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Botox for Gummy Smile - Should Have Done This Years Ago!! - Lebanon, PA

I've been getting botox injections in my forehead...

I've been getting botox injections in my forehead for years. I love it and think it is a great thing. I have always been bothered by my crooked, gummy smile -- despite having naturally pretty full lips. I am, so far SO pleased with the results of this treatment. The technician did three shots and they did hurt quite a bit (more than botox in the foreheard or eye area). The effect is quite noticable (my sister in law asked if I had lip injections because my lips look so much fuller). This has drastically improved my appearance. The only issue is that eating and drinking has been a problem and I cannot talk as fast as I used to. I have had to slow down when eating and takling -- but I actualy think maybe that is a good thing. Anyway, I'm hooked. My smile is still a bit crooked (it was before), but at my 2 week check up, she can revise that. Somehow, I look much nicer and friendlier when I smile now. I am obsessed.
Kathy at Skin Center

I normally go to a different place (Skin Beautiful on the South Side) because they will charge for the unit of botox you use. Skin Center charges by the area, which bothers me in general and especially does with this procedure, because it takes so little botox. Nonetheless, my regular technician does not do Botox in the lower face, so I went to Kathy at the skin center, who did a great job. SHe was quite skillful and very nice. I recommend her for this procedure.

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Beautiful smile! Are those after botox? What is a gummy smile? I love botox for crowsfeet and recently tried it in my forehead. After 15 years of botox, I'll never stop! However, I've always feared botox around the mouth, in fact, I've has a couple of doctors who will not inject there. Thanks for sharing!
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Yes this is after Botox. A gummy smile is that my lips were naturally full but when I smiled my lips pulled up really far and disappeared, showing gums. A little Botox there (it's like 4-6 units I think) under the nose at he top of the lip just makes it that you cannot lift your lip a quite as high. I don't think this is what they mean when doctors don't want to do it in the lower face....
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Understood! Thank you so much for the explanation. Keep Smiling!!
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I think gummy smiles are so cute... I love them. For me a gummy smile on a guy, for example, is a huge plus. I have a somewhat gummy smile, that sadly, is lessened with the filler, but I try not to put too much in my upper lip for that reason.
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I've never heard of Botox being used for this.  They injected around your mouth so you can't lift your lip as high when you smile??
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I actually get 2 units of Botox at the top of my lip bow. It raises my upper lip to give the appearance of a fuller lip (even though I do use filler in my lip) it raises the upper lips and gives the appearance of a less gummy or teethy ( in my case, as I have large front teeth) smile!
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Yes -- that is exactly what it does for me. My upper lip used to disappear when I smiled even though my lips are full (you can see from the picture). Now it's like I cannot raise it as far and it doesn't curl under. I notice that I look different when I'm speaking now and I'm not sure if I like this -- I guess it's a trade off -- smile or speaking.
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Pearlgirl1975- Wow that is so cool, I've actually never heard of botox being used for that.  I bet you will adapt to speaking after a while and it won't feel so obvious.  Keep us posted!

Tankysmom- That is amazing it acts almost like a filler for your upper lip.  You should write a review I think it would be really helpful to the site!
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It would be helpful because I actually had tried filler in my upper lip years ago and it didn't fix the problem at all and I didn't need fuller lips. I figured out eventually what I needed but it was hard to find a technician who knew this procedure.
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