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I am the mother of three children. My oldest child...

I am the mother of three children. My oldest child "tore me up" and I had prominent stretch marks all over my abdomen. At age 41, I finally decided to take the plunge and have a tummy tuck done. I went with a surgeon who was not the cheapest, but was licensed and very skilled. He specializes in high lateral tension tummy tucks. It has been about two months since my surgery. I am very pleased with the results and the scar is healing nicely. I finally have a flat stomach and I no longer have to "hide" my stomach. I should have had the procedure performed years ago!

Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

Dr. L is always up to date with the latest procedures. I believe that he really cares about performing the best possible outcome for each patient. I have had several procedures performed by him and I have been pleased with everything.

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I am so happy for you ! I would love to say before/after pics !
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That's great 316913anon! I am happy to hear that you are pleased with your results. I am pleased as well with mine. I am trying to care for my scar so that it will heal as best as it can. It is looking good but of course it's still red. I am using topical scar gel on the scar line as well as I have had two scar laser treatments from Dr. L.
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Its been three months since my tummy tuck it looks amazing .
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So wonderful you did this for yourself; glad to hear you are so happy with your results. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and healing.
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It's never too late to do something like that for yourself. I'm truly glad that you're so satisfied with your outcome.

For more tummy tuck discussion, check out our forum. There's lots of great info there.

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