My Cups Runneth Over - Murfreesboro, TN

My name is Alexandra, I am 20 years old, a 34G,...

My name is Alexandra, I am 20 years old, a 34G, and I want a breast reduction for Christmas.

I began wearing training bras in the third grade and quickly graduated to real bras. By the time I entered 6th grade I was 5'2, 125 pounds, and a full B-cup, at least. By the end of 8th grade I had grown two more inches, gained 15 more pounds and was just about bursting out of my Cs. However, the size fit my frame.

The next few years contained one eating disorder, two diagnoses (hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), three new doctors, and voila! four new cup sizes. With the latter came back pain, neck pain, sore breasts, grooves in my shoulders, and stretched skin. I can no longer play soccer, which I did competitively for many years. I can't even run. Hell, I went for a 30-minute walk the other day and by the end of it, my back was screaming. And that's just the physical.

I am tired of buying tops that are too big just to accommodate my chest. I am tired of looking like a square on legs. I am tired of having to drop $80 on a bra or bikini top. I am tired of constantly being treated like a sex object. I am tired of directing people's eyes (not just those belonging to men) toward my face. I am tired of being poked in the chest or stroked like my breasts are a pregnant woman's stomach or something. I am so immensely done with any and all of the following:
"Are they real!?"
"You are so lucky!"
"You're just blessed, girl!"
"If you got it, flaunt it!"
"Don't you think you ought to, you know...cover up a little?"
"You don't want them!? Well, we should trade!"
"Uhm...your bra is showing."
"Nice tits."
"I like your shirt."

I have made appointments with plastic surgeons in my area and I am prepared to fight with my insurance company to get the procedure covered, as I am putting myself through college and have no hope of paying out of pocket. But I simply cannot keep existing like this. I would greatly appreciate any advice/suggestions/encouragement.

Just a few more photos

More photos to document the saga of my rapidly expanding breasts

Dr. Nicholas Tarola

I have an consultation booked with Dr. Nicholas Tarola for this Wednesday - as in two days from now. I am so excited!!

Not So Great News...

So I met with a plastic surgeon today (Dr. Nicholas Tarola in Murfreesboro, TN) and was told that although my BMI is within the acceptable range to submit a claim to my insurance, my BSA requires that 500 grams be removed from each breast in order to deem it medically necessary. This would leave me with something around an A cup, which is not proportional to my frame. UGH.

I cannot possibly afford to pay for the procedure without insurance and Dr. Tarola's suggestion of a breast lift was not helpful. This is a $6000 dollar procedure, which I am equally unable to pay for.

So basically this is my only option:
Lose weight with diet modifications alone (I am already doing this) but not gain any muscle, as this will skew the calculation. I already cannot do any cardio because of back pain, so this severely limits my exercise options. I guess I can keep doing yoga...or swim.

All in all, I am rather discouraged and frustrated.

CCs vs. Grams

So at my appointment with Dr. Tarola this week, he held up a 500 cc implant to indicate what the removal of 500 grams would do to my breasts. He said "I can't do that to you - that would be basically your whole breast." Except...ccs are a measurement of volume, whereas grams are a measurement of weight. 1 cc of water does weigh 1 gram, but breast tissue is far more dense than water. And my breasts in particular are extremely dense. I didn't bother to argue with Dr. Tarola at that point, but I'm wondering what the reasoning behind such an odd comparison was. Anybody else have a similar experience with a surgeon?
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