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I have been thinking about getting some work done....

I have been thinking about getting some work done. Not really overweight, just getting a pooch and flabby thighs. Up until today, I was not certain if all I needed was Lipo, or if I needed a TT and lipo. My main concers are: belly fat, saddle bags, and flanks. I weigh 119, am 5'3" and wear a size 4. Today was my first consultation.
I really liked the doctor and feel he would do a fabulous job. After living through standing in my underwear while a stranger looks at all my flaws, together we decided to get the results i want: flat tummy, smaller flanks and slimmer thighs, I would be better off with a TT and some lipo. I'm still struggling with the cost: I was expecting more like 10k. This particular ps does a drainless TT, which results in a faster recovery. My husband is very supportive, and although we were surprised by the cost, he is still willing to proceed. I have another consultation next week with a ps in Foster City. I am curious as to what the ps will recommend as well as the $$. I realize you get what you pay for most of the time, but it is difficult for me to spend this much $$ on something that is unnecessary. I know I will fit the clothes better, have more confidence with the surgery and wear a bikini in public again. I am still trying to decide if I want to go through it. It's a lot to process for me: getting older, losing my figure, wanting to feel sexier. Did anyone else have a hard time deciding? If it were free, I would do it:) but, since my husband works really hard, I don't want to be frivolous. Probably standard doubts most people face.
Can anyone recommend a ps in the Bay Area, CA who they were happy with? Also, does this cost ($16,307.00) seem excessive, or am I being unrealistic? The cost includes the tummy tuck, lipo on the tummy, hips, back of thighs and if needed, a little lipo on the inner thighs. Plus, six hours for the surgery, anesthesia and the garments.


It is smart to see a few board certified plastic surgeons before choosing "the one".

I don't think that sounds overly expensive given the number of lipo areas and the TT.

Here is a map with the average TT costs in the San Fran area (which is more expensive than the national average).

And here is a map of the average Lipo costs in SF.

Let us know what you decide to do!
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So far, I have met with two ps, we all agree a full TT and lipo of the lower flanks would give me the results I am looking for. The second doctors price was $1,500.00 less than the first, and included two more sections of lipo. Although I like both doctors, I have decided to keep looking. I can't help feeling like I have not found "the one".
Has anyone used a doctor in the Bay Area that they can recommend? I keep reading reviews, websites and looking at pictures. Just about the time I decide to call for a consult, I find a couple awful reviews:(

I've found "the one".

After interviewing three top ps in the Bay Area, hours or research, and much deliberating, I found my doctor. I have decided to go with Dr. Joel Beck in Foster City. Dr. Beck is very thorough, safety conscience, and answered all my questions. He explained the difference between drainless TT and TT with drains. I interviewed two other ps who wanted to do a drainless TT and Dr. Beck convinced me that the drains are necessary. Because I'm not very large I will have very small drains and he doesn't think they will be in for very long.
I will have my TT on July 22, with an overnight stay at the hospital. I did my blood work and EKG right after the interview. The smart lipo will wait until I have healed from the TT, as Dr. beck feels that it allows me to heal faster from the TT and that safety is his number one concern.
Jasmine, his assistant, was warm, friendly, and showed me her TT that Dr. Beck performed for her nine years ago. It was very impressive, I could hardly see the scar and her tummy was flat and firm.
I'm so happy Jasmine was able to get me in quickly!!! I hardly slept last night: can't imagine several more weeks of the same. She worked with the surgery center and moved some things around for me as I am wanting to travel to Europe with my husband at the end of August.
Going out of town this weekend: gotta visit my girl in college and have a fun weekend with my husband before I'm cooped up at home.
Luckily my son has a friend who will come stay with us for a week and cook, run errands and keep me company. I cannot believe how quickly this has come together after waning this for such a long time. Pre op today and surgery on Tuesday. Wew! Wish me luck.


Thinking of you. Hope Your surgery went well.
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My surgery went great, thank you. I wish I knew how to post my before and after pics:). I'm not savy about that kind of thing. I'm so happy with my results. My only complication has been a seroma which Dr. Beck took care of ( removed 30ccs of fluid). Have to go tomorrow and do it again. Also, having a hard time being so confined to the house:). My tummy is sore, as is my scar, I'm a little tired of the binder. I feel like my scar is still very swollen, although Dr. Beck and my hubby assure me I'm healing well. I knew I wouldn't be good at being patient, but m keeping off my feet, eating and resting. Thank God for my husband, he just keeps reassuring me that I am doing really well and reminds me how wonderful I look.
Congratulations in finding your doctor. I have high pain tolerance and still pain is an issue to me. I was ambulating after my surgery but it's not easy. You really need help for more than 3 days.
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