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MUAC 8% TCA Peel - Boston, MA

I have decent skin for 41, though i do have an...

I have decent skin for 41, though i do have an '11' between the brows and 3 lines of somewhat deep forehead wrinkles. I bought some products form MUAC after reading positive reviews online. Got gly-luronic serum, hyluronic serum, 30% glycolic peel (lunchtime peel) and 8% TCA because this is my first time doing something like this at home. The idea is to use the glyluronic solution on a regular basis, but NOT on the days you do the 30% glycolic peels, and not on the days you do the TCA. It is to prep the skin for the TCA. I used everything else except the TCA for about 4wks.

30% glycolic lunchtime peel is just right place to start if you are a beginner, dont use with retin a though! It has helped my milia, too. That only developed in the past few yrs. You cannot pop milia, even though it looks like whiteheads, iit either has to work its own way out over a few months time or you need a derm to lance it then scoop it out.

Anyway, i was nervous to do my own TCA at home, because you never know. I got the baking soda and water solution ready to neutralize, made sure to have everything ready like neosporin, coated vaseline around nose, eyes, mouth. Gloves on, dip swab in, not too much, start with forehead. Time for 5min. No frosting for me with this one. Slight burning no big deal. I feel more sting from the 30% glycolic peel.

While i didnt see any dramatic results, i have done this 3times, and when you use these products together towards your goal, thats when you see subtle results. 8% is a great place to start the TCA because you learn the whole swabbing techniques, neutralizing, what to expect. I cant have as much downdown so a big peel wouldnt work well for me. I like the MUAC line because it is reasonably priced. My skin is looking smoother, fresher and the lines are softening.

I had a bad experience w botox and needed something else. I also just got their Argan oil, very reasonbly priced, aka moroccon oil, for skin and hair. Loving it! Two drops in wet hair and you get a fabulously sleek blow dry. Few drops on face or nails/hands before bed, very nice. Nothing is the magic bullet except risky procedures like fillers or botox, but at least some stuff helps. This site has helped me figure out what might work well for me. Hope this helps!

What was your down time for the TCA 8% peel? I was thinking of doing one on a friday and hopefully being ok to go to work without looking like a freak on monday.....

Hi Natick,

Wow, that's cool you were able to do the peel at home. Probably saved a lot of money. I'm glad you were so prepared and careful too. How long have you been doing the at home peels now? What made you choose at home rather than in a clinic? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


I decided to do them at home because of the cost. I cannot afford to have a derm do it all. I soent a lot of time researching and readinf reviews about the process. Also my sisters have had many peels in a derm office so i have seen the different levels and outcomes. I know you can get somepositive results. It is SO important to do your research, watch youtube videos with instructions, and most importantly, after you order your products, DO THE PATCH TEST! I know everyone gets excited to jump right in and just do it but thats when you see the reviews about how badly burned someone got and now they look horrible. Also USE SUNSCREEN when doing these home peels, even the milder lunchtime peels. Careful use and following directions will make all the difference! Will update more as i continue.
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