I always noticed the back of arms were bulky and...

I always noticed the back of arms were bulky and fat in my opinion and i hated that when i saw myself in pics and they looked fat! As i got older like 38 i was convinced i did not like my arms but wasn't ready to go under the knife per se. I finally turned 43 and i did it for my Birthday,it was a gift from my dear friend. I had smartlipo done on June 18th 2014 at California Skin Institute in Mtn. view Ca. The procedure was somewhat painful,you get 1 valium and numbing with lidocaine and then some more numbing but,it literally feels like you're being embalmed with fluid with a cannula and this is just the numbing part. I was awake the entire time and i felt A lot of discomfort,pain and pressure. The arms are very sensitive to begin with and now extremely tender and SORE.
I felt the jarring of the cannula moving back and forth. Anyway,i am 4 days post of my surgery and i
felt the worst on thursday. I had been throwing up all day and night a total of 7 times. I NOTICED EVERY Ttime I take the 2 antibiotics a day which are 500MG of Cephalaxin. I would get nauseous and sometimes diarrhea but those are the side effects of this medication. I didn't need any pain meds and i was able to shower 2 days after and wash my hair with no problems. I am sore,itchy and swollen but that is to be expected. I'm not too sure about the itchy part but i have my post-op june 25th,so i'll discuss it with my doctor. I will say that i am anxious and i want instant gratification,however i was informed by my doctor,that i will see results in 3-6 mos,not overnight! Damn! lol. I am NOT patient and i am already tired of the soreness,swelling,itching and stinging in my right arm. I will ask doctor about stinging as well and why it only happens in my right arm. I don't have much bruising and i am able to raise my arms and text,type sleep on my left arm. I feel the procedure is fast and my recovery seems to be just as speedy.
I will post pics tomorrow as it is early am right now.

5 days after smart lipo

Here are the pics the night after surgery.
i will post b4 pics when i can find the right ones,[lease bare with me.

first night after smart lipo

5 days after smart-lipo

I have been lucky because i have No pain and i Have NOT needed to take any pain meds at all. Here are some pics 5 days after.
I am still impatient and my arms look saggier but i do understand it's been 5 days and they are still pretty SWOLLEN,SORE and tender. I am able to resume my normal routine however,i have NOT driven due to my car being stick. I do not want to jeopardize the results of my arms. I am very fortunate i have not had any lumps,pain or any other complications. I read so many horror stories and it's scary and sad to hear about others ps gone so wrong. I do hope those who have had medical issues or other problems take matters into others hands and get a lawyer.

1 week post-op

my arms healing fast and progresing in the right direction without lumps,dimples,saggines,or the mashed potatoe look. I am happy and can't wait to see 3 month results.

may 14 pic before procedure. Not a good pic but i found one

I found a before pic that i have and i'm in the same dress. which is good
let's hope there is a difference in comparison,it was taken may 14,2014.

9 days post-op

Here are some pics,i know i still have to get my before and i promise i will. my next post-op appt is july 23,so i will ask for pics. Thanks for your patience for those who asked.

Elbow incisions and under arm

The tiny incisions are micro mini under elbow and not as noticeable as the ones under the arm.
I can notice a bigger scar that is more prominent under the arm area. elbows healed fast and not very prominent.

17 DAYS,IT FEELS LIKE 1 month! hahaha

NOT much of a difference but they are healing nicely.

Got a JOg in tonight after 18 days.

I wanted to run my usual 4 miles,That didn't happen,I had bad company,my tiny Chihuahua.
It was stop and go all the way. Anyway,i will truck along the path Solo tomorrow.
My arms burn like hell,like a stinging sensation,i can't explain it. I get that i am healing but,uncomfortable feeling. Bad enough i forgot how to use my darn legs,thank god for muscle memory. I am disciplined so i'll try again Monday night. It was hella hot out too. Like 79
i finished by 8:10 p.m. and it was still like 75.
Well i put arnica on them and it soothed them.
Happy Healing all of you and Good night.
Sweet Dreams and pleasant thoughts to you getting surgery soon.

3 weeks and 3 days!

Hello rs women.
I am posting pics and i did notice my arms are getting tighter and leaner. Lovin' them.
I still feel a little numbness in right arm by elbow but it is subsiding. I get this tingling stinging sensation when i put my hands over head but that too is diminishing with time. All in all,i'm doing well.
Happy Healing to all of you who had procedures done the 10th and after.

4 weeks

Hello RS women
It's been 4 weeks and it feels like 4 months! I am still swollen and healing right along.
I feel like time is moving like a slug and i want it to be like turbo the movie. I am Bored of waiting!!! My friends see the results and i do too but not a 6 month end result,that's what i'm waiting for.

For swelling on face,puffy eyes,headaches and redness


NOT Fading Fast

My right arm scars are faded and the left not so much. It's weird that one arm heals faster.
He worked on my right arms more,how is it possible! I have no scars. The left is so noticeable.
UGH! ;( Left is not fading fast enough. Oh well. It is what it is. I just have to wait it out.

5 weeks

Hello RS women.
I will see my doctor this afternoon and see how he thinks i am healing.
Here are some pics to see the difference. Overall i am HAPPY and ready for my next procedure.LOL!
Thank You to the women who have been supportive. Happy healing to everyone and best wishes to those getting sx done.

5 weeks post-op after appt

It's all good and i am healing properly and as normal as can be. Left arm with prominent scar is normal& usually one arm heals faster than the other. No complications. Other than that,i'm all good!!! Now i can go to Cancun on the 1st and soak up the rays. SSSHHHHHH. My doc is a dermo & he told me to wear my sunscreen. He deals with mohs skin cancer 247. So i understand his concern. But for some reason when i glob on the sunscreen it makes me darker,i guess i just attract the heat,lol. Anyway back to my arms,I am pretty happy ladies.

Popeye Bulky Arms

I took some pics of my fat arms. I still think they are BULKY!! Especially because my doc said he coulda did more on the outside,he said it will take 1 year for end result. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT get a revision. I'm so over these arms,they are back to where they were when i was 38 minus the saggy hanging loose skin underneath and no wiggle or jiggle,but now i am like the outside is still BIG!!!! could woulda shoulda,too late! I am Happy but i agree he shoulda did more.
Check out my arms. NO BUENO!!! I'm just venting.I'm still taking my Happy PHAT @ss and arms to Cancun!! HA!
Mountain View Dermatologic Surgeon

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I think your arms look really good and proportionate to you. You're such a lovely person, inside & out, seems you're too hard on yourself. We all have things we don't like that others think are totally fine. Enjoy your trip to Cancun. Cheers!
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When did it go from 6 months to a year? I think your arms look great but I certainly understand if you aren't completely happy...we are our worst critcs. Do you think that the doctors tell us "6 months" or "one year" so that we won't bug them about our results?
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I saw him on the 23rd and i was happy with result and so is he but when he mentioned he coulda did more on the outside,i agreed. I am not sure about the 6 months to 1 year. I believe it literally take that much time to heal and then see if you need a revision. I am happy but i am my "WORST" critic.
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I saw you talking somewhere else…you looking at BBL now?  You're gonna need all the fat you can get for that.  They might need to take some more from your arms if you have any left that's harvestable in there!  Once the fat is gone and thrown away, you can't use that to transfer!
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uh ha. You caught me. I am interested in abs,flanks and transfer to butt. ;) I been following bbl dolls from DR to Mexico,Texas and Miami. Asking questions. My fear is that not many Bay Area ps's/doc's DON'T do this A LOT. I researched some but not Impressed. I don't want to fly anywhere NOT even LA,i Hate LA. But i just need to be close to home with family and friends and my little boi Simba. I definitely need help. Any advice for me?
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Wow one year.....that's so long....but I must saw you look very pretty nonetheless....your arms looks good to mee but I know the feeling of having issues on body parts that others think it's in my head and nothing is wrong......I Hope u start seeing the results you want soon.....happy healing doll
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Flabaway:thanks,i know first 6 months now 1 year!! WTh! I'll practice what i preach and stay positive and focused on the prize like u.
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You are gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, charming, sweet and perfect!!! Maybe a lite bit to critical of yourself!!! That's your only fault that I see. :-)
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Thanks Anon7226:iI am my WORST critic. I see myself everyday and all my flaws. I try to focus on the things i like,but it's hard. lol. You mad my SUNDAY!
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Your results look great.
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Thank You ;) You're too funny dealing with that tabla and foam board. Do you really have to wear it? Why isn't the cg enough to get the results?
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According to everyone at the docs office they say I do but I'm not doing my CG is tight enough. I'm good.
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I think you will be fine. ;) I have actually heard wearing all the corset's and spanx is extra and doesn't always help. Do you,everyone is different.
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Bella u would fall over laughing if you saw me and all of my stuff! I have my butt in garment, below knee to help with my knee swelling. If my ankles get bad, then I have to add those stupid socks. Then I have my butt out garment. Then I have on an abdominal binder ( or two - do not judge!) I just stopped with the third one last week. Yes, I said three binders. Then of course panties with a pad to help with the swelling in my, ahem, lady parts. OH yeah, I almost forgot. I have foam and then an ab board and back board under my first garment. Yes I need it all. Yes it helps. Yes I'm crazy but at least I know it. PS...I have a squeem an corset already, just waiting til I'm ready. And I'm sure I will wear a garment under each of those too. ;)
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I gotta go post that.....
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This i gotta see :) lmao!!!! You're KRAZZZZZY!!!!! Did you get to see Nelly or what??????? After all your talk about nails,pedi,hair and waxing. I went last night to get a facial,massage and bikini wax for Cancun. Monday hair and teeth cleaned and Thurs my new set and pedi. Fri out the door.!!!! LoL!
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Post pics
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NO PICS! And Nelly is Monday, if he lets me go. Didn't have time for my nails today, but hopefully tomorrow! I'm so glad u got pampered!
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Oh come on Bare it all,i seen what you got!! lol. Everyone has! I think we're passed appropriate. Even with your kids friends,lol :) jk
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Thank You!!! :) I hope my arms get smaller soon.
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You arms are great lady!
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They are still BULKY!!!! :(
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You need glasses Bella!
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AMONGST other things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Looking Good, bella..... Amazing results.... just started back lifting weights, will up date mine soon
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