Lost 139lbs in 20mos After RNY Surgery - Mountain View, CA

My journey from first appointment to surgery was...

My journey from first appointment to surgery was 8mos. I had BCBS insurance and had no problems with approval. It was approved the first time. I weighed 263 day of my surgery 3/29/10 and today I weigh 124. That's 139lbs and I'm still in wonder that I accomplished it.

I had BP problems, knee issues, foot problems and arthritis. Not type2 diabetes but was a very unhappy, unhealthy gal. Both of my parents have had GBS and have been very successful. This allowed me to have an incredible local support team.

Pros: it truly will change your life if you follow the rules. You will be healthy and more confident.
Cons: surgery is just the tool - you have to use it & do all of the hard work. Exercise, eating right, liquids, meds & vitamins.

It's changed my life dramatically... I have a self confidence that I hadn't had in years. I am more active, interested and savoring my life.

I wish I knew how this journey would impact not just my body but my mind as well. It takes time for your brain to catch up to your weight loss. I've also had to learn hard painful lessons about how people perceive you. The last two relationships I was in ended because both men said as much as they liked me and that I was a beautiful person - the excess skin just made them uncomfortable and inhibited a physical relationship. It really broke my heart. Especially since this year is the year of my plastic surgeries.

I had a BL/BA in Jan and am having an extended tummy tuck & thigh lift on 7/13. Maybe I started dating too soon but I also thought I picked guys with good hearts who would be understanding. Bottom line is I would do it all over again and do my plastics for me not in hopes to get them back because those weren't relationships worth having. I'll wait for the man who really loves me inside & out without conditions.


Thanks to both of you for your kinds words. I know the right guy is out there and we'll find each other eventually. I've also learned that some friends weren't as true friends as I thought. They still aren't all that supportive and make me feel like I cheated in my weight loss because they do WW. I did too for several years and it never worked for me. Bypass did as it did for both of my parents.
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Congrats on your weight loss! You look fabulous. It's interesting to hear about the mental aspects too, and how some guys couldn't handle it. It sounds like you have a great outlook though and are doing great. The right guy will just happen one day. :)

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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on your weight loss. You've obviosuly worked very hard and you look awesome!

Your upcoming surgeries will take you to that final step and I'm sure you'll feel great afterwards, it's what you've been working for. However, you're completely right that you'll find someone who wants you just the way you are, with or without surgery!


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Helpful things for me: -a rocking playlist on...

Helpful things for me:

-a rocking playlist on my iPod (tiny one that clips on - iPhone was just too bulky!)
-Syntrax Nectar protein powder - I do chocolate truffle, a tsp of espresso powder & milk every day for breakfast
-Papaya enzyme - little orange supplements that really help me when things feel "stuck"
-Cottage cheese is my go-to for protein when I need it quick
-I really only drink water - no crystal light, etc. I do use an infuser pitcher & add cut up fruit to it daily. Oranges, limes, lemons, berries and peaches/nectarines
-Take pictures in the same place - that way the difference is really noticable
-Go to support group at least a few times - it is great for some people and others not so much. I attend 2-3 times a year when it's a topic I am interested in.
-See you DR regularly - get those labs & take your vites & supplements!
-Miralax has been a wonder drug for me - ask your DR about it if you have problems going.
-At cocktail parties, etc - I ask for a glass of ice water, a tiny splash of cranberry juice and a lemon or lime. It keeps a drink in my hand and encourages me to drink my water. I go to a lot of events for work and this is just an easy social fix.
-Take your measurements in addition to weighing yourself...it's pretty cool to add up all those inches lost!


I loved reading about you. Please write me and continue to share your knowledge. I am so thankful to have found this site and honest reflections of the GB experience. You rock!
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Hi krca67. Girl you look fabulous:). I too will be taking that journey in December. WL has been a real struggle for me too over the years. I loose then gain back more that I lost. I have been on so many diets that I have made everyone in the WL business very rich:) you name it I have done it. Now I am 57 soon will be 58 in November and I am just so tired... As far as the men is concerned it is not that you started to early it means you got a chance to see them for what they really are and not worth your beauty.. Girl mr right is out there but he will come when the time is right. Do you first then it will come who is worthy of you... And as far as your WW friends are concerned it is not because they think you took the easy way out it is because they are!!! HOW CAN I PUT THIS!! JEALOUS!! Keep doing you girl and enjoy the rest of your life and all that you have accomplished. I know this journey cannot be easy and I know I too will find out soon:) but now just enjoy your beauty and all that you have accomplish. As far as your friends are concerned if they are hating on you then they were never your friends in the first place. Get yourself some positive friends who got your back:) Take care. I will keep you posted on my journey and again congrats.
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All that matter sis that you're hapy with your outcome. Truth be told, more hard work has to go into WLS than other "normal" diets. It's a constant presence in your life that requires life-long changes and maintenance. I'm glad that you're happy with your weight loss, which is all that really matters! :)


Thanks for your tips, those are really great ideas! I too start my mornings with a protein shake, which keeps me full until lunch time. I also no longer drink my calories, which makes a huge difference!

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