Update..day 5 post op..new pic

So..I finally have my appointment today with a PS...

So..I finally have my appointment today with a PS for a consultation.. I've been wanting this since i stopped breast feeding my 4 year old.. (i have two boys). After number one..the girls were fine. After number 2, not so much. Someone let the air out! Anyhow..i'm thrilled to be finally getting to it. I've been "boob obsessed" since i made the appointment, reading through websites and reviews and pictures. I could hardly sleep last night..every time i rolled over, i was seeing someone's stats in my head. I'm 33, 5'4 and about 145lbs. I used to be a good C cup but not so much anymore. I was a huge fan of VS miracuous bras, but really, the girls just layed in them. It's pretty pitiful. I've been all bra. I'm thrilled to be seeing someone today, who has been recommended by 5 different people i know, to see what he suggests. I want my engorged nursing boobs back! :) I've been reading up on the pros/cons of each different kind and my mind is spinning. I'm hoping my surgeon can ground me a bit with his suggestions and i will go from there. I'm thinking i would like to be a nice full, perky D. I think that's what ive been looking like anyways with the bras. I CAN'T WAIT to hear what he has to say, my mind is just spinning! I'd love to have the surgery in March sometime, We will see how this goes!! I'm so glad to have found this site!

Oh! And I forgot to say I'm eager to hear if he...

Oh! And I forgot to say I'm eager to hear if he thinks I need a lift too..hope not but we'll see..

So..the Dr and his staff were amazing. I'm very...

So..the Dr and his staff were amazing. I'm very eager to go forth! I'm going g to call in the am to secure my date. He says I am right on the cusp of needing a minor lift (the crescent shape incision on top of the nipple..I didn't catch the name) He said I could opt to do it now or later..he was concerned that the implant might direct my nipple down. I think I will leave it to his discretion when he puts the implant in. Has anyone had this lift and how did it go? I'm leaning towards saline also..
have you decided on implant size and/or surgery date? was it your first consultation? best of luck on your boobiequest!
My surgery date is March 22..my preop is March 4. I'm excited..my head is spinning. I'm seeing boobs and stats in my sleep!

We're so glad you found us, too! Here's a woman who had a crescent lift. You should definitely read her review and maybe send her a PM.

Please keep us posted!


I really can't wait to talk to my PS on Monday for...

I really can't wait to talk to my PS on Monday for my preop. I have so many questions floating around in my brain..I need a plan! (lol..I'm such a planner!) After posting pics to the Q&A, I'm totally leaning towards a lift. If I'm spening, I want to be happy. Boy is it a hard pill to swallow when you hear Dr's point out what's wrong with your breasts. Just fix them and don't tell me! :-D I know they suck!

Tomorrow is my preop and I'm so nervous! I don't...

Tomorrow is my preop and I'm so nervous! I don't even know why.. it's probably the whole "lift/no lift" plaguing my brain. Its so hard to hear someone say how your breasts lack..and then give the possibilities of what could happen. I don't really have a list of questions..some are in my brain..but I really am just looking
forward to hearing what my PS has to say and trying on the sizers. I guess q
more questions will come up as we talk. It feels good being pretty informed..this site has been a God send. I'm constantly checking my email for updates! Anyways..my Mom is going with me to be a second opinion. They told me to bring a form fitting shirt.. we shall see how this goes! If anyone has any suggestions or tips or things to remember..ill take em now.. :-)
if your areolas are more towards the middle of Ur breast then there not sagging and wont need a lift..i thought i needed one but it turns out i Didnt. good luck tomorrow! remember to ask everything on Ur mind. i had diff expectations than what i saw post op so make sure u find out exactly what to expect.
Thanks! I'm hoping tomorrow will put my mind at ease!
be prepared for it not to be till after surgery when u got no choice left lol

YAY!!! NO LIFT!!! I'm so so so happy! It was...

YAY!!! NO LIFT!!! I'm so so so happy! It was weighing so heavy on my mind! My preop was awesome..my Dr is awesome.. I tried on sizers..definately going with saline. I was just so uneasy about silicone and leaking and all the steps to go through to find out if it was. I have 4 friends that all have saline and they are very happy with them..they feel soft and squishy. My sister has had hers for 10 years and they are still perfect. Anyhow..the Dr had me try on 325's and 350's and I had him bring out the 400's. I really like those. He was concerned about 400 not looking natural..and I told him i could be on the border..lol I must have said "natural" at my first appointment. I think I'm going to call and really stress that "natural" isn't so important..he was kinda making me nervous with that (thinking back now..lol) Anyhow..we went over the procedure and all that. I asked about the lift..because he mentioned it before. He said since I'm right on the border, he really thinks I'll be please with the amount i get just from the implant. WHOOHOOO!! what a load off of my mind! I got my scipts for the antibiotic, the meds for nauseousness, and Norco for the pain. I'm all good for the 22nd. I wish it was tomorrow! He said he doesn't want me slothing around. He said to take it easy the first day but he encourages his patients to move around so we don't get stiff. 3 weeks til i can work out, but we will revisit that after my first post-op. I'm thrilled! Now if i can just stop second guessing the cc's! I'm a larger B now..i really want to be a nice firm D. I'm gonna have to call that guy..LOL :))
I think the 400 size looks great. I look forward to following your journey. I am starting out a similar size, but going with the 350 moderate+ profile. I'm pretty active and didn't want them heavy or bouncing too much. I'll just be happy with fullness and being perky! I'm scheduled for the BA and a mini TT on 4/11.
Hey Jjax..... I think the 400ccs look great on you. I didn't notice you posted a pic with the sizers up. i think you should def go with at least 400 Ccs i think it matches your frame nice.
Thank you! We shall see if my PS agrees..lol!

I filled all of my prescriptions yesterday, and...

I filled all of my prescriptions yesterday, and got all my running and 2 weeks worth of grocery shopping done. I had to order the zip front bras online..every store i went to was out.. I guess this is the season for BA's.. :) Friday is coming fast..I'm swamped with clients until then so I'm sure the days will fly. I think I'm supposed to start taking my arnica today..How often and how much do i take? I'm still a wreck over the size thing..I hope I'm getting my money's worth.. lol I'm gonna shoot my PS an email now. Just to reitterate what I want, and to sooth my nerves! I'm so looking forward to some bed bound time. It sucks that i have to have a procedure to get downtime, but being a Mom and working, I'll take what I can get! And new boobs too please! :))
I have seen about 10 different ways to take the arnica. Some say to start day of, some say ahead. I read an article from another surgeon that says he has his patients start taking 3 tablets, 3 times a day a week before surgery and keep taking it for about 2 weeks after or until bruising is gone. I called my PS and the pt coordinator told me it was fine to start before surgery. It was one of the allowed things I could take. So I have it on the schedule for 3xday for one week prior and will take until I don't need it anymore. I will also start Bromelain a day or two before to try to nip some swelling in the bud. Hope that works too! What day is your procedure? It's not on your profile. I think when you go into your review, you can add the date. That way we can all follow you better. Sounds like it's soon though. The size thing is still bugging me, but I'm pretty confident in my decision. In the end you have to go with your gut and trust the advice of your surgeon.
Thanks for the info. I started taking them Wednesday, 4 tablets for times a day, and I plan to continue after my surgery. I'm nervous!
Hey JJ how are you doll? Ready for surgery? I added some pics look like I'm making great process I can't wait till its your time : ) hope all is well with you buddy xoxoxo

Today is the day..my new boobs will be born! :) I...

Today is the day..my new boobs will be born! :) I woke up nervous..it was the very first thing i thought of when i opened my eyes. I'm sitting here desperately missing my morning coffee..I haven't had anything to eat or drink since midnight.. I don't have to be there til 11. I'm still on the fence about what I"m going to tell my 4 year old. I'm kinda sad that I won't get to pick him up for a few weeks.. I wonder how long..he weighs about 50lbs now.. This morning I want to get all my mail taken care of and the laundry..I really don't want my huband touching my machine..lol He will mess up my routine! I'm gonna switch out my sheets and get my relaxing area all set up. I just wish it was early..I would have less time to contemplate and worry!!!!!

I made it to the there side!!! Checks in at about...

I made it to the there side!!! Checks in at about 11..didn't get taken back to surgery til about 1230. I loved the sleepy meds..lol. it was very hard for me to wake up from.the anesthesia..I could hear..and I felt weight on my chest..and the oxygen thing in my nose was annoying.But it took me a long time to be able.to.open my eyes. My oxygen level was low at on point..hence the oxygen..but I pinked right up the nurse said. I also had my period..( great timing mother nature!) So they gave me these really hot mesh panties and this super duper maxi pad..I felt quite lovely..lol. My throat was quite sore and it hurt when I took a breath from the tube. I had to cough a little but that wasn't as bad as you would think. I felt a little sick when I got up so the nurse gave me something in my IV and covered me with a warm blanket. OH how I love them warm blankets! Before the surgery they did have me take all my clothes off..I know someone asked that before. Socks..underwear..everything! Anyhow.after the med kicked in I was wanting out of there. I dressed and the wheeled me to my car. My husband was a brat this morning..he's still worried ..I think. He said he's heard what happens after boobs. I feel like..we've been married for 8 years!! Don't you know me by now?!?! I was pretty frusterated..I know it's the jealous man brain talking. But afterwards he was back to his loving self..taking good care of me. I splurged and ate McDonalds..its been ages since I've had a Burger and I was famished!! I just now took my antibiotic and a pain pill..I'm pretty sore. Dinosaur arms..lmao!!! I was starting to feel the burning so I took a pill..I have the surgery bra on and the band which he said he wants me.to wear for three weeks. Uuuggghh..I'm hoping he will.change his mind. The outer edges ..by my armpits hurt the worst. I explained to him before hand that I wanted large natural borderline not and left everything to him. I couldn't wait to get my grubby hands on my little card..lol! 425 HP's!!!!!! They look amazing from what I can see. Hope they aren't too big.. yea right! Who am I kidding! Better too big than too small! I'm sure ill be happy..my PS is bomb diggity! ;-) lol ill take a pic tomorrow..I can't stop looking at them. Thank you all so so much for the well wishes..its so nice to get the support! This site has been a blessing!
Congrats!! Sounds like it went pretty well! Can't wait to see pics!!
Congrats Jj.... Yay can't wait to see pictures get plenty of rest I'm super happy for you hugs....... : )
Welcome to the other side! Happy healing! :)

Nightime went okay. I'm a serious side snuggler so...

Nightime went okay. I'm a serious side snuggler so sleeping on my back sucked! I was up pretty much on time for my pain pills. I missed the last one and boy did i pay for it when i got up. It's just that initial sit up when gravity steps in and you feel the pressure of the new girls. It's for sure a breath taking moment..lol..and not in a good way. Just gonna take it easy today..my hubby is home with me all day. I told my little guy the dr worked on my back. He's afraid to touch me. He's super aware of my new football walk and of my t-rex arms. It about broke my heart when he asked me to hold him today.. :( I told him real soon buddy. That is by far the worst part of this. I'm in love with my boobs..they look just like the wish boobs i didn't even show my PS. I'm so so pleased. And i don't have frankenboob..which i was anticipating and dreading. The lift i got just from the implants is amazing. My ps is a miracle worker. I'm posting a couple new pics..I'm still kinda scared to completely take everything off. I will hopefully for a shower later. I look like a wild woman. Back to bed with my ice packs i go.. (i read my update from yesterday and i laughed like a loon! i was so loaded!!! :D)
Looking good!
Thank you..i love them!

Today is day 2 post op. I have to say..already, it...

Today is day 2 post op. I have to say..already, it is waaayyy better than yesterday. I was miserable yesterday. Everything hurt..this strap was driving me NUTS! I took a shower, which was amazing. I was quite surprised at how big the girls are! I couldn't tell with everything on. Holy smokes!! I know some of this is swelling..i hope at least. I can't wait for everything to fall into place! My husbands eyes were like golf balls!! But the shower was great..it was such a surprise to feel the release of pressure when i took my strap off. I didn't have a clue that that was causing all the discomfort. It was a huge relief. But then i dressed again and i was so uncomfortable last night. It was miserable. I doubled up on my pain meds, then finally a couple hours later, gave in and took a muscle relaxer. It was heaven. I FINALLY got some sleep. The pain pills and the pain were making me so irritable. I had to apologize to my hubby this morning. I was a bear! But i slept like a princess and this morning, everything feels a little bit better. I'm oh so glad! My pain is better, my range of motion in my arms is a little bigger. The sides of my breasts where the strap is are still throbbing. I'm gonna check out what's going on there..maybe i need to stuff a sock or something to break the friction. I'll post a few pics when i get all my clothes off. My Mom is picking me up today to go to her house to be babied a bit, hubby had to work. Nothing like Mommy's house when you don't feel good! ;)
Wanted to check on you. Hope your doing well. Happy healing wishing you a speedy recovery JJ.
Congrats you look great happy healing JJ : ) we have the same size Boobies yay lol
LOL! Thanks Bossy..how are you feeling? I'm already tired of being sore..i'm tired of doing nothing!

Day 3 Post op..still hating my strap..although...

Day 3 Post op..still hating my strap..although someone suggested wearing it over a tshirt and that is working for me well. Woke up pretty sore still, by back is also killing from being stuck on it all night long. That is torture for me. I can hardly sleep on my back! And yesterday i started noticing some bruising between my breast and my stomach got all bloated. I feel like I'm 4mo pregnant! Yuck! It can only get better from here..I'm trying to be positive! :) My boobs are worth all this nonsense. This morning I am wanting to do do do! I'm a do-er..I can't help it. My husband had to send me back to bed so i did't over do it..lol. I'm horrible at being immobile!
Hey there jax you will be fine. Energy levels are lower because you did have surgery. Make sure to take your meds but most of all get your rest. Go to bed earlier than normal or get some cat naps in. Rest is your best friend to get your body to heal and your babies will love you for it. I'm almost 4 months post op and feeling great. Welcome to the other side. I will be following your progress.
Thank you! I'm trying to rest..I'm such a go-er and a do-er! ;-)
Yay you got it done! How is it going? :)

Woke up with the infamous "morning boob"..it...

Woke up with the infamous "morning boob"..it wasn't so bad tho. No pain meds in the middle of the night..none this morning. The strap is still my worst enemy. I've had a love/hate with these boobs. Some times they are perfect..alot of times I'm over-analyzing every little thing. I need to stay out of the mirror. I know they are going to change. Do they normally grow a little when they drop and fluff? I think my right is moving quicker than the left..I know that is normal too. My bloat is almost gone..hallelujah! Feeling like a fat a** wasn't helping! :) I was trying on some clothes today and it made me happy.. I'm loving how some things are fitting. Somethings..not so much.. wishing they were a tad bigger. I know..i know..drop and fluff. I'm pretty happy with the amount of lift i got just from the implants..I'm hoping my nips move a tad more north with D&F. I know nobody is going to see that but my hubby and I..and my dr said they wouldn't be perfectly center because of the mild ptosis.. I have to just be patient...not my middle name..lol!
U look good love the sparkly top; feel free to checkout my pics if u like!
Love the sparkly tank! You're looking fab!! Not sure about the girls "growing" as they drop but they certainly seem to look more full. You can check my page (as well as lots of other ladies on here) for comparison pics if you want - I think mine start at POD4 and compare thru week 4, maybe, but then I think there might even be some other direct comparison pics. I know I didn't even realize until looking at those comps how very different from the early days they look!

I'm 10 days post op and feeling pretty well! I am...

I'm 10 days post op and feeling pretty well! I am hating this bra and this strap..but for two weeks.. For the love of my girls..lol..I'll soldier on!! By the end of the day..my incisions pinch. I'm not sure if that is part of the healing process or not..one side feels like I'm being stabbed from the inside. Anyone else feel similarly.? I am seeing small changes all the time. I can't wait til they are more normal and I can buy bathing suits! Right in time for the season!!
My left incision sometimes feels like it's being poked with a sharp stick, other times like someone's pinching it - you know how it hurts like a bugger when someone just gets a teeny-tiny bit of skin? Like that... Those only last for maybe a couple seconds, though. Most of my other weird sensations have come and gone pretty quickly, so I'm hoping this is the same way! Hope your healing continues to go well! Have fun shopping!!
You look so good!! Thanks for sharing your story, it is helping so much to have this site!

2 weeks officially post open..I'm really loving my...

2 weeks officially post open..I'm really loving my new boobs. They just even out my body and make me feel amazing. I don't have any regrets. I'm still wearing the damn strap and post open bra..as directed by my doc until this Thursday. I can wait to dress the girls! I feel like they have dropped and gotten to where they are supposed to be. Im sure there is still change to come..but.I'm very happy. They look amazing! I've already bought 3 bathing suits ( see my new pics!) The surgical tape he put on at my post open is still on and my incisions are itching like crazy..I'm sure they are healing. I did not get any instructions to.massage..so I haven't.
Hey Julie I wanted to check in on you to see how you were doing I hope all is well
You look great! Congrats!
Looking great. Love the blue that looks really nice on you. Yes I can't wait for summer. New bikinis with my new babies. Glad things are progressing well.
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