I always noticed the back of arms were bulky and...

I always noticed the back of arms were bulky and fat in my opinion and i hated that when i saw myself in pics and they looked fat! As i got older like 38 i was convinced i did not like my arms but wasn't ready to go under the knife per se. I finally turned 43 and i did it for my Birthday,it was a gift from my dear friend. I had smartlipo done on June 18th 2014 at California Skin Institute in Mtn. view Ca. The procedure was somewhat painful,you get 1 valium and numbing with lidocaine and then some more numbing but,it literally feels like you're being embalmed with fluid with a cannula and this is just the numbing part. I was awake the entire time and i felt A lot of discomfort,pain and pressure. The arms are very sensitive to begin with and now extremely tender and SORE.
I felt the jarring of the cannula moving back and forth. Anyway,i am 4 days post of my surgery and i
felt the worst on thursday. I had been throwing up all day and night a total of 7 times. I NOTICED EVERY Ttime I take the 2 antibiotics a day which are 500MG of Cephalaxin. I would get nauseous and sometimes diarrhea but those are the side effects of this medication. I didn't need any pain meds and i was able to shower 2 days after and wash my hair with no problems. I am sore,itchy and swollen but that is to be expected. I'm not too sure about the itchy part but i have my post-op june 25th,so i'll discuss it with my doctor. I will say that i am anxious and i want instant gratification,however i was informed by my doctor,that i will see results in 3-6 mos,not overnight! Damn! lol. I am NOT patient and i am already tired of the soreness,swelling,itching and stinging in my right arm. I will ask doctor about stinging as well and why it only happens in my right arm. I don't have much bruising and i am able to raise my arms and text,type sleep on my left arm. I feel the procedure is fast and my recovery seems to be just as speedy.
I will post pics tomorrow as it is early am right now.

5 days after smart lipo

Here are the pics the night after surgery.
i will post b4 pics when i can find the right ones,[lease bare with me.

first night after smart lipo

5 days after smart-lipo

I have been lucky because i have No pain and i Have NOT needed to take any pain meds at all. Here are some pics 5 days after.
I am still impatient and my arms look saggier but i do understand it's been 5 days and they are still pretty SWOLLEN,SORE and tender. I am able to resume my normal routine however,i have NOT driven due to my car being stick. I do not want to jeopardize the results of my arms. I am very fortunate i have not had any lumps,pain or any other complications. I read so many horror stories and it's scary and sad to hear about others ps gone so wrong. I do hope those who have had medical issues or other problems take matters into others hands and get a lawyer.

1 week post-op

my arms healing fast and progresing in the right direction without lumps,dimples,saggines,or the mashed potatoe look. I am happy and can't wait to see 3 month results.

may 14 pic before procedure. Not a good pic but i found one

I found a before pic that i have and i'm in the same dress. which is good
let's hope there is a difference in comparison,it was taken may 14,2014.

9 days post-op

Here are some pics,i know i still have to get my before and i promise i will. my next post-op appt is july 23,so i will ask for pics. Thanks for your patience for those who asked.

Elbow incisions and under arm

The tiny incisions are micro mini under elbow and not as noticeable as the ones under the arm.
I can notice a bigger scar that is more prominent under the arm area. elbows healed fast and not very prominent.

17 DAYS,IT FEELS LIKE 1 month! hahaha

NOT much of a difference but they are healing nicely.

Got a JOg in tonight after 18 days.

I wanted to run my usual 4 miles,That didn't happen,I had bad company,my tiny Chihuahua.
It was stop and go all the way. Anyway,i will truck along the path Solo tomorrow.
My arms burn like hell,like a stinging sensation,i can't explain it. I get that i am healing but,uncomfortable feeling. Bad enough i forgot how to use my darn legs,thank god for muscle memory. I am disciplined so i'll try again Monday night. It was hella hot out too. Like 79
i finished by 8:10 p.m. and it was still like 75.
Well i put arnica on them and it soothed them.
Happy Healing all of you and Good night.
Sweet Dreams and pleasant thoughts to you getting surgery soon.

3 weeks and 3 days!

Hello rs women.
I am posting pics and i did notice my arms are getting tighter and leaner. Lovin' them.
I still feel a little numbness in right arm by elbow but it is subsiding. I get this tingling stinging sensation when i put my hands over head but that too is diminishing with time. All in all,i'm doing well.
Happy Healing to all of you who had procedures done the 10th and after.

4 weeks

Hello RS women
It's been 4 weeks and it feels like 4 months! I am still swollen and healing right along.
I feel like time is moving like a slug and i want it to be like turbo the movie. I am Bored of waiting!!! My friends see the results and i do too but not a 6 month end result,that's what i'm waiting for.

For swelling on face,puffy eyes,headaches and redness


NOT Fading Fast

My right arm scars are faded and the left not so much. It's weird that one arm heals faster.
He worked on my right arms more,how is it possible! I have no scars. The left is so noticeable.
UGH! ;( Left is not fading fast enough. Oh well. It is what it is. I just have to wait it out.

5 weeks

Hello RS women.
I will see my doctor this afternoon and see how he thinks i am healing.
Here are some pics to see the difference. Overall i am HAPPY and ready for my next procedure.LOL!
Thank You to the women who have been supportive. Happy healing to everyone and best wishes to those getting sx done.

5 weeks post-op after appt

It's all good and i am healing properly and as normal as can be. Left arm with prominent scar is normal& usually one arm heals faster than the other. No complications. Other than that,i'm all good!!! Now i can go to Cancun on the 1st and soak up the rays. SSSHHHHHH. My doc is a dermo & he told me to wear my sunscreen. He deals with mohs skin cancer 247. So i understand his concern. But for some reason when i glob on the sunscreen it makes me darker,i guess i just attract the heat,lol. Anyway back to my arms,I am pretty happy ladies.

Popeye Bulky Arms

I took some pics of my fat arms. I still think they are BULKY!! Especially because my doc said he coulda did more on the outside,he said it will take 1 year for end result. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT get a revision. I'm so over these arms,they are back to where they were when i was 38 minus the saggy hanging loose skin underneath and no wiggle or jiggle,but now i am like the outside is still BIG!!!! could woulda shoulda,too late! I am Happy but i agree he shoulda did more.
Check out my arms. NO BUENO!!! I'm just venting.I'm still taking my Happy PHAT @ss and arms to Cancun!! HA!

Does everything have to go to Shit?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my Lovely RS women. I am finally at 6 weeks post-op. I need to clarify for some that i am HAPPY with my arms,but i was unhappy when i was told by doctor that "I coulda done more."
My arms are pretty proportionate to my body size and i accept that and i am ready for my next journey.
I know i still have more than 4 months to go for these arms to be totally healed but i was also told on the 23rd 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On to the next,I am so angry because my Sunday was ruined,Monday&Tues&now Wednesday!!! My lil Simba (Chihuahua) has been sick throwing up an diarrhea since Sunday. I have to clean up the crap!!!! OMG!!!!! Anyway,i get home from the movies Tues night and barf by his bed and crap. Then i use the restroom and the B@#ch flo is here and 1 day early at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what the hell. I am going to Cancun!!!!!!!!! Now i am just Pissed.
This sux!!!!!!!!!!!! This is when i HATE being a woman. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Had to vent and i Hate cussing. so excuse the profanity.

Monday Blues& now Wednesday Tears!!!!!

I am Bummed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When it rains it pours.
Best wishes to the ladies getting their sx soon and for those of us healing enjoy and cherish the moment. Rejoice in your new skin.

Feeling Much Better!

What a difference a day makes. Thanks to the beautiful women here who helped me feel better.
Thanks for your kindness and compliments. :) It goes a long way in my book.
Happy Healing RS sisters. Quick question has anyone recently used Dr J Nejad,Dr Ghavami and Dr Bruno in LA?
If so,Please reach out as i am consulting with all 3 for a bbl. I need to know the good,bad and the UGLY!!!!!! Keep it real. Thanks. I am doing as much research as i can.

Dominican Republic/La Republica Dominicana

To all the DR Dolls going to get their bbl. I just want to say It is a 3rd world country and it is BEAUTIFUL! The water is turquoise and warm,the food is great,the men are handsome and the weather is HOTT!!!!!!!!! I am Biased because I LOVE MY Latinos from all Countries. Don't expect it it to be modern or like the USA,it is NOT! It's DR :). Those who never been can't speak about Dr,those who have may not share the same opinion.
I know you can't drink alcohol but there is a drink called MAMAJUANA and it is so good,it is soaked in cinnamon sticks and some type of concoction that is Tasty!!! If you get a chance they have it bottled at the airport,so you can taste a bit of the DR and hopefully it leaves you with a good taste in your mouth and a BEAUTIFUL Bunda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means BUTT in Brazilian Portuguese.

Me encanta La Rpublica Dominicana Y Mexico.
Todas mis latinas q viajan alli para encontrar su cuerpo de nuevo les quiero felicitar.
Cuidense MUCHO y q Dios Les Bendiga

Cancun Mexico

WOW!! I can't believe it's been 2 months!!! Damn time flies.
I just got back from my Mini vacation. Like a 4 day trip around the world and back. I am EXHAUSTED!!!
I Hate going through customs,it is a pain in the butt!! I wanted to post some pics soyou can see my arms. The pics aren't great because my phone broke and the camera i took had no battery,i thought i charged it ,NOT!!! The hits kept coming. I have pics in phone but have to get a new phone and then i will post them. It's all good mother nature did NOT follow me to Cancun,thank God,i think the HEAT scared her away!! I was able to get in the pool and the ocean.
My arms were SWOLLEN due to all the traveling,heat,salt intake and alcohol. Peanuts or pretzels on the plane,Gotta love salt. Unfortunately i do.
This new heart system i'm seeing is new?????????????????????? HUH????????????
Prayers to the ladies getting bbl's tomorrow and other ps done. ;)

Cheers to all the Lovely RS Women!

I just wanted to Congratulate those women/men who have had any ps or sx done.
I NEVER want to offend anyone or insult anyone. I enjoy chatting it up with most people i have met on RS and i want to Thank Mzphatbooty and Redgoddess for ALWAYS keeping it REAL with me. I try to be supportive and informative but will stay in my lane and know my place. I understand most of you are grown and make your our own decisions,make our own $$$$$$$$$$$ and do what you want,so that being said,i will not interfere with the ps you choose or not. It's all up to you and i will just be positive and say prayers. Cheers to everyone :)
Happy Healing Ladies!!!!

Should I get a bbl?

should I?

Lovin My Arms!!!

Here are a couple of pics i posted for some dollies and Dolls! Here is Simba all in the Starbuck's cup!!! lol My arms are looking Fabulous and i feel Great on this TGIF!
JR,Newshape 31and Carribeancubanese tell me if you honestly think i need a BBL and Or Restylane injected in the top lip? Thanks. Other women are welcomed to comment with your experience and or opinion.
Thank you all and have a great weekend!

Happy Hump Wednesday!

This was for AMG408 for Taco Tuesday! mmmmmmmmmmmmm LOL!
I woke up late&MISSED my post-op Tuesday so i'll be seeing Dr M on Aug 28th. I have been so lazy these past months and fall is around the corner,yuk!! The only good thing about that is kids will be back in school by the 25th and my movie theatre's will be empty,YES!!!!! I have been OBSESSING about my abs lately and can't wait to get rid of them and get my 4 pack back! I pray for those getting surgery Thursday and wish everyone who is healing a HAPPY recovery and a BEAUTIFUL end result!!

Smiles BUT NO Guac! lol

Here's a SMILE but NO guacamole!!!!!!! Got Chips?


It's 3:24 an my bed was shaking and Home. the fan was moving. I have experienced plenty earth quakes and the BIG one in 89 Loma Prieta in Mtn.view,that was HELL!!!! Black outs and trafic and bridge collapsed near Watsonville.
Hope all my Bay Area sisters are ok,maybe you slept through it or you felt it. However
i hope everyone is safe!! It was scary but kinda fun,i was getting ready to go to bed and and it felt like i was one of the beds you put a quarter in and it freakin' shakes,lol. I was a youngin' then.
Hope all is well!! Goodnight and Good morning!
Mountain View Dermatologic Surgeon

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Morganroth. I have known him for more than 3 years and he has always been very nice to me,he is honest,professional and personable. If i have questions on the latest lipo,fillers or lasers and peels,he is very knowledgeable and quick to answers any of my questions. Dr M is my go to Dermatological surgeon for everything. I trust him with my life,i know i am in good hands when he treats me for anything. He is very confidant at everything he does and he's a perfectionist. He has a good eye and a precise hand,which makes him a true artist in my opinion. I have read reviews where patients were told to get a full face lift and pay 20k but when they met with Dr M they learned they did not need a full face lift and that his approach is less invasive,more natural and healing time is minimal. Dr M will not tell you that you need something you don't! I never felt like he was pushing to sell skin care products for my melasma or needed my$$$$. Quite the contrary. He has always been more than fair with me and has delivered Great results from mole removal,skintags,fillers to smart-lipo on my arms. He is also the BEST in the Bay Area for Moh's. If you don't know what this is,it's skin cancer. This is where his precise surgical technique comes into play,Dr M does this 247, i would say more than 23,000 surgeries. He specializes in Moh's surgery,laser surgery,reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.I couldn't ask for any other Surgeon to work on my face or body. He definitely knows his profession and is an expert in skin surgery. His work speaks volume and his confidence is impeccable. I thought about consulting other surgeons/ps's at one time But i realized there was no need. I can truly say,i never had to go to anyone else and i wouldn't RISK it ever! He's the right surgeon for me. Dr M holds seminars on procedures he conducts&the latest new lasers such as:Smarlipo triplex,fillers,restylane,botox and cellulaze etc. These seminars are very educational and informative and can help people with their decision if they are considering any type of ps. I like this idea because not many surgeons do this if any and there is no pressure,it is like a social event where there are drinks and other patients you can consult. I could go on and on but My surgeon doesn't need me to promote him on RS. His results speak for themselves. I NEVER could write a review because i do not face book,twitter or instagram and i still don't. But finally here it is after 3 years. If i left anything out sorry Dr M :) lol i think i covered it all.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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FYI- I do respect your decision and will supportive in whatever it is that you choose to do. At the end of the day I want you to be happy with yourself =)
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I am so sorry to hear that you have been going through a lot Bella=( Just know that we are praying for Pablo and you. Never lose hope. This is one of my favorite verses ..."Don't be afraid, just believe." Mark 5:36 I do want to remind you that even as time passes and you still don't see your prayer being answered and think that your prayer isn't being heard you are wrong. On the contrary the time that we least hope or expect for a miracle is more likely the time you will receive your miracle. Remember it's not at our time it's in God's time that we receive our miracles and blessings. Just now that when you talk to God, He is right there listening to you. We are here for you girl=) Now speaking of you miss Bella I totally agree with Fullcircle you are beautiful and don't need a bigger butt or any other procedure. I would be happy with your body as well. I do understanding that many times we are hard on ourselves and believe that we need improvement. That's ok but to an extent. In my case I want a BBL because I literally have no butt at all. I have even had guys look at me from the front and compliment me however when I turn around they have literally said I don't have a butt. I don't care about the comments men make nor am I doing this for others bc I'm doing this for me and my hubby. I have two children and have excessive loose skin so Dr. Ortega recommend that I have a TT to have the body I desire. I used to have natural big breast but I don't know how on earth they went from a 34-36 C to a 32 B =( I did breastfeed both my children so now I want a BA as well. Those are the three procedures that I want. Now if I start looking at myself more and more I'm sure I will end up finding more and more things that needs or could be enhanced in my physical appearance however then I believe is when this because an addition and from there on out I don't personally think a person will ever be happy with themselves and I don't want this to happen to me nor any of you beautiful women. So Bella I do understand you however I do want you to be cautious and don't be too hard on yourself. You are an attractive beautiful women=) xoxo
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Hun you look great and sexy too. Nothing we say will change your mind about what ever surgeries you want. I know because people tell me the same thing but I always do what I want to do. I have a very hard head lol. Do what ever makes you feel happy. I think you look great with or without surgery doll.
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OK ... just read your story....Lets get some things straight!!! YOU are amazingly beautiful! You do not need anything done to your perfect looking butt! Your arms look fantastic and I think you are to hard on yourself on the way you look! Many women would love to look just like you including me.
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You're too kind. :) I feel there is always ROOM for IMPROVEMENT and i need some maintenance :) I will be starting a new journey soon. Abs and waist then legs. Better do it while i can afford it,have the time and the clean bill of health. Thanks so much for your compliments.
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I totally agree with you. Why wait for if we want to better ourselves. I want waist and back. U just want waist and your tummy. When you doing this?
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In Nov JR :)
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I went to church today during lunch lite a candle and prayed for all....
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AWE Pattie68 Bless your heart. :) You're a gem. This means the WORLD to me. I been so down i'm starting to like tramadol&that isn't good. :/ I think too much and pray til i fall asleep.
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U r so pretty honey x glad to see ur doing awsomexx
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Thanks. Yesterday and today i'm not doing so well. My friend had a massive stroke and is unconscious now i got news he will be paralyzed and have memory loss! What kind of life is that!! No life!
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I'm emotionally drained!
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Yes I know how you feel Bella the challenges we get in life but we can overcome them..sorry about you friend yes at no life sending prayers your way...
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I'm so sorry :-( you and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers! I totally understand how you feel right now! Keep smiling girl, lots of love !
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Oh no, girl I'm so sorry to hear that. Just now that the God I believe in is real. He is god of Miracles. He is the doctor of all doctors. Just call onto him and believe and you will see his wonders. You and your friend are in my prayers ;)
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Im so sorry to hear that. Prayers!
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Thanks. 16 mos ago my car accident,car was no totaled and am alive and well,THANK GOD June my dear friend biz partner diagnosed with kidney failure,this July 2014 his wife stage 4 and will eventually die,now my friend massive stroke Aug 24th before earth quake,then my other friend has cancer then i hear your news too Pattie. This is Mind F'N I DO NOT DO WELL WITH DEATH! When i lost my granny at age 20 i was messed up fo r12 years! I tend to be cold and deal with stuff on my own. Last night i didn't even want to see people i worked with that were at the hospital in the waiting room area. I am not anti-social just feel like the past is the past. Hard to explain.
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Thanks Amg408 i appreciate the kind words and thanks for the prayers,i need as many as i can get for pablo. I need a MIRACLE!
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No problem :) do what you can and we're all praying and thinking of you! Xoxo
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This too shall pass. :?
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Omg that's not great news hun. Let's all pray that a miracle will come through for Pablo :-)
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Wow doll thats too much to deal with. I hope something great comes along your way. You do have a cute Simba to put a smile on your beautiful face.
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Thank you so much Transformeplease. I have been praying :0) the MORE the better. I am keeping the faith. OXXO
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I need all the prayers i can get RS Sisters! His name is pablo or paul Thanks Ray of Hope.
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Gonna head out to the hospital.
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