and fat grafting to my butt. I'm also getting a chin implant and lipo but I probably won't talk that much about that on here. I don't want a video chick ass, bc honestly i'm 5'3, white, and I don't think I could pull it off LOL. I just want a nicer rounder butt and a small waist. I haven't told anyone about my sx bc I don't want to hear the BS, plastic surgery is kinda frowned upon in my family : ( I tried to tell my bf last weekend but he just said he thought I was fine now... gonna have to address the issue again soon. My sx isn't until april 12, I couldn't find a few weeks where I wouldn't have to see anyone! Still kinda worried about that bc i'm having face stuff done.... but at this point OH WELL.

Well I put down the $300 and my date is April 12! ...

Well I put down the $300 and my date is April 12! Nadia has been great about answering e-mails quickly and taking time to go over my questions. I just hope I come out looking good, and un-lumpy. Still haven't told my BF...
Congrats on setting a date, I'm scheduled to go March 4th!
Lucky! You're going to look great and you can come back and tell us EVERYTHING lol. I feel like a lot of Dr. P girls don't update after surgery.
Yea I know I will be updating u ladies on my experience good or bad, I'm praying for great results!!! I have a good feeling about Dr. P so I pray that we all get the results that we want, I just wish that I could see more of his work from others ladies on here.

Anyone been to Pacific Dental in Tj? I'm getting a...

Anyone been to Pacific Dental in Tj? I'm getting a cleaning, fillings, and a whiting done there the day b4 my sx.
Thinking about staying at the Real del's close to Dr Pantojas office i'm told. Kinda bummed realizing that i'm not going to be able to eat solid foods after my chin implant. So i'll be uncomfortable, in pain, swollen, and starving..... and yet i'm so excited! LOL
congrats on doing this for yourself! I will have sx on July 2 with pantoja. i am so nervous about recovery, i am getting everything. I didn't want a BBL i am more concerned about my belly but he highly suggested it, so i guess ill be getting fat grafting. but a BBL with breast implants? it makes me nervous. I definitely look forward to seeing your results. are you staying at a recovery house at all, or just the rio?
I'm kinda the same way, was mostly just in it for the lipo at first. I'm staying at the hotel the whole time, but I might have a nurse come by the first 3 days. When I first planned this there were no recovery houses, and people seemed to do fine. IDK we'll see : )
I am still debating it but i am going alone, and the foods provided. And honestly i am a big baby when it comes to pain lol

I got my squeem waist cincher size M in the mail...

I got my squeem waist cincher size M in the mail today. It took a bit of effort to get it on TBH. I like the way all the flab is smoothed out, but I still hate how wide I am... guess that's just the way my frame is. My ribcage sits practically on top of my hip bones, so there isn't much (if any) room to cinch in my waist with lipo. I wonder if I can get Dr. P to take a few of my ribs off and make some room ; ) haha.

After I flattened down all my fat with the squeem,...

After I flattened down all my fat with the squeem, I realized i'm a lot more straight up and down in the hips than I thought : ( Dr. Pantoja doesn't do fat grafting to the hip. Now i'm having second thoughts... but I already paid the deposit and have an sx date. I don't know if i'm just panicking or I really do need another dr. Why does he have to be the only one that doesn't do hips???? Am I out 300 if I pick another dr.? Crap.
hey girly! im goin on april 12th too!! are yu as nervous as i am? lol
Yes! It's making me crazy with "what ifs?"
I'm going April 11

Ok so i'm done freaking out.. kinda. This surgery...

Ok so i'm done freaking out.. kinda. This surgery needs to come the hell on so I can go back to acting like a relatively sane person.
i think once he defines your waist your hips will look great! your going to look amazing!!!!!!!! i am so jealous yours is soooo much sooner then mine. ugh i am going nuts constantly looking for pictures and reading posts. its awful
I'm obsessed, and yet still unsure at the same time.
My bff has been to pantoja twice and he did an AMAZING job she got a bbl BA tt and lip and she looks Fab her stomach is flat and butt is rooouund lol

Well just booked my room and non refundable plane...

Well just booked my room and non refundable plane ticket. Then I go on MMH and see a bad Pantoja review... dammit.
ugh you saw a bad review? are you kidding? i booked my non-refundable flight yesterday and RH.
look on the site under the butt augmentation board.

Well i'm wanting a BA/BL next year so if things...

Well i'm wanting a BA/BL next year so if things need fixing hopefully he can do it then. God i hope things don't need fixing! I know that everyone heals different but I think by getting the "old school" tumescent lipo we are more at risk for imperfections... I emailed Nadia for more before and after pictures because i'm a pain in the ass, lol.

I ordered some essential oils (lavander and vanilla) and a plug in diffuser for my hotel room. Hopefully some aromatherapy will help out after surgery.
OMG...I forgot to ask about the bad review...can you message me the link to her page so I can read the review? thanks
thank you!

F I hadn't had to change my date i'd be getting...

f I hadn't had to change my date i'd be getting ready for surgery right now. I wish I had been able to do it today, I want to get this over with!

I'm wanting to buy an extra compression garment so I don't have to be out of mine while it's being washed. What kind does Dr. Pantoja use? Any other suggestions? I'm in between a med and a small so i've been getting medium everything b/c they tell you to size up but if he takes out of bunch of fat IDK if that med is going to compress like it should. These things are $$$.
i also want a another compression garment but i am not sure what size
I got a medium sqeem waist cincher thing and and the first time I tried to put it on it was tough but after doing it a few times I can put it on the second set of hooks no problem and I haven't even had sx yet. I need a second garment bad but I don't have a clue what size i'll be when it's all said and done. I guess we could buy one from the dr after sx but it's going to cost more than online.
yeah thats what nadia told me, she said to wait and see because i might get the wrong size.

I'm having my BF over tonight, and i'm FINALLY...

I'm having my BF over tonight, and i'm FINALLY going to tell him about the surgery... nervous. The last thing I need at this stage is someone judging me or trying to change my mind. I know he's not going to like it but hopefully he won't be too weirded out about the whole thing. I'm a grown ass women so why do I feel slightly ashamed when others learn about my sx?
your skin is amazing! will snap back
thank you bb. the dr said i'm def going to need to lipo foam but it should all tighten up.
What's lipo foam?

WOW so I was all ready to be relieved of this...

WOW so I was all ready to be relieved of this burden and it all went to hell. My boyfriend and I ended up getting in a big ass fight. He left and I texted him about the sx and he was just like "that's crazy wtf" and then just nothing. I don't even know what's going to happen and part of me doesn't really care.

ANYWAY lol. I got some arm compression sleeves from make me heal (the white ones) and they aren't very comfortable. I guess comfort isn't priority #1 here tho lol. I'm starting my iron pills today and I already take a multi vitamin, and i'll start my arnica and bromelain pill two weeks b4 surgery. I usually eat decent but work is crazy and i've been eating take out WAYYY too much. Must get the motivation to cook at home again.
You changed ur sx date from feb 21st with dr pantoja?
Yup, i had to change it to april 12. How are you healing?
medium and thank you : )

Things I still need to get~ Heating pad epi...

Things I still need to get~
Heating pad
epi foam
lipo board
thermometer (i'm staying alone and i'll want to monitor myself)
things to wear under the garment (did anyone wear only the garment?)

and thats pretty much it, i'm going to buy a 2nd garment from the dr while i'm there. I'm still debating buying a boppy pillow. None of the doctors on real self recommend them and I don't see how its different than any other pillow. Pressure is still on your butt right? Someone please explain this to me like I am a small child. lol

I was emailed my surgery conformation and pre-op...

I was emailed my surgery conformation and pre-op instructions a few days ago, and all the supplies I ordered online are starting to arrive. Eeeeekkkk, lol.
I'm hoping that i'll be able to see my friends and family around 2 weeks after my SX and not have them ask me about my body/face. Still about a month to go!

I've got all my supplies. My BF has finally come...

I've got all my supplies. My BF has finally come around and is happy/nervous for me, he knows how much researching I do (i'm obsessive). Now I just wait which is the hardest part. One min i'm happy and the next i'm feeling super down, 1 more month until there is no turning back. Scary but i'm ready!

Oh and i got my pre op email from Nadia and it says

1. Remember NOT TO TAKE any medication, without consulting it with Dr. Pantoja previously. (Including for pain or colds and those that contain ASPIRIN (acetylsalicylic acid or derivatives).
2. Let us know any change of health (colds, infections, flu, etc.)
3. Let us know if you take any medication to regulate the blood pressure or the coagulation of the blood, for the heart, to treat diabetes, arthritis, nerves, depression, contraceptive pills or any infusion or “herbal”, complexes or drugs.
4. The results of your Pre-op lab work must be reviewed previously by the Dr to confirm that you are healthy.
5. You shouldn’t smoke at least three weeks before surgery and four weeks after.
6. Start taking 1 iron pill every morning to boost your hemoglobin levels.
1. Eat light foods and avoid alcohol.
2. Extreme the hygiene (complete and careful bath) because it contributes to prevent the postoperative infections.
3. If they are going to carry out a procedure in the pelvic or abdominal region please shave.
4. Do not eat or drink anything, starting 8 hours before surgery.
5. Do not take any laxatives or enemas.
1. Avoid bringing objects of value, make up or enamel in the nails.
2. Children less than 12 years are not allowed.Before the surgery:
1. You must file in, in the reception of the Clinic, the day: _________ at _______ hours.
2. DO NOT eat or drink anything starting 8 hours before your surgery.
3. In Admissions, they will ask you to fill all the paperwork: you must fill everything and sign it before going into your room.
4. Before going in to surgery you should carry out the complete payment of your surgery, in cash or certify check, in agreement with administration rules.
5. Personal checks are not accepted and the use of credit cards is not recommended because these generate an additional 3-5% charge.
6. Bring functional clothes (night gown and slippers).
7. Once in your room:
• Undress and put the garment that we will facilitate you, (without underwear), take off all the metallic objects (clock, ring, bracelets, etc.), as well as any removable dental pieces.
• It is recommended not to bring value objects or depositing them in the administration of the Clinic.
• If you are a woman. Also you must remove any make-up and mail enamel and body piercings.
how much is all that dental work costing you, i need those things done as well
I just tried to copy and paste my answer from below but for some reason i can't. Look below in the comments (feb 20) for the info. I'm inbetween pacific dental or the white smile clinic (WSC fillings are 40 and the whitening is 50 dollars cheaper but I can only find one review so IDK). Tons of dentists in TJ... a whole 'nother research game, lol.
Thanks for sharing! I'm glad your bf finally came around!

I woke up yesterday feeling like I was swallowing...

I woke up yesterday feeling like I was swallowing glass shards and not being able to breath through my nose.... i'm freakin' sick. At least I have a few weeks to recover but i'm flying out on april 4th for business and coming back the 8th... then flying to San Diego on the 10th....whew! Does anyone know how soon after surgery we are supposed to use the lipo board?

Hey girls! Less than a month to go, ahhhhh!!!!!!...

Hey girls! Less than a month to go, ahhhhh!!!!!! I'm finally getting over this cold, and I got my period today so I probably won't have it during SX which is great. I AM SOOO NERVOUS bc i'm noticing that to me a few of the pics i've been seeing of Dr P girls, their butts look squarish right after surgery... none of the other doctors pics really look like this so i'm REALLY REALLY hoping it is a temporary thing and then they round out. I emailed Nadia about it but of course she's not going to say "yeah he gives square butts" LOL. She did send me a few pics that looked like the girl was a few months in and her butt was round soooo IDK. It's not like i'm changing docs at this point so whatever happens, happens.
maybe the flat butt has something to do with putting it under the muscle? i have no idea though. Your date is coming so soooooooon!!!!
I know it's crazy.. plus i'll be out of town 4-8th, packing for sx the 9th, and flying out on the 10th. Then dentist on the 11th and surgery the 12th! So really I have two weeks b4 my world becomes very hectic.

Well like everyone else on this board i've been...

Well like everyone else on this board i've been reading about the Yily drama..... my heart really goes out to those suffering right now. I know one (or was it two?) of DR. Pantojas' patients caught an infection a few years ago..... really makes you think. This stuff can happen ANYWHERE and since most of us are traveling to have surgery, wether it's in or out of the US, it's not like you'll be right down the road from your surgeon the entire healing process anyway. Things can and do go wrong..... if i end up in the hospital i'll freak out.

*sigh*... hoping for the best but prepared for the worst!

This waiting game is killing me right now. SO READY!

This waiting game is killing me right now. SO READY!
Where are u getting ur board from?? I ordered, my lipo foam from amazon.
lipo express under the beauty section
you will look great u already have a nice shape, just some fat over :)

So I should have done this weeks ago but I haven't...

So I should have done this weeks ago but I haven't gotten my pre op blood work done yet! So I called my Drs office and they are freakin' closed today and monday for easter. So that means even if I get an appt. on tues I won't be getting my results back until the day before i'm flying out, or possibly even on the day i'm leaving. Crossing my fingers everything is normal so it won't be a big deal, but i'm soooo nervous. I also lost 6 pounds from being sick, usually i'd be happy about that but not this time. I needed that fat!

So I went to the doc and found out I weigh 126 lbs...

So I went to the doc and found out I weigh 126 lbs : ((((( I was 137 this time last year and I thought I still was.... hope they can do this bbl since i'm still flabby.
Thank you!
What are you having done (besides bbl)?

My surgery is friday, i'm getting my suitcase...

My surgery is friday, i'm getting my suitcase packed. AHHHHH THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!! I'm excited but also so nervous. I really hope everything goes well, and i'm safe and sexy. LOL. I'll post more when I fly out.
Good Luck!!! I was 5'3 135 but I have been gaining weight to have it done, first time no go;-( please post pictures. I am trying to decide between Campos and Pantoja ;-) Have a blessed trip and congrads to you in advance, I am sure its gunna be great.
Good luck!

Just found out that my layover flight from Chicago...

Just found out that my layover flight from Chicago to San Diego got cancelled. They are trying to put me on something that will get me into SD tonight, I really hope it works out bc the lady from DR. P office is picking me up at 11:00 pm at the SD airport tonight. These airport people are trying to tell me I have to stay in Chicago tonight and fly out in the morning, but I have a dentist appt. at 9:15 ugggh. WIsh I could drink!!!!

OMG ya'll, when I imagined the complications of...

OMG ya'll, when I imagined the complications of this surgery actually getting there was NOT ONE OF THEM! Still holding out hope..... Grrrrr everything was so carefully planned out as far as the schedule of all my rides and appointments. Plus I'm carry a large amount of cash, and my bank teller was a total bitch to me today. HOw am I supposed to know you can't get thousand dollar bills anymore damn not my fault I'm a baller. JUst wanted to be able to stuff it in my bra LOL.

Getting on a plane to Houston. Should be in SD at...

Getting on a plane to Houston. Should be in SD at 10:40 !!!!! Sooooooo happy!!!!!!!
So glad everything worked out. Sending you my positive energy hun. You're going to look fantastic. I'm currently 131 at 5'5 but I think dr.p is gonna be able to work his magic just fine...I hope lol
Good luck!
Yay good luck.

Honestly I just want to go home : ( I just spent...

Honestly I just want to go home : ( I just spent over 12 hours in a dentist chair. I expected to get a cleaning and few fillings and a whitening. Instead I got a LOT of fillings and 4 root canals. I didn't even get the damn whitening bc I ran out of time and money.... I expected to spend around 700-1000 at MOST but my bill was over 5000, more than my BBL and the other stuff combined. I feel sick right now and my credit cards are maxed out. I feel like everything is going very wrong and that makes me not want to have surgery tomorrow, plus I spent the money I saved already. Now I'm just going to be in debt : ( sorry this is so negative but I feel like someone punched me in the gut.
Gurl after that body a suga daddy gonna come along......we are a emotional reck b4 surgery......get ur spirit up sweetie.
I'm trying, it's just a just a bummer spending over 10,000 on all this when I had planned on around 5000.
What did they do that cost so much? :-( do you bbl you are already there, when ure in the States you can have your teeth whiten. Its only money you will make it up. Safe journey

Ok I'm at the doctors and I just got my blood...

Ok I'm at the doctors and I just got my blood taken... Im def still doing the surgery and I know I should have just walked away from the dentist (I already feel sick about it I know I probably made a huge mistake you guys). So I'm here and hopefully my test all come out ok.

All the tests are good! Oh and be thinking about...

All the tests are good! Oh and be thinking about our RS sister miss curious. I just heard from Nadia that her flight was cancelled too and she can't have surgery until 6 tonight. Having your flight cancelled SUCKS lol. I'm putting the past behind me and getting dis ASSSS.

Surgery was a breeze, but (and I'm not trying to...

Surgery was a breeze, but (and I'm not trying to scare anyone) I felt like I was awake half of the time but I didn't feel any pain at all. Just chilling in my recovery room now. The only thing is my arms are still flabby but I think that's a common complain from all the docs. I locked up my iPad, phone, ect. In the safe they give you and couldn't get it back open! I felt dumb but Nadia came back after she had gotten off work to come and open it with the master key. The service is really really good here, they really make you feel like your their only patient. Haven't seen myself yet except for my arms, I'm very excited to see!

I would kill for a glass of water tho : ( they...

I would kill for a glass of water tho : ( they gave me a tiny one but I'm freaking parched. No water bc of the anestesia. That is really my only discomfort right now.
Happy healing!!!
Congrats!!! I'm glad ur doing well and I hope ur next few days of recovery also go well keep us posted
Yayyyyy I'm so happy everything turned out great for you!!! Lmaooo check u out u updating same day outta surgery! Happy healing girl

I asked the doctor for a better shaped booty, not...

I asked the doctor for a better shaped booty, not a big one tho. My butt is perfect now and I don't want it to go down!!!!! No idea what the cc number is, the doctor went to a medical conference Guadalajara today so I didn't see him. Full experience will be posted when my iPad charges.

I got up and took a taxi to the clinic, got there...

I got up and took a taxi to the clinic, got there at 9 and the lovely Ruth and NAdia were there to greet me. Then we went down to another room and I got my blood taken. After that Ruth weighed me (124 lbs lost weight from not eating before surgery) and took my pre op pictures. My blood results were good, hemoglobin was a 14.5 thanks to my daily iron pill woo hoo. Then we talked for a bit in between her taking phone calls from patients and me filling out forms, that phone rings off the hook! The EKG doc came in and I was trippin because he looked JUST like my 10th grade Spanish teach mr. Duarto LOL. He did the EKG and told me to relax but it was hard. Everything with that turned out fine and then I sat down and read a magazine. Dr P was upstairs checking on paitents who had surgery the day before and were being released. Finally the dr came down and me, him, and Nadia when into his office, I told him what I wanted (forgot to show the wish pics tho dumb). He's a very nice man! After that they took me to the preparation part of the OR where I changed into the gown and put on the compression stockings, which felt like the same size as the tights I wore to my piano recital in 6th grade I mean those things were TIGHT! One of the nurses came in and did my IV then Nadia brought the lock box for all of my valuables ( which I later couldn't get open so she had to come back with the key sorry nadia!). The anestesiologist came and was very sweet and outgoing, he asked me some questions and walked me into the OR where a male and female nurse were. I kept asking if the spinal block sedation was going to hurt about 5 times and he told me not to worry. Then he told me to lay on my side in the fetal position and I felt a pinch and some pressure, it wasn't bad at all. I layed on my back and started to go numb. It was so weird trying to move my legs and Wiggle my toes and not be able to at all. I kept telling him I wasn't asleep yet and he kept telling me to close my eyes lol. I'm not really sure what happed after that but I do remember feeling my arms being jiggled around (no pain) and the anestesiologist telling me to close my eyes again haha. It felt like I was sort of awake the whole time but I know I wasn't because when the dr finished I was on my back and everything felt like it had taken around 15 min. I looked up at everyone and kept saying how easy that was and being at the dentist all day was much worse. I felt kinda giddy or something. I had a bunch of chux pads and some sort of bandage wrapped around me so I couldn't see myself. Somehow I got to my recovery room but I don't remember how at all. Literally the second thing I asked for was my ipad so I could update real self lol. The nurses couldn't believe I was even awake, they said most people just slept. Part 2 later!!
Looking good girl! Even with the Faja on. Congratulations and happy healing. I'll keep you in my prayers,
Thanks I can't wait to see what I look like without the faja and the 10 lbs of padding underneth haha
Hi honey! You look fabulous!! Your projection is great! I can't wait to see how our results turn out in the next few weeks!! How are you feeling today? This evening I was able to do a lot more moving around on my own but my butt is still really are such a strong person to decide to do this away from home..I don't know how I would manage not being able to come home to my own bed! Well hope you are getting tons of rest my BBL twin!! Ttys :)

I just realized that I gave Nadia 5000 in cash for...

I just realized that I gave Nadia 5000 in cash for my surgery on fri , but I completely forgot about the 300 deposit I made to save the date months ago..... Should the 300 have gone toward my sx? Do they owe me 300?

I look a little strange, this swelling is crazy!

I look a little strange, this swelling is crazy!
WoW $5000 dentist bill in TJ. I would have been pissed the he77 off. BUT oh well at least its done now and your teeth are paid for. You dont look all that swollen which is a good thing. Be patient with the recovery. Its a very frustrating experience but well worth it...
Wow you look great! Even with the little bit of swelling I can see your nice shape
How many CCs did u get? you look great

Hey girls, I haven't been on real self because...

Hey girls, I haven't been on real self because honestly I've been really depressed about my surgery. Since I last updated I've had my chin implant switched out for a smaller one bc the dr put the wrong size in. Well I'm home now and it still didn't feel/look right so I went to a facial plastic surgeon here and he told me the implant was too high and it was coming up through my stitches, he said he could see the implant ewww. It would cost me 1300 to remove it so I'm flying back to tj and dr p is going to remove it for free. I look awful and have been hiding in my apt since I got back : ( my butt has gone down a lot and my stomauch is soooooo lumpy I'll prob never wear a bikini again : ( posted a pic of it. Why me????

Seriously i can't stop crying.... everyone else...

Seriously i can't stop crying.... everyone else has such good results... what the f**k happened?

Trying to stay positive but it's so hard.....I've...

Trying to stay positive but it's so hard.....I've seen good lipo and bad lipo, honestly right now this looks like a case of straight up bad lipo : ( everyday the swelling goes down and the bumpiness becomes more noticeable. I'll be two weeks post op Friday and back in tj on monday.
Safe travels, mbones! I'm sad that the results have not turned out as you expected... I think you should definitely try the lipo massages and such things that plastic surgeons in the US do routinely. I believe that usually helps with the bumpiness. Regarding the chin implant, that sounds awful!!!! I know it's hard to stay positive, but I looked at your pics again and I was like damn her results are still hot af!! The lumps will go down. Everybody is different, and if the limps don't go away, there's stuff you can do to make it go away.
Lumpy is definitly normal and more often that not although you dont see other people with lumps in pictures MOST OF US have lumps. We are our own worst critics. Dont get too overworked girlie. In regards to the chin implant and the Local PS telling you it was placed to high, I wouldn't weigh that too heavily. That could be as simple as ONE plastic surgeon judging the next ones work. In their own humble opinions they will always compare to how "they" would have did the procedure. Each dr is different and does their procedures differently. I am glad Dr P said he will take it out for free though. That sthe least he can do and he is usually pretty understanding. Cheer up though an be patient with the healing process.. I suggest geting as many massages as possible and be very persistent with tight compression for as long as you can. NO lie it makes a difference
Yeah but the implant is so high my stitches have started to open up : ( happened with the first one too. I'm sick about these lumps, my stomach looks horrible : (

Please god let this get better : ( I didn't...

Please god let this get better : ( I didn't expect perfection but I definitely didn't expect a lumpy deformed stomach and flanks. My sides look like they have cellulite???? I wasn't overweight.... 124 pounds the day of sx. I thought that was the ideal lipo patient? I looked ok in a bikini b4, i thought this sx would help that, now i'll be wearing a one piece for the first time since i was 11. I'll be wearing a one piece for the rest of my life : ( : ( My BF is being so supportive but I can tell he thinks I looked better b4. So do I.
Has anyone said anything about the massages to rub the lumps out? I thought that was the reason for the lymphatic massages; to keep the results smooth and rub out the lumps and fluid build-up. Check to see if there is a Massage Envy in your area where they have someone who does the lymphatic massages, and hang in there. I'm sure it will get better!
I work for massage envy lol.... it's getting worse day by day : (
I cant recall the vet name but what she did at night time was putting some fat melting gel on her stomach back etc and put the heating pad on there for 10 mins rotating it and she be soak in sweat....thats how she got rid of her lumps and she also was getting massages.....u should be doing massages at home too....

I'm in my xs compression garment, I have the foam...

I'm in my xs compression garment, I have the foam and board, I'm massaging 4 times a day after laying on the heat pad. I'm doing everything I can!! I saw a few reviews b4 my sx about smaller girls turning out lumpy and I thought "well maybe they didn't massage ect ect....." but nothing is helping this. Until you spend over 6000 dollars to end up with a weird looking messed up belly and surgery on your face 3 seperate times only to (hopfully) look the same as u did b4, don't come in my review telling me how to feel.
Hey just wanted to check on you and see how you are holding up.
sorry i didn't see this... i'm not good TBH... I wake up everyday and the first thing I think about is how I f'ed my life up.
AAAWWW I feel so bad for you!! Is there any hope to correct your chin? I mean I would think there is for everything but is it expensive? Im really sorry to hear this!!

I had my chin implant removed last monday. My face...

I had my chin implant removed last monday. My face is still deformed. I need a mentalis muscle resuspenion to fix my chin, another $4000 : ( : ( : ( Oh and my lipo looks the same as before... the dr said I was "healing" and acted like i wasn't getting massages! Nadia said it would go a way but when I showed her my belly, her eyes got REALLY wide and she hesitated before she spoke : ( I miss my old face and body and my $$$$$.
OMG I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. I really just thought u needed more compression and some massages. It's unfortunate that this has happened idk what to say expect to keep praying God will fix everything for you
I am so sorry you had to go through that! Your booty looks good.... I am praying that all will be well in time, and this minor setback will be a distant memory for you. Keep your head up girl!
It's not really a minor setback when i have permeant damage to my face and body : ( Thanks tho : )

: (

This is BS. Dr. Pantoja totally fucked up my stomach and face...l was hesitant to say that before but it's true. Now it's going to cost over 10,000 to even try and "improve" all this mess. Every Dr. i've talked to says that I can *try* a revision, but there are no guarantees, and neither my chin or tummy will EVER look the way it was supposed to look had everything gone right the first time. Everyday I feel sick when I look in the mirror, and I feel even more sick when I look at my bank balance. I know that some people have good results with Dr. P but i'm not sure what happened with my sx. Now i'm broke and deformed. I'm not trying to be a debbie downer but i'm absolutely devastated.
I find your situation interesting. You get to TJ and have $5000 worth of dental work max out your credit cards, and you still decided to have sx? Then you managed to give Nadia $5000 in cash after that? Now you're asking for donations...that's a crazy journey. I feel bad that you dislike your results but you should pay attention to the signs, you have to consider that a revision may end up worse than where you are now, and try other alternatives like working out maybe gaining a little before you have a corrective surgery.
Thats something wrong for you to say.. Shes not going to the same doctor this was obviously caused by his negligence which means that another doctor can fix his mistake. Cant you see shes scarred? Theres nothing wrong with havinng a little hope and returning to her normal self again..
If you could read her journey and STILL have something negative to say then ya behind should've of kept it pushing and not write on her blog. All she want is for body to be normal again. This is not the place for negativity!!!

i can't....

I think i'm just going to delete my page... thank you so much everyone but this is too much BS for me right now : (
I feel for you. Can you please let us know how your doing? Have you gone back to Dr.Pantoja
Can that go away What she has on her stomach ? Why did that happen? By working out will it go away? I really hope you're doing okay..
Don't erase it.. please. it is unfortunate this happened to you. it almost makes me think other than dr P do the surgeries. I was explained by my doc the uneven lipo is caused by pinching the rolls while doing the lipo. this causes to removed the fat at different levels an thickness causing a ripple when the skin is relaxed. It can be even it out with much more precise lipo.. please keep talking to us. it would help you and help us too ...
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