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I got my implants about 6 years ago and let's just...

I got my implants about 6 years ago and let's just say "What a mistake"!
Doing this surgery, I mistakenly thought that it would give my breast the lift they needed but alas, all I got was just heavier looking upper body which really made me uncomfortable.
Due to dieting throughout the years and losing and gaining weight, my breasts have sagged and the nipples are pointing downwards. I thought that if I added volume, I would be able to give myself the youthful appearance I was hoping for. What I got was a D size cup (I was a small C before), that was uncomfortable for me and as I work out 6 days a week, I always feel that I need to warp them up with 2 bras to keep them from bouncing around.
A week to 10 days before my period, they seem to get even more swollen and bigger which causers much discomfort and makes my shirts, jackets etc... feel like they just don't fit.
My breasts are still sagging but they are even bigger and I just hate having the implants! I want them out ASAP.
I have been doing much research and reading about the procedure and thank you to all the generous ladies on this site that have shared their story, which help me make up my mind to go ahead and seek a PS to get the surgery done.
Mid March I made an appointment with the PS and discussed my wishes and hopes. I have one breast that is somewhat smaller than the other, which also adds to my insecurity but I do understand that I can't expect breast of a 20 year old. With that said, I want to have the implants removed (hate them) and I want my breasts lifted. The PS said he can make them look so much better with a lift and positioning of my nipples and removal of the excess skin.
I felt very comfortable with the PS and his team and went ahead with booking my procedure. I am so excited and just can't wait, I am counting down the days and I just hope everything goes well. I have already gotten all the required medication, special wash, towelettes to wash myself as my surgery is Friday and the PS said I will not be able to shower till Sunday night. For someone who showers 2x a day, not showering for almost 3 days sounds like a nightmare. I ordered a special bra and took a few days off work for my recovery and I am ready, bring it on.
Hooray that you're able to do this! You're not alone in getting implants to make your breasts look fuller up top. I see that a lot. It sounds like you'll be a lot happier without the implants and just a lift. Please keep us posted throughout your journey!

10 days and counting!

OMG, so excited!!!! Can't wait till Friday the 18th for the surgery.
I am counting the days and for some reason it's just going sooooo slowly.
Now that the decision has been made, the date booked and I have requested the time off, I just wish it would be here already.
I keep looking in the mirror, imagining myself without the implants and I am ecstatic. I really want them OUT of me and can't wait to be just "me" again.
I hope everything goes smoothly and I have no complications but I am very positive and a healthy person, I don't smoke or drink and I just trust that all will be fine. Wish me luck and I will get back to you once I have undergone the procedure and let you know how it went.
When I had my BA surgery in 1991, I thought that would improve the shape of my breasts too. Well, I was wrong, because I guess I didn't communicate with my PS very well to tell him what I really wanted the end result to be. I spent so much time trying to find the right PS and worrying about the safety of silicone implants, I didn't know that there were a variety of options for me. As far as I knew at the time, there were silicone implants and saline and my PS recommended the silicone, because he said there was less chance of CC with them. The brand of silicone implants he used were textured. At that time, no one ever spoke of high-profile, medium profile or anything like that at all. My PS certainly didn't bring that up. I'm not sure what options were available back then, but no one said anything to me. The only thing I told him was that I wanted my breasts to look normal and not too big. I told him I didn't want anything bigger than a C cup, because I just wanted to look normal. My natural breasts weren't very full on the bottom or top; I was a little fuller on the sides, but my nipples weren't very high and perky. I thought once he put the implants in, that I would have nice, round breasts and my nipples would be more in the middle. Well, that didn't happen, unfortunately. Because I am not a thin woman and I'm 5'8" tall, he decided that I needed bigger implants, so I ended up with D and I wasn't happy about that. Also, I had a lot of fullness on the top, but not much on the bottom, so my nipples were pretty much in the same place. Because of the fullness on top, I felt like my nipples looked like they were pointing down a little. I was very disappointed and a little angry that my breasts weren't more of a round shape. I understand completely how you feel! I made my surgery appointment about six weeks ago and I have been so anxious that I can hardly stand it! My surgery is this Friday the 11th at 9:30 AM! I have been especially anxious the last couple of days. Last night I couldn't go to sleep until about 3 AM, in fact. Thinking of finally bring rid of our implants is pretty exhilarating, isn't it?? I can't wait to get on the "other side". I'll let you know how it goes!
I should also add that I got CC and that has been the hardest part, besides thinking I have something toxic inside of me. My insurance will cover my explantation, but not a lift. Before I got on RS, I was too afraid to get a lift, because I thought the scars would be terrible. Now, after seeing other pics on here, I wish I could have a lift, but I can't afford that right now. I'll just wait and see how I feel in about a year. Then maybe I'll have a lift, but I doubt it. I think my breasts have been through enough and I'll learn with what I end up with.
OMG, I feel like you and I are "Breast sisters". Reading your story, was as if I was reading my own. I am so excited for you to have your surgery this Friday, mine is next Friday. I am already not sleeping well, as I am just super excited and can't stop thinking about the big day. I wish you all the best, I'm sure you will be so happy this coming weekend. :-)

I have a week to go!

This month seems like the loonnggestt month of my life. the days just won't pass and Friday 4/18 could not get here soon enough.
I am concerned about feeling nauseous the day of the surgery, as they don't allow you to eat or drink anything from the night before and they give you so much medication any suggestions ladies? I know it sounds silly but I really am afraid of feeling sick!!
FRIDAY the 18th is almost here and I can't wait to be looking at myself and not having these foreign objects inside me.
Saw the PS, CC in both breasts and calcification! Wonderful...
Are you going under general? Maybe that is a silly question, I just don't know what is usual. When I had chin lipo a couple years ago I went under. I also couldn't eat or drink and felt quesy going in but once they start with the IV, it goes fast and all I remember was they started an IV, the nurse was talking how the same PS did a brow lift on her (and her eyes did look very pretty, she said she had a furrowed brow before)...then I remember waking up. I have no memory of the inbetween. I've only had the breast implants 22 years ago and the chin lipo, just thought I'd add as it may sound like I am a PS junkie!

Well, I had it done!

Today I am one day after my operation and feeling ok. a bit of pain but nothing that some Tylenol can't handle. I am felling tired so I am in bad most of the time.
Got to the surgical center at 8:30 am and was in the operating room by 9:40 a.m. I really don't remember anything after till I woke up in the recovery room. The team that took care of me were fabulous and my husband picked me up and took me home. I have to say I am really waiting for tomorrow to have a shower. I have cleaned myself in the tub with some soap and water but I really want to get this bandage off and wash my hair.
I am a bit worried about what I will see when the bandages are removed. My PS said that he took quite a bit of skin off and that I am small now. I honesty have to say that I don't really care as I am happy to have these bags out of me and I look forward to being "small" again. Jackets and other tops will fit better and I work out and really didn't what I had before.
I hope the healing is fast as I do feel weak right now and would like to feel myself again.

It's been a week now!

I am feeling great and wish I was able to work out but as I want to make sure that my healing goes well, I will do as instructed and take it easy for 2-3 weeks.
I have to say that wearing a bra 24-7 is not the most comfortable thing. I did purchase the special after surgery bras that have been recommended but I wish I also ordered the large 8x3 gauze strips to protect my incisions. I have now went ahead and ordered them and meantime am using the little gauze pads I do have but they are falling out and not comfortable.
I have just finished all my antibiotics and luckily did not really need any of the strong pain medication prescribed.
I do have to say that my tata's look the best they ever have...maybe even better than when I was younger!! I love not having the implants and still have good amount of breast tissue. I love that I don't seem so top heavy and that my girls are standing nice, tall and firm with the nipples pointing UP!!!
I guess my surgery took longer than was first calculated as the PS office called and said I needed to pay about $670 extra for the extra time and anesthesiologist. I have to admit, I was a bit ticked off as it was already a super expansive procedure but what am I to do? I am pleased with the end results and I am glad my PS took his time and did not cut corners, I wanted good results and I got them.

2 weeks post op, how happy am I?

I feel such confidence, I wonder why I didn't get he lift a long time ago...?
My girls look so great and even without the implants, I still have a size that's enough for me. I am so glad I am not big as I was anymore. LOVE THE RESULTS!
Still sensitive and wearing the surgical bra 24/7. I am ready for things to heal so I can start working out again but I know it takes some time, so I need to have patience.
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

PS was extremely knowledgeable and realistic, which I appreciate I want to know what to expect and not promises he can't deliver. The office staff was nice and friendly and made me feel comfortable. I am looking forward to my procedure more than I even thought I would .

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