No Longer Waiting to Explant - I did it yaay!

So glad I found this website! I have silicone 500...

So glad I found this website! I have silicone 500 cc under muscle implants for 12 yrs. Sooo tired of them now, makes it really hard to work out, jog, horseback ride, anything active. I really want to explant completely... I'm gonna be 50 this year, and I'm just so over looking like porn star boobs!

And we're so glad you found us, too! Thanks so much for starting your story.

I hope you'll keep us posted on your progress through this journey. Here's a great post from Green Temple about her experience.


So I have appt. with my original PS Feb. 8th. I...

So I have appt. with my original PS Feb. 8th. I already asked the office staff his surgery schedule & he could perform as early as Feb 21st, which I'm going to try and book. I've already made up my mind to explant, regardless of sagginess outcome. I'm so tired of these heavy things weighing me down, they are 500 cc unders. I'm only 5'4" around 115 lbs. & they look waayyyy too big for my frame. Plus they ache a lot, too, mostly my left one. I have to wear 2 bras to bed, my regular bra plus a sports bra. I feel like I'm suffocating with this huge weight on my chest. I had to give up jogging because of the back and hip pain. And now my back hurts most of the time, even just washing's ridiculous.
My concerns are having to have the capsule removed, and using drains. I don't think I have cc, they are pretty soft and pliable. I want to do it with just local anethesia, and hope to use the original scar, areola. Trying to minimize down time.
I think this has been a journey in self acceptance. A hard lesson to learn, I feel ashamed sometimes for all the $$ I've spent. But chalk it up to older and wiser I guess.
Hoping to hurry things along and get back to the new and improved good ole' me!
I am laying here reading the posts and you know what I'm doing? Recovering from an explant from this morning's procedure. I only had mine for two years. It was an after effect of divorce and menopause. Those two episodes in a woman's life can really make you want to get bigger boobs. I am very athletic and the day I got my implants I knew it was mistake because I couldn't run as fast and as long. I don't have time for regrets, but I have time to enjoy my littles back and remind myself that yes, it is time to enjoy this new phase. The process of aging beautifully.
Glad you're back to your original self, soon I will be joining all you explanted ladies. Hope you recover well, keep us posted. Will you be sharing pics with us? It helps so much to see results, and the possibilities of different outcomes.
I'm not ready to look at them yet. I bruise easily and I don't want any proof of that. I was saggy because of nursing two boys for 18 months each, so I'm sure it will be saggy again. My PS suggested not doing anything with it at this point. He said skin is almost fluid. It will take its own shape at some point. I'm not going through any form of surgery like this anymore, ever, ever, ever just like what Taylor Swift said. Haha. I'm still on Percocet so I'm a little loopy. Haha.

Wellll.....had the consult with my PS today. He...

Wellll.....had the consult with my PS today. He tried to talk me out of it basically, and said my breasts are "absolutely perfect". I agree they turned out fine, no cc or anything. He gave no particular reason why I occasionally experience pain. He would use the original peri-areola incision, no drains, general anesthesia/twilight. He said everyone is disappointed with their results after explant. I don't think he's performed many. But he was kind, and said the decision is of course mine, but said he hopes I don't explant.
I told him I'm just tired of them....the weight, the neck and back pain, not being able to run, be as active, etc., told him I'm over going to the river & wearing pasties. So I'm discouraged. Left the office feeling very bummed.
I made a consultation with Dr. Pousti for Feb 19. Would like to see what he has to say.
Has anyone else used Dr. Pousti, or know someone who did? I see he reviews a lot on here, but the outside reviews/ratings were mixed.
Please help!
All these doctors freak when ya want them off YOUR body! I'm getting mine out asap. I have seen the original PS plus two more PS. Shop the docs prices & adittudes are all over the place. Do what's right for YOU, good luck. I'm 49 and have had two sets ( do to failure ) 12 yrs. Total. Read & educate yourself this site rocks, do right by ur self.
Have you thought about Brian Eichenberg, M.D.? I've got a really close friend in San Diego who has a friend who went to him for her removal. She was very pleased. Said very caring and supportive and voted most caring one year.
I had a consultation today too and left the office feeling bummed just as you did :( The PS I saw was nice enough and "easy going".. but he came off as unsupportive and just sort of "whatever" about everything I asked, though he didn't show much interest in my questions or concerns either. He was basically like "it's quick and simple, it's your choice." I don't know, but I want someone to go into the surgery with a brighter attitude. I already said I plan on getting a lift in a year, so that means more surgery, more money.. if that doesn't motivate a PS then I don't know what will lol. So yeah, I just got the vibe that this guy wasn't interested in doing my surgery, that he would do it, cause "whatever" lol, but he's not excited about it. Do PS's ever get excited about doing a surgery? I would think so lol. So ANYWAYS, sorry to rant on there. I am seeing someone else next Thursday, hoping he shows more interest and enthusiasm for my surgery. I hope things go well with Dr. Pousti, never seen him but have come across his website and he does good work. Good luck :)

Ugh....So I went to another consult today. PS said...

Ugh....So I went to another consult today. PS said that because of my age, & size of implants (500), if I explant with no lift it will be "horrendous"...."bags of skin"..... Great, just great. I asked about the "fluffing up" within the first several months or so, and he discounted that theory, and said "what you see right afterward, is what you will get." Ugh... I really don't want a lift, more scars, pain, etc. Crud, now what??? HELP!
Maybe I can help. I am 43 years old. 5' 7" 115 lbs. I had 400cc saline implants for 13 years. I was a 32A before implants, 32D with implants. I had my explant on Jan 16, 2013, almost a month ago. You can see photos on my profile. I would say I'm a still a 32A barely a 32B maybe, depending on who makes the bra. I will post more photos soon, but honestly so far I haven't seen much of a change from the last photo I posted on day 11. The real self ladies can judge if they see a difference, but no "fluffing" so far. Maybe it will take longer. Don't give up! My PS also recommended a lift, but I said no. My boobies may be small, but I am so much happier and more confident with the implants gone. I can be more active and dont' have to deal with men constantly staring at my big fake boobs, like the rest of me didn't matter. Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!
Thanks skinnymarie. I don't want scars, either. Or more painful surgery/recovery. My hubby said he's fine with saggies, he doesn't want me to have to go thru a lift & more healing. I'm tired of guys staring at me, too. And now my teenage son is telling me, "ya mom, get those things out, I don't like all the random guys checking you out". Oh my little man! Now just to find a PS who doesn't try to talk me into keeping them in/or getting a lift. Thanks again, and Happy Valentines Day 2 u 2!
Did he tell you how much breast tissue you have? That makes a difference on the fluffing up. You look like you have great skin for 50 though. I am 47 and just had mine explanted on 1/23 with no lift. I had silicone over the muscle for 24 years. I was a 34B before my augmentation and a 34 DD afterwards. I hated it. I only had one capsule removed due to one of my implants being ruptured. I didn't have a thick scar tissue so didn't need the other one removed. My PS told me you can never tell how the skin will react until afterwards so he always waits 6 months before doing a lift. Also he doesn't like that much trauma going on at once. I think you need to keep looking for a PS that isn't so negative. Also do what is best for you - if they are bothering you. I've heard under the muscle reacts better to explant than over the muscle. I've been keeping my compression bra on per doctor's orders and I am having great results. I can see the skin tightening up every week. Be careful with explant through the nipple just because of caving issues that could happen.

DR. POUSTI - Had a consult today, and he's the one...

DR. POUSTI - Had a consult today, and he's the one. Very professional and believes that I will have a good outcome. He said I have enough tissue, good skin elacsticity, and don't need a lift. Complete opposite of what the other Dr. told me. Plus....he was less expensive!! I will schedule for excited!!

Hello ittlybittiesagain! Did you decide if you are going thru the same areola incision , or did Dr. Poutsi recommend removing from undee the breast. I'm confused because i have had 2 consults and they condradic each other...can you help? I'm happy you have found a Dr. to Explant, as I am still on the fence Many Thanks!
He is going thru same areola incision. He explained that the stitching process, very meticulous and several layers helps a lot. And he said that I have enough tissue that it should not be an issue, as well as good skin quality. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trusting his judgement. I'd rather not have yet another scar to deal with. I was just so happy that he was confident I'd have a good outcome. But it's only a week away, and I'm getting a little nervous! Still very motivated to explant, but I hate being "put under". Dr. said he could do local, but if I don't want to remember the whole process, better to go nitey-nite!
Dr. Pousti is a wonderful doctor and has a ton of experience to show his artistic eye. I had my BA done on 2009 and still love my results. I still visit them yearly for my follow up and they are still as sweet as my first consultation. Best of luck to you.

Six days to go now...sooo excited!!! And yet...

Six days to go now...sooo excited!!! And yet nervous/apprehensive also. I am so ready to move on with a more healthy lifestyle without toxic ticking time bombs in my chest. For over a year now, I've been trying to "go green"....I eat organic, grow a garden, have my own chickens, etc. Plus I make my own lotion, soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, I threw out all my Mac makeup because of its high toxicity rating, Then a light bulb clicked about my implants and possibly leaking silicone into my about counterproductive! I already had it with the pain of these giant things as it was, and that was just the icing on the cake. I wonder if the constant joint pain in my elbows has anything to do with it??? Do these things concern anyone else, or am I just being over-dramatic? Thoughts please, thank you
Hope your ok And your surgery went well. Thinking of you.
Thinking about you! Prayin all is well:-)
Hope your surgery went well.

Well,....I can now say I safely made it to "the...

Well,....I can now say I safely made it to "the other side"! The actual procedure wasn't too bad, I didn't have any capsules, the implants were intact, no drains were needed. But I'm bandaged up with a compression thingy, so I look like a mummy & can't even see what I look like till the end of next week at my follow up appt. with PS. Darn. But I will take that instead of drains! And my wonderful PS told me yesterday that he feels I will be pleased with the outcome, just to give my body time to heal, both emotionally and physically. So I am cautiously optomistic!
The worst part of yesterday was feeling sick afterward. Pain meds and I do NOT get along apparantly. I only took one vicodin & was ruined for the day...ugh. The anti-nausea med did nothing to help, either. So I'm just taking tylenol instead. I'd much rather be in a little pain than be sick!
Last night was kinda rough, despite being completely exhausted I had a hard time falling and staying asleep. Hopefully tonight will be better. I feel more like myself already. Still pretty painful and sore, but manageable. I don't know if I have a high pain tolerance, or it's just not that bad, lol.
Thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies on here for your kind words of support and encouragement. It has helped tremendously in my journey back to my Real Self!
Hi there, how are you keeping? Hope everything is going well xx
So glad you are in a good place. In my past I had horrible time with painkillers. Hopefully the pain has subsided? Are you better now? Are you naseous on Advil? You are past the worst hurddle- congratulations.
Congrats on getting to the "other side"!!!!!! Rest up and I hope things heal quickly and smoothly! I look forward to your updates!
Reply's been a few days post explant now. ...'s been a few days post explant now. The guaze and dressings were making me sooooo itchy so I had to take them off and I just put on a sports bra. Things were like I expected them....Ittybittyagain lol! A little worse for the wear, considering being stretched out for so long, so I cannot complain. I actually feel lighter, walk a little taller, no so weighed down anymore, feels great. I haven't taken any tylenol since after day 2, pain isn't bad at all. So glad it's over.
I got up enough courage to post a few "after" pics, so other ladies can benefit as well. I know it helped me immensely to see pics.
And thank you again for all you wonderful ladies and your words of encouragement, this is an awesome support site!!
You look fabulous! I'm 1 week post op and hope I can get the bandages off! Seriously your boobs look awesome!
How are you doing lately? Healing up marvelously I hope!
Hi gliese...doing well, thanks. Kinda still getting used to it, it's wierd lol. But a good wierd! I had forgotten how jiggly real boobs are. I think my ittybitties are even itty-bittier now that the swelling has gone down....oh well...hoping for the top half to plump up a bit, but if it doesn't...oh well! I go for my follow up @ PS on Thursday to get the incision strips off (disolvable stitches). Still wearing the sports bra 24/7.

Well, here it 12 since explant. I go to...

Well, here it 12 since explant. I go to my Dr. tomorrow to have the steri-strips removed, I have dissolvable stitches, curious what the scars will look like. I have not "fluffed up" one little bit. In fact, I have un-fluffed (de-fluffed?) I must have been swollen a bit afterwards, cuz they are definitely itty-bittier now lol! I'm still happy, even though I can't even fill out an "A" cup now (it's all hollow on top).
Still, all in all, I don't regret it one second. Positive things I've noticed:
I can breathe easier, no side boob pushing my arms out, I sleep better, no more back aches, nobody stares anymore (probably cuz I don't look anatomically disproportioned anymore, haha)
Wierd/strange things I've noticed:
My arm pit area is kinda like "smooshy" I don't know how else to describe it. Like my skin was stretched so far from the implants that it even was pulling skin from my pit area. And now it's wierd and loose or something. Also, my boobs are now "jiggly" when I walk. I can't remember if my old "real" boobs used to jiggle, cuz I know the implants sure didn't do that haha! Plus, I'm still sore to the touch on the outsides of my boobs (where side boobs used to be). I'm going to ask Dr about it tomorrow. And when I can start jogging again, too.
Did anyone else experience these things?
This journey has helped me to realize what's important in life, and to be happy with who I am. Years of being teased about being flat-chested and low self-esteem is the reason I got them in the first place. Now that I'm older and wiser, I don't care what people think anymore, as long as I'm happy in my own skin. Expensive lesson to learn, but it's behind me now.
You look freakin' fantastic! You and I are about the same height/ weight, implants same length of time, your implants were larger and you are about 15 years older- Why do you look so darn perky?!?! lol. Jealous! Make sure you send photos to that PS who tried to sell you on "horrendous... bags of skin!" Just further proof that so many (if not most!) PSs either don't know what they are talking about or they are just trying to scare us into buying another pair of fake boobs.
thanks girlie...thats a good idea to send pics to that "horrendous" Dr! I agree they are trying to use scare tactics on us. So glad Dr. Pousti was very supportive and positive about my outcome.
How's your nipple sensitivity? I might be removing the same way. Nipple crease actually.

It's been 4 weeks since explant. I feel so much...

It's been 4 weeks since explant. I feel so much lighter and free, it's awesome. Still kinda painful around nip incision, which doesn't appear to be healing well. It's the internal & disolvable stitches, and it feels very thick and hard, and kind of puckering & pulling in. It looks bad. I've been massaging with different oils & hope that helps.
Another wierd development is the fluff factor. I have fluffed on the right, it started at about week 3. However, the left is still flat on the upper part...not a fluff in sight. What the heck. I'd rather be flat on both sides than be lopsided. It's obvious. Ugh. I did have a lot more pain on the right, sore a lot of the time, so I'm not surprised that's the one giving me trouble now. I know it's still early, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an even fluffing. Still really happy to have explanted though. I've posted more pics to share the journey.
Did they remove your implant the same way they went in. Typically I think they remove them that way. I guess I'm just wondering if some women think its better to go under the breast even if there's scaring, and not necessarily the way they placed them. are you glad that you removed them via nipple? I'm told he is planning on removing mine at the nipple crease.
Yes, Dr. removed the same way they were implanted (nip)., I'm glad I went this way because I didn't want any more scars, so I opted for this route. Right now, my right one kinda pulls in a bit, it's loosening up and is much less noticable now though. The scars are less lumpy now, too, I guess they're absorbing or something. Overall, very happy.
Hi there Thanks for the quick responce. I'm so glad that your happy. Yes this is the way I'm having mine removed . It's nice to hear your doing well. This is reassuring:-) I had to push my date out but I trust everything happens for a reason. Looking forward to hearing how your doing as things progress. Thanks again! Have a blessed weekend

Complication....... What I thought was fluffing...

What I thought was fluffing was not. It was a seroma...fluid build-up. I had a feeling something was wrong when my right boob kept getting bigger and bigger. And then was kinda hard & painful, but not too bad. Then the obvious sign was the "wave" effect when I pushed on my boob. So I went to my Dr. today & he had to aspirate it. Horrible! Stuck a needle in my boob & went to work. He said about 40 cc's of fluid came out, I don't know, I couldn't even look. It hurt worse than the amnioscentesis I had many years ago! Plus it took a while.
The worst part is, Dr. said I'll have to do it again, probably 2 or 3 times total.
He couldn't tell me why it happened to me, it just does sometimes. Maybe I over did it.....did too much too soon. Or maybe because my implants were so dang huge (500cc), I don't know, it's very depressing though. And I can't jog for a while again. I go back next week for round two.
So.... ladies waiting to explant, or recent explants, don't do too much for quite a while. I think mine started to swell around 2-3 wks. when I thought I was out of the woods. And I thought it was the whole "fluffing theory". I'm a very active & a busy person, sometimes I guess you have to just take it easy, regardless of what you think you can do. The human body can only recover so quickly.
Hey IttyBitties! How are you doing? I haven't heard from you in a while. I was wondering if Dr. P do a capsulectomy on you? I just realized that my signed contract mentions nothing of a capsulectomy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need one and Dr. told me he was going to leave them in. I'm not sure the removal process but I'm hearing horror stories now if capsules are left in. Dr. P told me over the phone if capsulectomy was necessary at the time of surgery he would remove I just pray that his verbal agreement is a enough or should I get it in writing? I hate stirring up shit before my surgery, but that stress is ruining my entire upcoming experience.
Hi 80's, thanks for asking, I had to go back in to Dr. P last week and have seroma drained again, this time he had to aspirate 2 areas, as the 1st (under side) didn't get any fluid, so he went on top half of boob. It's still sore from it all, and I go back this Friday to have it drained again....I might have to do it another one or two times. I didn't have any capsules to remove, so no capsulectomy. I had no hardness or anything before. Wierd thing the right boob is hard cuz of the fluid that keeps building up. I'm sure if Dr. P finds anything that needs to be addressed at time of surgery, he'll take care of you. I think it's sometimes one of those "wait and see" issues. Best of luck to you.
So you're going in for more extracting the same day I'm going in to have removal surgery....hmmm? My surgery is at Alvarado at 10:45 what time is your appt? I think it's important to know exactly what PS plans to do. I don't want to come out of surgery half done so I have to endure another wonderful surgery. I'm surprised that Dr. P didn't know beforehand that you needed drains. Sounds like it's a familiar thing when there's a lot of vacant space after surgery. Did you know for sure when you went in that you didn't have capsules...or did you find out after surgery?

So it's been 7 1/2 weeks post op. I've had to...

So it's been 7 1/2 weeks post op. I've had to have the seroma drained two times so far. The 2nd time the Dr. had to go in two different locations, top and bottom to try to get the fluid. 40 cc's both times. And worse still, it keeps filling up, I have to go back on Friday for another aspiration. Dr. said he hopes it doesn't go "chronic" . It's sooo frustrating, because I'm not healing, I'm stuck in limbo. Dr. said not to jog anymore, basically do nothing with my right arm, and it does not help with the seroma build up anyway.
There's been no change with the left boob, no fluffing, still kinda sore when I try to massage around the area.
I've still been wearing sports bra 24/7. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Dr. said the seroma may have to be drained 3 or 4 times...ugh. It was really sore afterward, for several days, and bruised, not looking forward to it. Or maybe go in and put in a drain. We don't know why it keeps filling back up. I just want to be able to put all this behind me, and go forward with life, and I can't. Sighhhh. Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself lol. So many ladies have zero complications, and that's great. But I guess it's a percentage game, and I drew the short straw. Maybe I should play the lottery too!
I'm sorry to read about your Seroma...take it easy like you say...maybe this is a sign to slow down some, I can relate its hard when you are one that does so,much and so,active! I struggled with that myself. I am 5 weeks post op today and cannot seem to get out of my 24-7 compression bras..I feel so,vulnerable still. Did you wear compression for awhile? I am sending positive healing thoughts for your will get better. Take some skin healing remedies like cod liver good for you and borage oil caps.
Hi! Hope you're feeling better. It's not as easy as some women think! It was pretty hard for me the first few weeks. I felt sorry for myself plenty. It'll all be over soon and just a memory. Keep us updated :)
I am so very sorry to hear about the complications. I hope and pray it gets better NOW! You do look lovely! I think the results are beautiful! I will keep you in my thoughts and Prayers.

Eight weeks post op. I went for my 3rd seroma...

Eight weeks post op.
I went for my 3rd seroma aspiration a couple days ago, Dr. got 30 cc's this time, so a little less than before. Then he wrapped me in a tight ace bandage and said to wear it for a few days. He said I'd probably have to have a couple more aspirations still. But better than going back to the OR and have a drain put in. Trying to not move my right arm we will see if it helps.
Much love to all my sistahs!
Hi Hope your doing good. Prayin your feeling better:-) hugs
I hope and pray healing happens soon for you... keeping you in my thoughts. Explanted today, so just taking it easy.. I know it is a road ahead yet, but glad the grapefruits are out..take care!
Hi Ittybitty, sorry to hear about your seroma building up again. Its positive it was less fluid this time and I'm sure the compression bandage will really help resolve it. Maybe you need to wear a compression garment for a wee while longer perhaps? I hope you've had a nice weekend. Sending much love and positive healing thoughts x

Two and a half months post op....I went last week...

Two and a half months post op....I went last week for 4th seroma aspiration. Dr. poked and prodded till I looked like a pin cushion & couldn't get the fluid, it's deep under the muscle. And even tho I got several local shots, it can't numb the muscle; and boy lemme tell ya it hurt like he**!! Dr. ended up ace bandage compression like crazy, I could barely breathe. My ribs are bruised, really sore...still keeping them compressed.
I asked about lymphatic massage & Dr. said not really for a seroma situation. He said to keep compressed & massage & if it doesn't resolve, we will have to go back to the OR and insert a suction drain. So bummed out....I do NOT wanna have to go under again, I got sooo sick last time, and headache from hell. I just want this to all be over. I can't even jog yet....trying to not really use my arm much. I've been staying home most of the time, only go out when I have to. It's bad enough to be flat chested & have to get used to no implants, but having to squish the holy heck out of the poor gals is even worse. It's awful, and is not ending. It's like Groundhog Day.
I've been so depressed lately, it sucks. I'm feeling sorry for myself, I know....suck it up, I tell myself, it could be worse. I think the seroma may be getting a little smaller tho. A tiny bit I compress & massage & keep my fingers crossed. We are supposed to be leaving in our motorhome in a couple weeks and will be gone for a couple months. So despite Drs. orders, (he told me he doesn't want this to go beyond 3 months), I'm sticking to our plans & the seroma will have to do what its gonna do. I've read it could take up to a year to resolve on its' own, so I don't see why I have to be aggressive with the drain procedure.
I will keep everyone posted.....and to all those ladies waiting to explant.....take it completely EZ afterward & keep those babies compressed!
Hey checking in on you, did your seroma clear, and how are you doing with the nipple incision, is the sacrring still pulling it in? Ive been doing bio oil but wanted to know what have other ladies tried, hope all is well :)
Yes, the seroma cleared up, thank goodness! After 4 aspirations, I let my body absorb the rest on it's own. Dr. wanted to go into OR and put a drain in, but I left on vacation and said the heck with it all.....just compressed the heck out of 'em with an ace bandage for a month or so. And whatdya know...back to normal! The nip pulling in has diminished almost completely "normal" looking. I used (still do, actually) coconut oil on my boobies. So nice to be "unencumbered"!
I hope I'm almost there... been going in weekly for aspiration of fluid.. Less each time but always feel squishy 2-3 days after aspirating. I'm compressing them 24/7. I tried a regular bra on the other day and can fit into the same bra I had when I had implants.......if this fluid still there end of December May have to get a drain......

Ten months later....

Seroma left on its' own, months ago actually. I had 4 aspirations and called it quits in that department. I used an ace bandage and wrapped myself up like a mummy for a couple months, (very uncomfortable) and it gradually, slowly absorbed on its own.
The "funky nip" issue also resolved itself. I don't know if it was the coconut oil I massaged with, or the seroma going away, but it's normal now.
I don't regret my decision at all, it was totally worth it. There was some adjusting to do, mentally and physically, but in the end, I'm happy to just be back to my old self.
To all the ladies out there waiting to explant....DON'T overdue it for a good 6 weeks afterward. Even if you think you are out of the woods, don't push yourself or you may do more harm to yourself without even realizing it. I'm pretty sure that's how I got the seroma. I don't wish that on anyone, but it is a complication that is a real possibility.
If not for the support of all the awesome ladies on here, the journey would have been much more difficult. So thank you to all of you!!
Wow had a time of it with your explant journey. Im glad you are well now. Just curious. How long did it take forcthe loose skin under your arms in the pits take to shrink back to normal? Implants seems to fall under the arm in the pits making loosecskin upon explant. You look as if your pit area firmed back up normally.xxxx
Wow your boobs look great since they fluffed..
Thanks so much frisky! I still don't regret glad to be just lil' ole me.
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