It's true, I L-O-V-E having boobs! - Muskegon, MI

First off I would just like to thank everyone that...

First off I would just like to thank everyone that shares their stories, I know how comforting and reassuring they can be. I am 23 years old, about 5'4, 120 pounds, and I don't even fit into a cup size but I have a 32 band but I would like to a full C.

Right now I am about a week shy of my first consultation and already I'm feeling that surreal feeling. Right now everything I have at the moment are just dreams without any reality. I was literally born without boobs, I don't even need to wear a bra. I am one of those people who gets annoyed when people complain about their lack of upper body because I know that I will always win.

My biggest fear is now that I have finally committed to my decision I will learn that I am too small to even have breast augmentation. So if anyone out there has any tips are advice it would be much appreciated!

You are not too small, and you will be happy. Find a good surgeon you feel comfortable with, and make sure you try on sizers to find out which size you want, not what size the surgeon wants. Good luck.
Hello, Congratulations on your decision to seek consultation regarding breast augmentation surgery. Based on your description, I think you may be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation surgery. Regarding your “biggest fear”, I do not think that you have much to worry about; I have never seen a patient who is “too small” to undergo the procedure. My best advice to you would be to do your due diligence carefully as you select your plastic surgeon. Make sure he/she is a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and ask to see lots of examples of his/her work. Communicate your goals carefully. Be careful about communicating goals based on achieving a specific cup size, as cup sizes will vary from one bra manufacturer to another. In my practice, I use goal pictures to help with this communication process. During the consultation process, it will be important for you to learn about the pros/cons of breast augmentation surgery also; this education will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the procedure. In this regard you may find the information available on our website ( helpful to you as well. Best wishes. Tom Pousti M.D.

So I just had my first and only consultation of...

So I just had my first and only consultation of this process. I absolutely fell in love with my doctor, she is extremely knowledgable and I am even more excited now. The best part is I was able to get an appointment for next Monday morning (the 8th) to get it done! After years of wanting this it's finally going to happen in less than a week!

I should also mention that I decided to go with a...

I should also mention that I decided to go with a 350 cc. I was kind of thinking a C would look way too big on me and it looks just right! Cannot wait to get them done! 6 days and counting!
Yay! Can't wait to hear more of your story!!!

So I'm five days until surgery, I cannot believe...

So I'm five days until surgery, I cannot believe how fast everything is happening. I have always wanted breast augmentation, and after years of wanting them it is next week already! Today I went and paid for them, most money I have ever spent at one time ever! Showed pictures of what I would like on myself, and learned what to do prior to coming in next monday. I was lucky enough to be able to have them done in a hospital which makes me feel even more confident. All that's left is for me to just sit and wait until next monday, hopefully the time goes by quickly. Oh, I also get a complimentary facial with the surgery and I am very excited for that as well! Hope everyone is having a good day!
Congratulations! I just had mine done 3 weeks ago today. I was also a AA prior after nursing 2 kids. My doctor ended up using 400cc on me (my goal was a C cup) moderate plus profile. We didn't really discuss the cc beforehand, and only discussed my "goal/final" results based on the photos I showed him. I am very happy with the results and it doesn't look huge on me at all. I'm 5'1 and 106 lbs.
That's the part I'm interested in. I know most doctors go into surgery with having multiple different sizes, I'm curious to see which one I'll actually get. I wouldn't be opposed to bumping up to a 375. Ha
How exciting! Love the facial freebie. :)

So it's just before midnight, soon I will be able...

So it's just before midnight, soon I will be able to say that i only have three days to go. This whole process for me has been happening so quickly I almost wonder if it is happening too fast for me to really grasp what is going on. I've never had surgery before aside from getting my wisdom teeth pulled (if you can count that), and the whole idea of it is starting to freak me out. I'm getting them done on the 14th and then I start a new full time job on the 22nd, kind of wondering if that is just insane for me to do. My doctor assured me that most women only need a few days to get back to things and after reading other peoples blogs I'm wondering if that's just a friendly little lie. All I can think right now is about boobs. Oh well, this I'm sure is normal. I cannot wait until noon on monday when I will officially be a woman!

Oh I've also added a side profile of what I look like now.
Don't be nervous, this is something you want not something that you have to have medically. Relax it's easy. You will look great. If this is what you truly want you should not be nervous. Good luck and you'll look amazing!! This is a happy time, don't stress. Your size sounds great. Good luck : )
I could have gone back to work at4 days if I had to... Took several weeks cause I could. ;)

So today I bought a zip-up sweatshirt as well as...

So today I bought a zip-up sweatshirt as well as started to do the whole "nesting" thing. I also went to VS to return a bombshell bra I bought a couple weeks ago before I knew I'd be having surgery so quickly. Life's funny like that. Looking at all the bras that I've never been able to fit in makes me so excited that next week at this time ill have boobs! Ha! Happy Friday everyone!!
I think you will have enough time off from when you have the surgery to when you start your job. I had my surgery on the 2nd and I went back to work on the 7th. I also have 2 small children so when I went back to work that also meant getting them ready by myself in the morning and driving them to school/daycare and carrying my laptop bag into work. I was a little stiff and sore, but I was able to do it successfully. The biggest thing is the fear going into a BA. I felt a lot of it, and I was afraid of being "put under" for the surgery. I also had only had my wisdom teeth as a prior surgery so I was afraid of a lot of things. I ended up doing fine even though I got sick from the anesthesia, you are really in such a foggy state it's not as big of a deal as it would be if you were completely 100% clear and conscious. I was 100% flat as a board before surgery, and I'm 5'1 and about 108 lbs and I got 265 CC and right now I am fitting into a C cup so I think you will be totally fine fitting into the 350. You are going to be a-okay, the nerves will have you second guessing here and there, but stick with your gut. Good luck!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouragement!
Thanks so much!

So it's 4 something in the morning. Currently at...

So it's 4 something in the morning. Currently at the hospital. Wish me luck!!!!

So it's all over. What an easy experience!...

So it's all over. What an easy experience! Everyone was so nice, I barely remember even being in the operating room! I ended up with 400 cc on my left side, and 424 on my right side instead of the 350. So glad she went up instead of down. I'm barely even in pain, it's more of an ache if anything. After getting in my room the nurse came in and let me choose where I wanted my IV. I was so happy about this because I was scared of it going into my hand, I of course chosen the crux of my right arm, then she gave me a shot to numb my arm and in went the IV. Next, my anesthesiologist came in asked me some questions, and then gave me an anti-nausea patch behind my ear that lasts for three day, boy did that work, I haven't felt sick at all. Soon after that my doctor came in and marked me up, she was so nice! After that I got a really nice addition to the IV that made me feel very nice and I was on my way to the surgical room. I remember getting on the table, stretching my arms out, and getting this nice warm feeling. I don't remember him putting a mask on, or counting down or anything. When I woke up I felt groggy but good! No nausea at all. I got wheeled into another room, saw my sister, ate some crackers and gingerale, then finally went home. The ride home was so easy I felt no pain at all. Now I'm lying on my couch, just woke up from a nap to take my meds. I'm on Norco, super ibuprofen, a muscle relaxer, and some sort of anti-bacterial medicine. This experience so far has been so lovely, I even love the post surgery bra I was given!! Hopefully the rest of my recovery will be like this!'
Welcome to the other size!!! Keep us posted! xoxoxo :)

So glad you're on the healing side now. Thanks for all your wonderful updates!

Congrats :)

So just woke up, definitely more sore than I was...

So just woke up, definitely more sore than I was yesterday. I feel sore from my waste all the way to my shoulders, but it's still not that bad. I broke my pelvis 2.5 years ago in a car accident, and I would say this is much less painful than that. I've been setting my a alarm clock for every four hours to take my medicine, and falling asleep right away hasn't been a problem. With the lovely anti-nausea patch I have behind my ear I still haven felt sick at all. Can't wait to see the girls tomorrow when I get to shower for the first time! I've been sleeping on a love seat that's brand new. Most comfortable ever!!
That's good you have somewhere comfy to sleep. I couldn't take my recliner after the second day. Let us know how they look.
Will do!! Can't wait to see them myself!!
congrats, hope your feeling great and hope the girls are beautiful.

Just had a peak at my new girls. Is it normal for...

Just had a peak at my new girls. Is it normal for them to look like man boobs when they're swollen?

Holy bloat!! Plus this muscle relaxer I'm on gives...

Holy bloat!! Plus this muscle relaxer I'm on gives me the inability to pee. Just got out of the shower where I feel sooo much better and decided to post some pics. Let me know if they look like they're supposed to seeing as I don't have my post-op until next Tuesday.
Glad to hear you made it, hope you start feeling better and congrats!
Thank you! Pain has been so minimal for me it's amazing!

Good morning all!! It's been three days since my...

Good morning all!! It's been three days since my surgery and I find myself waking up less sore than the day before. The top of my implants on both sides are making gurgling noises when I touch them, I don't know if this means that they are settling. My one complaint is that under my right armpit when I'm getting up or laying down there's a spot that hurts extremely bad. Has anyone experienced this? On the bright side I'm starting to be less bloated!

I'm getting so sick of being on meds around the...

I'm getting so sick of being on meds around the clock and being so bloated, so I've decided to wean myself off of them. I can't wait for my post-op appointment to see how I'm coming along. Today I've developed a bruise down the entire cleavage of my breasts? Has anyone else gotten that? Healing is still going well, I've been out and about which has been fun. I cannot wait until I get to try on bathing suits and bras, hope these things fall sooner than later!!
I wanted to let you know if you email Real Sel they will rotate your pics for you :)
I meant RealSelf lol
Hey! Looks great so far! I'm on day 2 and I have the same pain near my armpit on my left side. I got 400ccs but mine are sitting sooooo high and I kinda look like a torpedo right now lol. Sounds like we had very similar experience and I keep telling everyone if this is the worst of it everyone should do it! My doc said the gurgling noise was normal

I should mention I've posted the picture of my bruise.

I should mention I've posted the picture of my bruise.

From what I've read, the feelings that I currently...

From what I've read, the feelings that I currently have are normal. Today I was pretty sick all day, my guess is because I'm starting to ween off of all the prescriptions. I am getting so sick of this tight feeling, I just want to feel normal again. I know it will go away in time but sooner than later would be nice. Because I'm so not used to the weight of these things showers, which I used to look forward to, I cannot stand in longer than just to wash my hair and body quick. The only time I can handle the weight of them is with my surgical bra. I know these feelings will all subside, today just sucks. That's my rant, hope everyone enjoyed their Friday.
How are you doing??!
It took me awhile to get used to the weight too... I'd feel like they were gonna "fall out" if i didn't have a bra on. I'm almost at week 6, and sometimes i still catch myself "feeling" like somethings wrong.  I'll go look in the mirror and be like "ok" they didn't slide down, or sideways, or whatever feels strange.  But, once I got used to the weight of them (took about 3-4 weeks) I began to be more comfortable braless.  Sleeping braless took longer (i was cleared to go without a bra at 3 weeks).  I still fill better when i wear a bra, I worry less about "what they are doing".  But overall, it does get better.  :)   It will get better, and you will be so happy you did it!  :)
I never wore a bra until last month. I still don't need one. My Doctor said it was okay to wear cami's. I love it, I have to wear sweater because the nips are still so sensitive, but, other then that, it was weird getting use to the weight. My new boobs added 7 1/2 pounds to my scale.

Sorry for the long absence in posts. I had an...

Sorry for the long absence in posts. I had an extemely rough weekend with the new girls. I was nauseous and uncomfortable and regretting my decision with them. Because I've never have had breasts its been a work in progress for me to get used to these things. After stopping all pain medication getting used to the tightness has been hard. Either way, me and the girls have had our turning point and are now on the up and up. Sleep, thankfully, made the sun shine for me again. I feel like all of a sudden the switch flipped and my extreme bloat was gone, the started dropping, and I was able to go the bathroom like a big girl. Eureka! I have learned that snowfall and fresh implants do not go hand in hand. Scraping off the window is a trial, and I am proud of myself for even being alive to update. I had my post op today too. I'm sure I can think of more things to say, but that's all I have for right now. Hope everyone's had a good weekend!
Oh yes, scraping the windshield is a very horrible motion! I have learned to let the car warm up and put it on defrost at full blast before I drive anywhere.
Doesn't it feel good when you are able to sleep comfortably! Glad everything is on the up and up. We're you sore after the scraping? I can imagine how that could be. Are you massaging at all?
Your update made me laugh! Hope you are still taking your meds .. The muscle relaxers are not just to make you feel loopy lol ;)))

Today has been the two week anniversary since I...

Today has been the two week anniversary since I had my surgery. I am so glad that I did this, it really has been an amazing experience. I'm already out of my surgery bra, and my implants feel completely natural. I was never told to do any massages, apparently my doctor doesn't believe in them, but it seems to be just fine. I was worried some of my tops would no longer fit, but all these wonderful investment seemed to have done is just make my tops look even better. I have so much more confidence in myself, and I'm so glad I finally just did it!
Its nice to hear u r in love with the girls. In one week ill be in boobie land too!
You look great, congrats on the new girls!!! Hope you are feeling better.
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