I had a great deal of lasticity in my skin - Very Happy with my Weekend Lift! - Munster, IN

I had a weekend lift feb 14th and very happy with...

I had a weekend lift feb 14th and very happy with the results . I have worked outside with my hobby for years, and sun and genetics left me looking older than I felt inside. My mothers neck was is very droopy as was her mothers and I seem to have inherited that. I lost 30 lbs last year and promised myself IF I lost it and kept it off I would think about getting some work done. I would not do a full facelift- way too much down time and expense and risk.
I had a weekend lift, neck lift and some botox. I am finishing up with some Juvederm for the lines around my mouth. My doctor has been wonderful, supportive and ALWAYS available any time for my concerns or problems.
I had a great deal of lasticity in my skin and a lot! If you didn't know me it was not that noticible, and I went out after 2days back to work in 7.

I still have some swelling some days, more than others, still have some lines to fill and while it is not perfect, neither am I and I look much better, more rested and happy more like the person I am inside. I can live with the imperfections of my face -it is me:)

Thanks for adding those extra pics. They really help!


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Any chance you could post another "after" photo with you in full lighting? It's a little hard to tell how great your results are with half your face in shadows.

I'm glad you're happy with your transformation! What did your "mini lift" encompass?


I just wrote a book and lost it! I was worried...

I just wrote a book and lost it! I was worried about a low grade temp I ran for the last 6 weeks and today discovered I had my digital thermometer set for 'forehead' instead of ear!!! I am cured;)

I had some re juvederm last fri, I want to add a...

I had some re juvederm last fri, I want to add a new picture!

I'm not sure about how happy i am happy with the...

I'm not sure about how happy i am happy with the juvederm but I will go back and have my doctor take a lookI my neck is a little soggier than I would like too , some days more than others:0--but my cheekbones are more evident. So I am thinking it is a bit of fluid collection , we will see!

So hard to get a non grainy pic with my iPad must...

So hard to get a non grainy pic with my iPad must be some setting
Thank you for adding the pictures. I think you look great!
Thanks I a happy with results. I go back for a check up next week.

5 months

I am overall happy with my weekend lift! dr. Cherikuri is wonderful and so supportive, always available I'd I need him. Here is a photo from last week.

5 month check in

Sorry if these are grainy. iPad
You look great!  With the mini lift, were you cut along the ear to pull up the cheeks?  Can you show a picture of that?
Well thanks so much! I feel good about it! I did tell my doctor I had bait more under chin slack than I liked. He told me no problem, wait till six months point, and he can fix that;).

Very happy

I keep getting compliments, I am very happy with my mini!

Happy at 9months


Front of ear

This was requested some time ago- I just saw it.

This is not so grainy

This not so grainy, my neck is sagger still, I go back in nov will see about a fix

How about a smile

I am happy with the work thought I would show how that looks!
You give me hope as I'm 3 weeks post OP and still very swelled. The black eyes I got were the most disconcerting,s I'm a bruiser! Thanks...you look wonderful!
I was a total sweller! I had a face like a ball for a long time;) It will get better:)

Had a little neck tuck up:)

I was not totally thrilled with my neckline after my lift, still had that waddle thing going off and on more noticeable some days than others. I had the necklift in the office on Monday, drove home and afraid I overdid it a bit! I was good for a while, then turned my head, sneezed and had a good amount of pain on one side of my neck, like a pull. I am not thinking I did any damage, but sure wish I would have taken it easier, instead of being out in the barn with the hay:( I am hoping I did not adversely affect anything. I am planning on calling my doctor after the holiday and having him take a look, even though I am having stitches removed on tues of next week. If he is in I am sure he will- Dr.Cherukuri is just wonderful:) and a very gifted surgeon I would say.
Hi there , am I reading this right ? Did your dr open your under chin incision and redo your neck in the office ? I had my face and neck lift ,but I'm loose on one side and may need a revision , my dr said he d need to cut around the ear again
Hi, yes he did it in the office, he made a slightly larger incision under my chin, lipoed then tightend and stitched. He is awesome, and is a facial expert. It looks great, now if I could behave myself! I was doing hula hoop with the kids at school not thinking about my neck, 3 weeks after surgery, but the doctor has told me before, I really cant 'wreck' anything with different actions but I should not have, as I had a little more swelling after that. I can only take pics with my ipad and they are kind of grainy, but Ill take a few new ones. I usually post only great pics, but some days my neck looked worse than others so I can post a 'bad' one and you can see what I mean. I cant really take a bad one now, because its fixed:)
I did have a neck lift, mine was pretty awful, my neck that is. It was not BAD, it just wasn't as good as I wanted it, and now it is awesome:) I can send a new pics if you like. It took about half and hour and recovery was much less down time, just a day or two, then I could take off wrap and pretty much get away with a turtleneck . I over did it as usual, then worried I had 'ruined it' but it was all fine and the doctor is very pleased. He is awesome:) I had a teeny tiny line under my chin before, but this time it was much longer, but it will heal up just fine. with just a small line at worst. It is not noticeable.

After neck re done11months after mini/with neck lift

I had my neck redone, I was not happy with it , especially some days it looked worse than others. If I do not eat a super clean diet I tend to retain water, swell face and hands especially-so after not great food choices days it could look saggier than I was happy with . I showed dr. pictures as when I went in it looked pretty good but he felt he could improve it for me and he did and we are both happy with the results:)

One more pic

I tried to get the same shot as previous 'bad' neck shot
Thx I'll mention the way your dr did this to my dr on jan31 I have an opp
Best of luck, I am sure it will be awesome. This one was much easier, little down time -a couple of days- and no one could tell when I wore a scarf

Just a fun pic!

This is more fun than pre op for sure;)
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