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I cannot believe it is happening. I have wanted to...

I cannot believe it is happening. I have wanted to get rid of these arms since I was 5 when my teacher had to cut my sleeves on my dress because they were to tight, and in front of the whole class. I was humiliated. But it felt better. I have always been embarrassed about my arms. Knowing I will have a scar doesnt bother me so much right now, because I just am tired of the extra skin flopping around. I want to know what it is like to wear a tank top or clothing that is sleeveless. I will be having a much needed breast lift for symmetry and just plain sagging and no volume. My right is much larger than the left. I have never had breasts, but when I got up to 230 pounds and then lost over 100 pounds it made my breasts look awful. I am so extremely embarrassed by them. I had gastric bypass in 11-23-09 and am extremely happy I did, but I have alot of skin just hanging around, making me feel not to good about myself. I never dreamed I would be getting this surgery, due to money and guilt. Its alot of money to spend on myself, but my husband is very supportive financially, emotionally and physically as he will be taking off a week to take care of me. I am very nervous about the upcoming surgery as it is four days away and getting excited, I am so excited to wake up with boobs, they are something I have wanted all my life. I do not know the size, except I told my ps I want to be a C. I will try and post pictures of my arms, but as for my breasts I am still not sure as I am very embarrassed about them.
By the way....I can tell you have tiny little arms under that excess skin! You will do just great, and look awesome!
Great job on your weight loss and your decision to have body contouring surgery! I also had a breast and arm lift after a 100 lb weight was the best decision I ever made! I know you will love your results!! Wishing you amazing results, and an easy recovery!
I am so glad I heard from you because I am so nervous it's just two days away.I am having trouble sleeping eating I feel I constantly have a lump in my throat. I think you look fabulous your scars look great they healed so nicely. you totally look amazing no one would ever know you lost a hundred pounds congratulations on all your accomplishments. Did you have alot of pain after your arm lift ba and bl? I will only be on Tylenol and valium and off work for eleven days do you feel that is enough time? Did you use any cream for your scarring? all this could be on your site but I am at work and didn't get time to read it all but I will. Thank you for your encouragement.

1 More Day!

I already spoke with the anesthesiologist and nurse and I am all set for 630 tomorrow morning. it will be a five hour surgery and I think I am finally getting excited.I have been so scared and nervous with alot of anxiety. I have been debating wether I should post my breast pic which is ugly they are so uneven or maybe see how they come out before I post. Wow tomorrow I will have boobs :-)
I am feeling better everyday. But disappointed didnt realize boobs would take so long to drop. Skin is very tender i guess because it is being stretched out. Wish i was brave enough to post before and after pics. They were ugly and now odd looking they look like spongebobsquareboobs. Arm lift was the worst but now boobs burn and tingle alot around nipples. I just want them took normal.
How are you doing?

9 Days out and no change

Thought i would have have some droppage by now. Boobs are so high, my skin is very tender on the side of the boob. Surgery went great was five hours i feel my dr. Did great with what he had to work with. I absolutely love not feeling that floppy skin bang against my body when i would dry myself off after a shower, now i feel something different a roundness its boobs i have never felt that before. I absolutely

messed up finishing update

Love having boobs. But when will they drop? Do you feel anything when they do? I now understand what morning boobs are now, it is like wearing a bra 5x to small. Ithought my husband had his arm across my chest all night but he didnt. I find it to be quite uncomfortable and do not know the point of it. I am sorry for complaining but i didntrealize

still finishing my update. next time i will use my computer instead of my kindle sorry.

I didnt realize it was going to take so long to see improvement, when i have seen so many girls on here that look great right away. When i get brave i will post pics because my breasts were very assymetrical. I hope everyone is doing well and had a beautiful thanksgiving.

11 days out for my arm lift-pics

Arms are doing well still have a lot of tape adhesive left on hard to get off. My left arm gives me the hardest time as it had alot more fat in it. Hurts alot in the arm pit. Will see my ps tomorrow and see if I can start wearing compression garments as I go back to work tomorrow. Hope all is well.
Did you have compression garments for your arms? I have only ace bandages and it seems like there is no normal just what your ps prefers. Oh- goo gone will get that sticky off super easily. My arms are numb, pins and needles, hot, swelled, etc and I am in a lot of pain still. My boobs are stationary- they do not move. I have been switching between Camis and sports bras but went back to the one from surgery since I have a check up in the am. It was soooo tight when I first came home. Your arms look great btw!
Thanks and I only had ace bandages for one day the day of surgery and ps took them off my arms and boobs next day. Havent had alot of swelling or alot of discomfort from arms as much as the tightness from the boobs. I tried my compression garments for my arms this morning for the first time at work could only wear for about an hour. very constricting to my arms. PS has never recommended them nor anything else for arms or breast. Only gauze if I had any seepage and I never have. He only recommends camis for three weeks then I can go to a sports bra. He also said no ice and no massaging. So my boobs are definately stationary and very high up, so tight and skin is very tender to touch. I cant even tell I had a breast look from the pain point of it I only get pain on top and sides of my breast. I really wish they would drop some. My ps took out the rest of the stitches this morning before work. But once in a while I will get a twinge in my arm, they feel tight in the arm pit area. I know we are not suppose to put our arms over our heads, but that is how I sleep all the time I try not to but then I wake up that way, it is so comfortable me and it doesnt hurt. I hope I am not damaging anything by doing that. Let me know how your check up goes tomorrow. Once I see positive improvement on my breasts maybe I will post the before and after pics. I have never seen anyone on here with such bad assymetry as me so I am quite embarrassed. Happy healing to you, take care of U!
Hi Sweetie....Your incisions are looking very good! Give it only gets better!

12 days out and first day at work

What a day I tore me up. I am a dental assistant and I use my arms alot, and I was so sore, tired, exhausted I am so glad to be home, took a norco ate some soup and now I am going to take my valium and call it a night to start again tomorrow. It only has to be better, that is what I am looking forward to. Saw my ps this morning he says everything is looking good I got the rest of stitches out and will see him again next monday. Hopefully boobs might start to drop. I sure hope they don't forget what they are suppose to do, they really hurt in the morning. Ok enough complaining, wishing everyone well. Take Care.
Haven't heard from you in a while, how are you feeling? would love to see a update, I bet the arms look great, I could tell my the way he stitched that they are going to heal nicely, they should be a line scar when healed.
Thanks for asking about me. My arms are heading well, incision is still sore, I rub them and that makes them feel better. It's my breast implants that are not doing well and I am so disappointed. Ten weeks out won't drop either of them, very uncomfortable always sit near my arm pits. Ps doesn't know why and said they won't drop and he needs to go in and cut the muscle. But he has to wait nine months to a year for the scarring to heal. I am very bummed about this, cuz I just wanted to have boobs and now I have these ugly deformed things that hurt. So now I need patience for the next surgery :-(
Oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear this, mostly the fact that there is pain involved. I remember how happy I was when my boobs stopped hurting and I was finally able to sleep on my stomach again. Hopefully they will get better before the nine months...Do they look okay in a bra?
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Dr. Newman has been wonderful, I have had two friends use him and are very happy with their results. He has been very straight forward, not pushy and has listened and answered my questions. I am pleased with him I have gone to four other doctors, and Dr. Newman has made me the most comfortable and confident in his abilities.

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