3 months post-op with DR. POUSTI. Just measured at VS - 34DD!

I am a board certified M.D. and surgeon and I just...

I am a board certified M.D. and surgeon and I just had my consultation with Dr. Tom Pousti for breast augmentation. I have considered the surgery for several years, but my family and profession always took precedence. Now that I am "stable" (i.e. not planning more pregnancies and no longer in training), I am ready to proceed. While their are many upsides to being a physician and having a surgical procedure done, the downside is my fear is exaggerated as I know every single possible risk or complication!

I am a physician who would like to preserve my...

I am a physician who would like to preserve my privacy, but the greatest thank you I can give Dr. Tom Pousti is to write this review.

I would STRONGLY recommend any patient considering breast augmentation to schedule a consult with Dr. Pousti.
He is an exceptional surgeon, an ethical physician, passionate about his profession and humble about his phenomenal work.
After much research and waiting, it was due to this combination of qualities that I chose Dr. Pousti as my plastic surgeon.
AND I have no financial or professional gain by telling you this info - my relationship with Dr. P is as a patient only!

Also I want to thank all you lovely ladies who shared your story on Real Self.
You are so sweet and supportive, I couldn't imagine going through this without you.
I only told my husband and friend who helped take care of me after the surgery.

So here are my numbers:
I am 38 years old, I have two children who I breast fed both for 8 months.
I am 5'7" and weigh 120 pounds.
Dr. Pousti placed 338cc Naturalle Silicone, under the muscle, periareolar both sides (Keller Funnel Method).
Dr. Pousti asks for you to bring photos of what you like and dislike.
I will upload my collage that I gave him the day of my surgery.

I am at post-op week two and couldn't be happier.


I worked out as usual (for me 4 -5 days/week; mostly aerobic stuff with some weights)

I did take the Make Me Heal Plastic surgery suppliments 2 weeks before the surgery: $60 on Amazon

And also took Arnica Montana 30x 250 tablets: I took 4 pills four times a day 1 week before surgery and am still using: $8 on Amazon

I read and re-read Dr. Pousti's website:
About the Doctor
Breast Augmentation : ALL of the links (I esp liked the pre/post-op/choosing your size links)
FOLLOW my Journey from Start to Finish (a link on the left side of his webpage) - I really liked this one
In the Operating Room
And of course his Before and After Photos
Patient Testimonials

Also enjoyed this from Real Self:

My husband took the kids for 2 days after my surgery (done on a Friday and kids and hubby were back on Sunday) and my friend took care of me while the family was away.

I took off 9 days total and feel great. I have a busy schedule (see about 35-40 patients/day and perform surgeries 1-2 times a week).

I started working out again at POD(post op day)#11, did the reclined bike and did a Zumba class POD#12!

I am still wearing my surgical bra - boo hoo! But will do as instructed (will need to wear for 4 weeks total) to keep them to continue to drop.

Sorry I am back to work and super busy but will try to give you more info/photos ASAP!

Good luck to everyone and again Thanks!

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

I found him on the internet. His website, yelp, realself, vitals, and healthgrades I can honestly say as a physician AND patient, Dr. Tom Pousti has won me over. I had my consult yesterday and was more than pleased with the experience. First he is double board certified in surgery and plastics. He has had 15 years experience with cosmetic surgery. He has worked with his scrub nurse and anesthesiologist for over 10 years in the same hospital (this is key - decreasing variables has been shown to increase success rate). He is married with 5 children (again the decrease of variable factors - i.e. his social life is stable). His staff is exceptional as well. Vanessa was very knowledgeable and friendly as well. Not only did she address my concerns about the risks of the procedure, she conveyed my message to Dr. Pousti regarding my husband's hesitancy. I have been with my husband for almost 20 years and he prefers I do not have surgery. Dr. Pousti stated he has had many patients with similar spousal concerns and recommended he meet with my husband and I before making any decisions. This was a huge relief for me because it demonstrated Dr. Pousti and his staff understand my husband's concerns and ultimately realize I need my spouse's support. All I can say is I am more than excited to be seeing Dr. Pousti again in the near future.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi A Nony...Question! I am post op end if day 2 and my sternum feels rediculously tight and is extremely swollen! Do you remember dealing with this?? If so, how soon did it subside? Please tell me soon!! This is such an uncomfortable feeling :-/ I have a high pain tolerance. It's just this sensation is really bothering me. It's indescribable! Thx ;)
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P.S. Also I wondered if your natural crease lines had to be lowered at all? Mine did. Seemed a bit scary for me...
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Hi! I did not have my lines lowered. But if your P.S. recommended it probably was best to prevent "double bubble". Hope you are doing well!
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Sorry Limaboro - I responded but it didn't show up. I DID have this pain in the sternum, as well as a spongy feeling. It is normal to have it - if it is O.K. with your P.S. I'd say ice. Of course, your pain meds and muscle relaxant too. But time will be your best friend. It should improve - if not or worsens call your P.S. And lastly, it was worth it for me- if this helps;)
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Wow, fabulous results!
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Thank you! I just looked at your site and I am so impressed at how great you look at 11 weeks. Congrats!
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Thanks, I had a great PS!
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Thanks for your review, A Nony. Now I feel it has been confirmed for me that this PS is great! I was unable to chose him for geographical reasons however, I have taken his advice on all the questions I've asked on this site. I provided photos for my PS, here. Both "likes" and "dislikes".....funny enough, one of my likes was one you had in your collage! You liked it too ;) It was the photo of the woman in jeans standing straight on. Nice proportion. Anyhow, I thank you for your review because now it's just confirmed how good it is to go with your gut. If another surgeon (like yourself) chose him, then he MUST be good!!! I get my BA surgery on the 29th!!! I'm feeling really good about it. I was so nervous about getting the right size. My PS didn't respond as well to the picture thing and this made it difficult for me. However...I feel that has been rectified...I think she thought maybe I was expecting perfection. Totally not the case. I was just trying to communicate size...Anyhow....congrats, you look fantastic and thanks again for sharing. Very valuable coming from a surgeon that's a patient!
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Hi Limaboro. I am so happy this has helped you. I was very reluctant to share my story, but felt Dr. Pousti deserved the credit. The photo of the woman straight on was also a patient of Dr. Pousti's and, if I remember correctly, she was 1 year out. It's funny that although we can research and be knowledgeable in something, in the end our instinct is often most valuable! It sounds like you are doing everything right, I am so excited for you. Also, it's great you are utilizing RealSelf - this site is such a great support system. Good Luck and thanks for your comment:)
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Hi Limaboro. I am so glad this review helped you. I was very reluctant to write one, but thought Dr. Pousti deserved the credit. The photo of the woman was also a patient of Dr. P's and, if I remember correctly, I think she was a year out - amazing. It's funny how no matter how much you research or are knowledgeable in something, in the end, your instinct can be the most valuable! It sounds like you are doing everything right, I am so excited for you. Good Luck and thanks for your comment:)
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I agree on the instinct being most valuable! Just curious, cause I am hoping to achieve a D cup, what size did you start out with and what profile were your implants? After nursing all five if my children (including twins), I have extra ski to fill :-/ Thanks again and take care! You look amazing. We have the same idea of what looks good ;)
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*of *skin Sorry iPhone typing lol
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P.S. I was also wondering if you have been able to hide them in clothes!? I am really hoping this won't be too obvious...I some how doubt that one could disguise such a change :-/
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Omg! I just realized, the photo I sent my PS FIRST was yours!!! Your three month post op photo you just posted!!! I knew it looked familiar. What a coincidence! I has told my PS, that was my ideal outcome :) I can't remember where I found it? Must have been on Dr. P's site?
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Hi Limaboro. I just looked at your site and saw how similar we are in stat! Very smart of you to look at that - to get a more realistic goal/outcome. I was a 34 A/B before, I think you have a little more excess skin than I did, and also have more breast tissue. Dr. P gave me 339cc Allergan Natrelle bilateral, using the Keller funnel method (peri-areolar). I am very happy and would even have been o.k. if they were slightly bigger. But I did tell him to err on the side of smaller if he had doubt. Hope this helps!
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Yes! Prior to my BA I ALWAYS wore a very padded bra - the one's that say increase your cup size 2 sizes. So I have had no problems, actually, they may appear smaller, because now I don't usually wear padding or push-up bras.
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Your doc did a great job. My doc also used the Keller funnel and I can't wait to see the result. I went under the crease though. Your scar is barely visible. I get to takes shower later this morning. It's just after midnight here. Can't wait for some relief.
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Thank you. I'm sure your scar will heal nicely, that's the appeal of the Keller method. It's amazing what a shower can do! I saw people on your site recommending help with your first shower, good idea and good luck!
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Thank you for your story. They really look great! How has your range of motion been since you have been back to work and how has the long hours that you work affected you?
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Thank you! I did the T-rex position for as long as I could, which was really 9 days. My range of motion at work was slightly limited, I tried to keep my arms by my side as much as possible (x2-3weeks). I didn't tell anyone at work, so when I had to life my arms (pick up charts out of bins, examine patients) I just worked through it. Not lifting my two-year old was really hard though:( I didn't lift him for about 2-3 weeks. Housework was harder on me than my day job - laundry, putting away dishes, etc! I just kept thinking - it's not worth delaying my recovery. So I would stop any activity that felt uncomfortable. Messy house for a while! Honestly, I slept upright for two weeks and wore my post-op bra (with strap across) for 4 weeks (even at night). I hated it, but I think it helped to keep me comfortable/no morning boob. I also massaged a lot, and used Arnica x 4 weeks post-op. Now, at POW#9, I am back to normal with housework and work. I still haven't done any arm work-outs. I tried to last week, but it felt odd - like the implant might move, so I stopped. Dr. Pousti said to do what feels comfortable. Thank you:)
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Thanks for this. I really enjoyed hearing about your work outs.. I can resume running in 2 weeks and I can't wait.
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Yay! I looked at your site and you look very natural but gorgeous;) I think what you said about listening to pain/guide us is great advise. I wear two bras to work out - a regular workout bra and a bandeau. I don't know if I really need, but feels right. Good luck and thank you!
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Thank you! As a medically trained professional, I really enjoyed reading your story.
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Looking great! Do you have any pre op photos?
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Yes, will upload ASAP. Thank you:)
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