36 Yrs Old,mother of Two,youngest 11 Months.My Goals=small Arms,waist and a Nicer Bum! India, IN

Hello ladies!!God I am so happyyyyy I have you to...

Hello ladies!!God I am so happyyyyy I have you to discuss these things with!I am not sure where to begin really,it has always bn there,I always knew I will get bigger boobies at some point especially after my two pregnancies.Things changed a few months ego when looking in the mirror my arms had gotten really big I wanted to cry everytime.Since then I decided I could leave with small boobies,but not the arms I saw.My priorities....small arms,nice waist,fuller bum then comes boobs!I can't wait,I am obsessed!Everytime am in the mirror all I see is the new me!Originally wanted fat transfer to boobs and bum,but drs think I might not have enough...so ladies I will need ur help deciding on what implants to go for if I hve to.Thank you so much fro reading and maybe leaving a comment.xxx
I have mentor memory gel silicone and to me those are the most natural feeling. Most women I saw on justbreast forums were going with 350 cc-400cc. I went larger and got 550ccs and am at DD now (was a small b cup prior) There is a way to see how different sizes will look . Google "rice testers and breast implants" ,,,that's how I made final decision on my cc's. It was a very stressful decision! Hope this helps :))
Good luck

Wish waists,realistic waists,wish boobies n bum n realistic ones

I have dedicated a few hrs everyday to check out the same before and after photos...again and again I admit.
Here is what I come up with..(see photos)

And here are the boobies...

First comes deciding whether to them or not,over n over again..at least thrice a day I change my mind...but whatever I might do in the end...here are the results I expect,would love and wouldn't mind..

Coul be fat transfer(my no 1 choice),saline or silicone..

Dented scars on my tummy...

I have these two maybe 3dented scars,one is visible on the photo the others on the csection scar..I hate them so much..I have decided to have them corrected this week,I don't want anything getting in the way of my tummy lipo,plus I still have enough time to heal before I go to India.Dr says I just need local anaesthesia,I might not need anti biotics.
That is something to keep my mind off BBL for a week or so...(see photo)

laparoscopy dimple

There it is.will upload the csection ones tmoro..not there is anything exciting abt them really.

c section scar dent

Here the other scar that I wanted to redo,my doc says not to touch it,good news is he will do a mini tummy tuck with that...love the idea.
I can't wait!I am in beauty business... so for the days I have left am going to design or redesign something that I can lie on facing down without hurting boobies,coz I really want to do them at the same time.I think I once saw it somewhere but for expecting mothers when having massages face down..

my bday

Tday is my bday!it would have bn so exciting if I had my new curves to flaunt!But soon!!!

More wish pics.28 days to surgery day

I can't stop looking at before and after pics,wondering how I will be looking like in a few weeks time..in 28 days to be exact!I can't wait!Am still wondering if to do both fat transfer to bum and boobs at the same time...anyone who did it and thinks it s doable...pliz help,I need a push!If u r reading this,thanks a lot.
Counting counting , have a safe and bless journey sis ... Keep us updated ... Thanks
Thanks for update :) Prayers for your BIG Day.
Pleasure really.Thx for the prayers,big day almost here.

All me photos

All my before photo,the next photos will be my afters God willing.
Hi Hun, OMG , I am not wanting to sound negative or rude at all, it's just that I have has the procedures you are wanting and in my opinion, it is WAY too much surgery at one time . I honestly do not see how you will function? It's not safe either . I see this question asked Re: multiple procedures to Plastic Surgeons and I want to point out that a Plastic Surgeon will rarely tell you it's a bad idea because it is more lucrative for them to do multiple procedures. Unfortunately , it's not them who has to deal with the aftermath of the pain and caring for yourself and children ? I see that some PS answered you honestly and told you it's too much all at once . I am glad to see this. I usually see the opposite. Sorry, just my honest input for what it's worth. It would break my heart to see someone injured or worse and not say my opinion. Blessings :)
Hi.Thanks for the input,really appreciated!I see what u r saying,chances are boobies will hve to wait.I really wanted them all n it s a long way to travel..I kinda wanted to avoid another trip.Did u hve fat transfer to bbs or implants?thx again callsmebabydoll
I understand about the traveling and the time constraints. I too am under a time limit because I need to return to work by 11/1 and I am still scheduled to have Smart Lipo suction and a bit more fat transfer to my rear but now at almost 6 weeks , I realize how draining this recovery is , I am strongly considering not doing the other procedure at this time. It's all paid for , It's just a lot on the body. I had a BBL only at this time. I've had BA twice. First time Silicone, next time Saline, which is what I have now :)

Plastic surgery simulator,20days to go!!!

Finally gave into the app,I love it.Check out what I did,not much bt am already loving what I see..I didn't touch the hips,bum.i took in a bit on the waist..looks good..I think I will ask my doc to put most fat in the hips.What do u think ladies?How does th bottom of my bum look like?could I get away with it?I really need to be a bit comfy on the plane back home in 7days after surgery.Thanks in advance.Am not sure if am getting excited or depressed coz time isn't moving really..
Hello, I hope your surgery goes well. I am looking at options and because I live in Africa, India would be a easier place to go rather than Americas or Spain. Please share your experience. Thanks Shiko
Hi Shiko.Thank u so much..I will most definitely share all I can as soon as I can.I hope u find what u r looking for.
Cool app what it's called?

16 days to go

Eating past every day,hoping to gain some fat in the remaining days..let's see.i am 59kg,1.60m tall,36-32-39,biceps are 12".i need to be 28" waist,10" biceps..the rest..is bonus!Am like,if the fat doesn't take I won't be so disappointed,as long as I hve those two to die for!
Happy healing ladies n gents!And keep calm n wait for ur turns to come,those in the same boat as moi.
Ur going to look great!
Your BIG day is coming up fast. ;)
It s.Can u believe it?i can't..

One week to go..

I am not sure what am feeling at the moment...really excited bt a bit scared too especially when I decided to have a tummy tuck as well....MAYBE..
I got some of the things that I need for India unfortunately haven't received my arm Cgarment in time...will have to use the hospital one.
To do next week:Visa application and braiding hair that will last me at least 8wks..
U will be ok Hun ... Best wishes
Thank u.i am having sleepless nights already!not good a week before surgery but expected.
U r welcome ... I cry out my heart today to god about personal issues and for everyone about and done surgery and great recovery , so just continue to cast all your cares on The Lord ... Ok Hun


I am going crazy 24/7 feeling guilty,saying to myself that I probably don't need this,that am asking too much.?and I still can't decide on whether to do some procedures n not the others...I can go on n on.....BUT then I remembered that I have been asked if I was pregnant at least 3 times in the last two months..I don't want to be called pregnant when am not.In my head I was like u sh'd see me in the next 3months or so.lol
And one of the p'ple who thought I was pregggrs is an ex boyfriend,it was embarrassing bt I think I had an excuse ready.I am scheduled for lipo on arms,abdomen,sides and fat transfer to breasts and bum and mini tummy tuck with MR.And I know that's a lot,unless my doc says otherwise and as long as there is no general anaesthesia for more than 3hrs am in!Without muscle repair I know my stomach will not be flat.Anyways...let's see what how it goes.thx for reading.xx
Thanks for all your positive comments! You are an encouragement! Almost time for your big day;))
Almost,Thank u. I don't even know what to do with myself in the few days left.Missing my babies already,10days away is a long time...post more photos pliz
Sending you positive healing vibes!

on the way to India,counting hours...

Two days to go. Am actually feeling fine,I didn't expect it.I haven't cried yet,I miss my babies like crazy bt am also excited I get to sleep for two full nights with no night feeding n all the mummy duties.I I've bn trying to have one meal pr day so I can cope better with pre surgery fasting..so far not working,still eating as usual n enjoying it.Well ladies,the fat might not take or last as long as I want, but I know in the end I will still have slimmer arms n a beautiful smaller n tighter waist..butt n boobies are bonuses!! Excited!
Can't wait t see ur results and hear all about it
Prayers for a succesful sx&a speedy recovery So you go home to your babies.
Thank you,prayers are important right now.X

India day one

I made it,it was a long journey,the waiting in Dubai airport was the worst really,they sh'd hve a cinema in that place or maybe there is..?
I actually think I like India.Anyways,there was someone from the hospital waiting for me a the airport as I arrived,which is a good sign,he spent a few hrs with me as there was a bit of mix up with hotels,he made all the necessary calls and left me when everything was all sorted.I visited the hospital in the evening(sat) just to check it out.i met some ladies who work there,they seem nice,I will tell u all abt them after I have spent some days with them.The hospital is clean,smaller than I thought but isn't a problem at all,better I think.I checked out my soon to be room,nice n clean.i think am ready,just can't wait to meet Dr,have the talks n get these things out of the way.Tmoro(sun)is blood work,CG measuring and final decisions made.am not looking forwards to fasting..
Well,it is festive season in India,fireworks going off every min,let's c how easy sleeping will be.Talk to u tmoro ladies
Good Luck.. hopefully you will update soon. I cant wait to see your results. I hope all is well.
Hey shiko.I will,I just got too excited,so much to see n so much food to try as am waiting for my surgery tmoro.
Best wishes and happy healing luv! Do take pics and keep us posted

India day 3

I had an appointment to meet with the doc,it was short but really there isnt much to talk abt as we have bn communicating for over 3months now.He what I thought he would be,Dont ask me what that,and I will still have him as my doc.Anyways,he doesn't think I need a full tummy tuck(I agree totally) that's a huge relief,o am a coward, really want a tiny waist bt scared of how to get there.Will do a mini one though,just to tighten the skin a little. I am meeting him again in a few,will give u all the details and what exactly am having done tmoro.
..almost forgot,tday I had xray,more blood work,and other tests that I have never had before,I was impressed I must say.and I got measured for the compression garments..again..impressed!It looks like tmoro I will have a flat stomach,fuller bum and smaller arms in a few hrs.although Doc seemed a bit shocked that I want to increase the bum that I got already!!lol
Good luck Hun
Prayers :)
Good luck!

Day of surgery..

No complaints at all,at least not yet!photos soon!Am doing great, was awake throughout, had an epidural. The best team am telling u.Mini tummy tuck with MR,lipo arms, sides n abdomen.No boobies.Thx for the messages
Hey, glad you hear you are doing well. Did you do the bum? I cant wait to see your results.. really excited for you. Happy healing...
Yaaay!!! Congrats!!!!
Congrats! How do you arms feel? Did he do smart-lipo on arms?
India Plastic Surgeon

Well,I read all I need about this dr,all positive but will confirm when I get to meet him in a few weeks.He is really responsive,every time I have those little questions.I have never met anyone who went to him but I kinda feel him already,he has that patience...

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