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I have had three children (all vaginally) and have...

I have had three children (all vaginally) and have been thinking about a tummy tuck ever since my second child was born. I wasn't sure if I was done having kids though so I waited and now my third (and last) child is almost three so it is time! I went to my pre-op visit last week, they basically just went through any questions that I had and drew blood. At the time I didn't have that many questions but since then I keep thinking of more and more things to ask. I am going to start a list so I can ask them the day of surgery. I have been going through all of the normal emotions... fear of recovery, guilt, second guessing if I really need it. I know that these are just my nerves though. I am at my lowest weight since getting pregnant with my first son and yet my belly is a saggy, wrinkly mess. I hate it. Every time I look in the mirror I see this little roll that is always hanging over my pants. Other people keep saying that I don't need it but they don't see me naked! I am 5' 9" and 162 lbs. I have an athletic build so the number doesn't really bother me, just the sight of my belly! I have 10 days until my surgery and it is basically all I think about...

Eight days left! This week has been so busy for...

Eight days left! This week has been so busy for me, I have a two hundred serving wedding cake due on Saturday so that has kept me occupied. It's been good but also I have a huge "to do" list forming in the back of my mind that I want to get done before surgery. I'm sure I won't be able to finish everything so that will be more things nagging at me while I sit around and sleep. I don't do well with not being busy plus I really like to be self-sufficient so I'm worried about the few weeks following surgery. Oh well... gotta take the bad with the good and I know it will be worth it in the end! I am going to take before pictures today so I will post them soon.

Okay, I uploaded some before pictures... EWWW!...

Okay, I uploaded some before pictures... EWWW! Just another reminder as to why I am doing this!

OMG... my plastic surgeon's office just called to...

OMG... my plastic surgeon's office just called to say that the Dr.Baxter just had a family emergency and won't be able to do my surgery on Friday so they are offering me Thursday instead! Part of me is excited to have it one day closer and part of me is freaking out because I still have a big long "to do" list! Oh boy... only three days left now!

Tomorrow is the big day! I have been busy, busy,...

Tomorrow is the big day! I have been busy, busy, busy these last few days so I haven't had a lot of time to think about surgery. Now that things are winding down around my house I am starting to feel the nerves. My anethesiologist called this evening to see if I had any questions and double check with me how I respond to being put under. It's nice to know that I have someone that wants to do a good job! Going to go finish up a couple things around the house, next time I write it will be with a flat tummy!

Wahooo, I did it! Yesterday was the big day. I got...

Wahooo, I did it! Yesterday was the big day. I got to the doctor's office and they had me change into the lovely robe and "panties" and took pictures. Then I went into the operating room and got all set up on the operating table and the nurses started oxygen which quickly changed into the gas, I remember talking to the nurses and the next thing I know I am on the recovery chair and they brought my husband in. I made a few jokes with the nurse and doctor and then they got me in a wheel chair and brought me down to the car. I slept most of the day yesterday. I actually have been feeling pretty good. It hurts to get up and move around but when I am sitting I'm not in pain at all. I haven't even taken any of the pain medication. I do have a pain pump (OnQ) so I'm sure that is helping. It will come out on Monday at my first post op appointment. My biggest complaint is actually my throat. My mouth and throat have been so dry from the oxygen. I would recomend that you have some tea and maybe some throat lozenges because it has been driving me crazy! I am too scared to try and take the girdle off so I haven't gotten to see my tummy yet... pictures to come once I get the nerve up or go to the doctor's.

Now in the morning of day two post op. Still...

Now in the morning of day two post op. Still feeling pretty good, I did end up taking a pain pill this morning for my back. My tummy area still doesn't hurt too bad as long as I take it easy but my lower back is killing me from being scrunched over while I walk and sleeping sitting up. My husband has been awesome, he is even sleeping on the couch too so he can be close to me. By the way, the drain isn't near as gross as I thought it was going to be so that is good news for whoever your caretaker is going to be!

Morning of day three post op. Still not...

Morning of day three post op. Still not experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen, however my back is very sore. Also, the gas has set in so I am feeling pretty bloated. My kids will be coming home today (they've been with their grandparents since the morning of surgery) in some ways I am eager for them to come home, mostly because I am bored, but at the same time it has been so peaceful without them here. I think I am going to have my husband help me wash my hair in the sink today. This no showering business is for the birds!

I just got home from my first post-op appt. and I...

I just got home from my first post-op appt. and I have to say I am a little disapointed. I still haven't gotten to see my tummy yet, I didn't get the drain out, and I am still in this awful chest to knees compression garment. The only thing they did was take my pain pump out. I guess I just need to focus on getting to Thursday which will be one week for me, the doc assures me that they will take the drain out and move me to the less combersome cg at that appointment.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I keep thinking that it...

I can't wait for tomorrow! I keep thinking that it is going to be a turning point in my recovery. I can't wait to see my tummy and get the drain out and take a shower! I am walking a little more upright so my back isn't hurting quite so bad anymore. Will update again after my appointment tomorrow.

I had my one week post op appointment yesterday. I...

I had my one week post op appointment yesterday. I got my drain out (wahoo) and finally got to see my tummy. Honestly it made me feel nauseous. Not because I can't see that it will look good when it is all healed up but just at the enormity of what I had done to myself! I got to shower (the most glorious shower of my life!) and am overall feeling so much better. I can almost walk upright now which means my back isn't killing me anymore and I can be up and about a lot more. The only complaint I have right now is the stupid compression garment. I don't know what kind other doctors use but the one I'm in is from my chest to just above my knees and zips/hooks up each side, it is "crochless" except that it has these awful flaps that keep digging in down there. Also the zippers dig into my sides when I am sitting. I think I am going to head to Macy's and see if I can find some spanx that I can use instead because this thing is sooooo uncomfortable. Posted some new pics of the tummy, I am pretty swollen but I think it will heal up nicely.

I am two weeks post op today. I feel great... my...

I am two weeks post op today. I feel great... my only complaint right now is that I am really swollen as you can see in my side profile picture. I am completely upright now and sleeping on my side (with an extra pillow for support) I walked two miles on the treadmill this morning without any pain or discomfort. I almost feel normal which is awesome! I can't wait until my swelling goes down... anybody have any tips on how to help it along?
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I felt very comfortable with Dr. Baxter and his staff, I will have to wait to see if I am happy with the results.

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Good for you! I fully understand your decision. I am 3wks PO from dr baxter and was wondering if your still pretty swollen at this point? I'm trying to be patient, but 11mo of consistent swelling it kind of long (hah!). My muscle repair and apron was very substantial (and my body frame is very small 5' 135lb usually). He said that it was an aggressive TT. Just looking for some encouragement ;) I've had 2 csections and one vaginal
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Hi there! You look great! Considering a consultation with Dr Baxter. Hope you are doing well.
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Hi, I think u look fabulous!! Im 17 days po n wanted to know what is ur incision maintenance? do you use gauze or tape? Or do you use ointment? Your healing looks great
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At this point I am actually about two and a half months post op so I am not currently using any tape or anything, just some scar ointment that my dr gave me but at two weeks I still had tape on the incision... actually I had tape on it until about 5 weeks. Good luck, it will just keep getting better!
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wow, cool!
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I am excited. Sometimes I can't sleep thinking about it!
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Wow! You look amazing! I'm going in on August 3rd. Happy healing!
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Looking great so far! Congratulations, hope the rest of your recovery goes well.
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Awesome results! You already look Phanominal and it will only get better!
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I can't wait to see your results too, so you must be hanging!! Glad things are on the improve :)
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Congratulations! I'm sure you will love your new look!! I am 34 and a mom of 4. I've been thinking about doing this for years and Im finally getting the courage to do so....however I am more nervouse about the consultion than the surgery. I hate the way I look so I can't stand the thought of anyone seeing me. Right now I am searching for a trustworthy plastic surgeon close to where I live. I hope to do the end of the year.
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Thank you. Don't stress about the consultation, just keep focused on the end result. I am still all swollen, bruised and scabbed up and can already tell that it is going to be fabulous once I am all healed... keep looking for the right surgeon, you definitely want to be comfortable with whoever you choose and really look at their before and after pictures.
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Hang in there hon! It will all be worth it! I'm sure your tummy looks great!!
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can't wait to see your results!!! I get mine on the 8th of Aug, can't wait!!!
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It will creep up before you know it! Congrats!
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I hope surgery is going well and that you have a speedy recovery.
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Praying for you. Happy healing.
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Thank you all for the encouragement. My husband is supportive of my decision but doesn't "get it" he thinks I look fine and don't need it so I don't like talking to him about it. It has been really nice to find this site and have other people who understand be so supportive.
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you are going to look so good!!!
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Good luck with your surgery! This site is very informative and thanks for sharing your journey. My TT is Aug 9th. I've had two kids 14 and 16 and before kids I had a laporotomy because of endometriosis. Middle age has not been kind to my tummy. Can't wait to see your after pics!
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We're getting there. I'm glad to have someone that is the same surgical date as me :)
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Do not feel guilty - go for it!  You will be so happy you did this for yourself!  I felt all the same emotions, guilt, fear, etc., but now, over a year later, do not regret my decision at all.  I feel so happy when I look down & see my flat tummy in my bikini now!  Good luck & let us know how your recovery goes!
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