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I'd give anything to go back in time to reverse...

I'd give anything to go back in time to reverse the fat transfers. I had fat grafted to the face in the cheeks, nasoblasial folds, forehead, and chin - they had told me this would create the illusion of a slimmer face but it has only created more problems.

Whole face and head looks much wider and bigger, the fat injected is too heavy and too much making the other features on the face look smaller (eyes and lips... which does NOT look good). Besides these bad results, my whole face just looks extremely unnatural and unlike myself. I realize now (when it's too late) that these procedures were exceedingly unnecessary for a young adult who already had a baby face to begin with. Now I'm left with a creepy, unnatural, plastic, overfilled looking face that does not even resemble my past self; also, there is a large indentation on the right side of my cheek, due to fat not being distributed evenly.
Also, be wary of doctor that says it is a "small" procedure with quick recovery. Sure you may wake up and feel fine post-surgery, but honestly it is painful. It hurts to touch your face anywhere, there are painful and unsightly bruises and swelling all over the face, the fat injected feels so heavy and gives you a headache.

All in all, it was not worth it. I've done other procedures as well and I'd give anything to go back to my pre-surgery face. Even though it wasn't perfect, it was mine, and it was natural... and natural beauty can come in many forms and is always better than artificial "beauty."
If you are really considering fat grafts, please try fillers first. They work wonders and you can always dissolve them if you don't like the results whereas fat grafting is permanent...


How come the drs told u fat graft will make u look like having a slimmer face? That's v strange since of cos adding fat will probably make your face look chubbier. By the way, do u know how much volume got transferred? Now that u're 3 months post-op, I hope your face is looking better. I heard that fat graft to the forehead is very difficult to do, and I told my friend who wanted it to reconsider. Good luck
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Hopefully the excess fat will get reabsorbed! May I ask in which clinic did you get this unsatisfactory procedure?
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The fat has gone down over time, but certainly not completely. Even the most non-observant friends have been commenting that I've gained weight due to my face, but I really haven't. I got the procedure done at MVP clinic in Seoul .
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