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I have been overweight since middle school. I...

I have been overweight since middle school. I like others on here have two sisters. Both are naturally thin. I have a real self image issue stemming from years as the "fat sister." Later after college and the birth of two children. I blew up to a set weight of 274. I had another child who passed away. I ate my grief. I ballooned to over 300. We adopted three more children. Then came the diabetes and high blood pressure. I decided to get a lap band in 2009. I lost down to 209. Diabetes and high blood pressure disappeared. I started having problems with lap band 2 years ago. I had unfilled and refills. My band hurt me. I gained back up to 242. Now I am having the band out and the sleeve done. Since, the diabetes and high blood pressure are back and my band no longer works.

Obviously,I am nervous. I worry about my future and my children. The liquid diet is not going well. I am weak and starving. I ate two sugar free popsicles today along with my shakes and a boiled egg. I am getting out of the house tomorrow evening. So it may be easier to stick with the liquids.
Hey there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

The liquid diet is definitely hard and you will feel weak, and sometimes dizzy, it's your body adjusting to Ketosis. However, it's really important you stick with it. If your liver isn't small enough at the point of surgery, they may not be able to do it.

You can do it! Good luck and please keep us updated with your progress.
Thanks Kristy. I am losing and it is becoming easier. I am down from 242 to 228 so far. I still have 8 days to go. Hope to hit the 20 pound mark before surgery.
You're doing really well, keep it up and keep us updated on your progress! Not long to go now!

Today is the big day!

I am heading into hospital for my sleeve. I am the last one for today. I hope it all goes smoothly. I am excited, anxious, and nervous. Hope they give a calm down pill when I walk in the door! Lol. Wish me luck.
Hoping everything went well with your sleeve yesterday! Can't wait to hear from you!

Day 3 Post Op

The removal of the lap band and conversion to gastric sleeve was complicated by scar tissue but overall the surgery went well. I have been hurting quite a bit but I am starting to feel more like myself. I have no hunger but dream about food...the creamy rich good stuff LOL. I can see how head hunger will be a problem in the future. Keeping busy will help me to stay on top of my head hunger issues.

So far, I am consuming G2, water, sugar free popsicles, and sugar free jello. Today, I had a sparse 1/2 cup of a Bariatric Advantage protein shake. My tummy did not like the shake too much but my energy level definitely improved after drinking it. I will try another later on this evening.

Best wishes to everyone! Keep posting. I enjoy reading the journey of others. Thanks.

One Week PostOp

I am now one week out from surgery. This week has been difficult with feeling lethargic and weak. I am getting back up and moving. The soreness and pain are much better. Haven't had any Tylenol in a couple days. Tomorrow will have challenges of its own. I am beginning my soft pureed diet. I am thinking about having egg salad fortified with flavored protein powder. I am really curious to see what eating something with texture will feel like. Thanks for reading and supporting me.
Best of luck. He did my surgery 12/2012 and I went from 265lbs at the beginning of my journey. I weighted 245lbs the day of surgery and today I weight 168lbs. It is the best decision I did for me. I was suffering of high blood pressure, borderline diabetics, and much more. Today I'm complete healthy. No pills except my vitamins and b12 chewable. Let us know how you are progressing.
Dr. Westmoreland

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