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Dr. Lowen did a great job of removing five small...

Dr. Lowen did a great job of removing five small lipomas from my arms with truly minimal scarring, full removal, and complete recovery.

He uses a liposuction technique that allows to make a smaller incision than the traditional technique, in addition he can move the incision point to somewhere less visible. apologies if this an (accidental) double post

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what size are your lipomas?
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Pretty small maybe 2-5 cm. But once the dr made the incision he's able to melt all the lipomas nearby. So in effect multiple lipoma removals with just one (small) scar
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Hi, San Francisco543! Is the lipoma 100% removal,include the capsule?how did the doctor take out the capsule which is diffcult to suck?and after liposuction,do you feel subcutaneous palpable lump on you arms?
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