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I'm 5' tall and 112 lbs before surgery. I worked...

I'm 5' tall and 112 lbs before surgery. I worked out and was fit. But I gained 65lbs during pregnancy which made my stomach really big and stretch marks were gross. Breasts sagged due to breastfeeding my daughter for years. Husband recommended the surgery a while back saying he destroyed my body and he will fix it, lol. I hesitated for a long time and finally decided that 2/18/11 Fri was THE day! Tummy tuck, flank lipo, pubic mons lipo, and breast aug. The next three days were a blur. Don't remember being in pain. Just remember bits and pieces of it. =) Took drain out Thurs 2/24/11 and sutures on areolas 2/29/11. Planning on abdominal suture removal 3/07/11. I already see how nice and flat my upper stomach would be. I have a line now that outlines my ab muscle! I do have swelling lower ab so I can't even put my old jeans on yet. I like how my breasts came out also. I had no disgusting drainage from lipo site or any fluid accumulation from ab. I will update my progress especially swelling. So far excellent!!! I should've done it way sooner.

It's been a little over 3 weeks and I feel...

It's been a little over 3 weeks and I feel fantastic. I even went back to work yesterday and to the gym last night. Only did 30 min tredmill walk. Didn't want to force myself but did want to get back into swing of things. I hope I continue healing and swelling will continue going down.

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This doctor is very meticulous and caring. He is very ethical. He actually turned down an arm lipo that I had wanted stating it wouldn't look good on me. He also told me scarring from breast lifts would not be worth going through it when I asked about it. None of the others (5 others) had declined those procedures. His bedside manner is very gentle also.

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I heard that you have to replace implants every 10 years. If so, would that be $7,000 every 10 years. YIkes!!!
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Hey I thought the same thing!! Went to four docs when I was picking my surgeon and I asked every dr that. They all said thats the old way of thinking. Its not required unless u are having an issue with the implants. My dr said she has patients who have had them in 20 plus years..made me feel much better!
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what do you think is better silicone or saline?
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I had the same surgery 3 weeks ago today too..You look awesome!! Out of the two procedures I would sometimes forget I even had the breast done b/c no real pain there lol!
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You look great. PS recommended 350 cc. He said anything higher will be to big for my height. Also, they said I have a lot of breast tissue to work with. I haven't made up my mind yet as I was focusing only on my tt. I can't imagine a breast aug will be very painful. I am on the fence about the size to get. If I get them I want to be a small D. What do you think?
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I think I read somewhere that 250cc makes a cup so if you want 350cc you should be in D cup. I was a small B and I had 390cc & 360cc. I haven't gone bra shopping yet but I think I'm a big C or a small D. That's just my assumption. =) How's your tt healing? I've read a bunch of people complain about upper stomach bulge after tt. Some people gained weight and some people didn't. I'm going to ask my ps when I see him next week what this is all about.
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Oh, about breast aug pain, I never really did have pain for neither the tt or brest aug. I guess good pain mgmt from my caregiver made all the difference. I'm sure how gentle and meticulous ps is also contributed to my pain free surgery.
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I feel I am healing quickly. I have my binder on 24/7 so I haven't really looked at it much. When I shower I look at it and it looks good. I do swell up when I am on my feet for a long period of time so it may be bulging not sure though. My binder is starting to itch me even though I wash it all the time. Overall, I feel I had a good experience. I think I will know more when I am not wearing the binder and standing straight. Some days I am bent over still and other days I can stand straight. Let me know what size you end up being. I think 350cc would be good for me.
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You are the same height and weight as me. I got my tt on Feb 24th and love the results so far. I was originally going to get my breasts done too but PS said to do that later and not really necessary as my breasts did not look to bad. I am now regretting that I didn't do both at once because it would have been great to have both done at once. I was wondering what size implant they recommended for you for your height and did you get silicone or saline? What size did you start with?? I may get this done next year?? I used to be a full C until I had my children and now I am a large B or small C and they are going South. LOL.
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Yeah, I'm glad I had both done at the same time. I just can't imagine going through this again... 3 days after the surgery was a big fog. I was never in pain or discomfort but would've liked to remember more of the recovery. I had the surgery Fri and by Tues I was "normal".

Plus it would be extra 2k for anesthesia again. I had 390cc in right and 360cc on left. I chose saline because I have lots of chest tissue and I just don't like the fact the I can't know when gel implant ruptures or leaks. Ewww... I told my ps to fill the chest up without making me look top-heavy. He used a "sizer" to fill my chest to know exactly how much he needs before placing actual implant. I like my size and hope they don't shrink too much after they settle. I was a big perky B before breastfeeding then saggy small B after. My hubby really wanted me to "fix" my tummy but boobies were a bonus because I wanted them. I went through my closet to get rid of some clothes since I bought so much since my surgery. Some of my old clothes fit so much better and some I can't fit in the chest, lol. Ii bought 5 bikinis already and even a monokini! I can't wait for the summer! I still have swelling especially on the lower ab. Hopefully it would go away by the summer. =)
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hello.. wow u look relly good iam 1 month postop and feeling relly good.. im tryin to be patient w/ my but i think in the long run it will look good.. its the waitin game we all have to play...:)
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I know... I still can't even fit in my old jeans. Seems like there's more swelling than few days after the surgery. The nurse says it's normal because I'm more active. I'm back to normal, shopping and getting around. =) It's kinda frustrating because I wanna go jean shopping so bad but I guess I have to be patient. =(

I'm going back to work next Mon. I've had almost a month off and feel totally ready to go back and see my friends.

I'm gonna try to remember to post another pic to show how my tummy is more swollen tomorrow morning.
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Wow...Congrats you look good!
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Thanks a lot! I can't wait to see the result when swelling goes down and implants settle. I still can't fit into my jeans which is really bumming me out since I bought so many cleavage enhancing tops. :)
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:) will fit them soon!
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Well, not soon enough. I can't wait to go bra shopping either. =)
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