Had No Clue It Would Still Hurt So Much! - Mount Pleasant, SC

Not sleeping well at all. Having to sleep at a 30...

Not sleeping well at all. Having to sleep at a 30 degree angle is hard for a stomach sleeper ... Face is still extremely swollen and suddenly behind my ears hurts ..been 4 days and this just started . Feels like something poking hard behind my ear and also sides of neck hurt now... I am praying the pain and swelling goes away soon....
Who was your doctor? Did you consult with others? grace
My doctor was James Scheu (prounouced Shoy) and he was wonderful. I didn't get a second opinion as my surgeon is board-certified, has no complaints at the board and his previous patients I spoke to loved him. I felt very comfortable with him because he listened to me and I was adamant that I wanted a natural looking result which I got. No one has any idea I've had work done and I look like a well-cared for 45-ish rather that the 55 I am.
You'll be OK, all surgery hurts and faces are sensitive. KEEP ICE ON IT and the other thing that will help a lot is KEEP WEARING YOUR COMPRESSION BANDAGE. I cannot stress that enough. By wearing it at all times for as much as possible for the first 30 days, it helps the swelling and keeps gravity from stressing the internal sutures. I wore mine almost 24/7 and I got a beautiful result. It helped a tremendous amount with the pain and swelling and use that ice belt as much as possible too.

Pain subsiding, feeling better

ALMOST 5 weeks now… Had to go back twice to have stitches that are coming through the skin removed.. and now, I see another one.. Have an appointment in 3 days so I will just wait to have it removed then. Still NOT even on both sides of chin, and have a small "pocket pouch" thing on same side that needs more work.. :-( was hoping it would all be nice after so much money was spent..Don't have more $ to get this fixed...
My stitches dissolved on their own. Can't see any scarring around my ears. Chin scar is fading more every day, but no one really sees it anyway. I will be 65 in April & a man told me yesterday that he thought I was about 52.
I am getting guess at 43-45 and I'm 55. Gotta love it!
C sterling....who was your doctor? When you went back to have stitches removed did the doc do that or another person in the office? And do you know what type fl you had or what the surgical time was? Was this doc in private practice and was the surgery at an outpatient facility? thanks, grace

almost 6 weeks

At my 5 week apt. I had ANOTHER stitch removed that was coming through the skin. I was then told I have to wait until "6" months to do any "touchups" which is VERY disappointing because I had this done for an event in July (which would be 6 months out)… still have the jawl on one side, and wish they could have done the "filler" under my eyes and in this bad chin wrinkle… don't like this pouch think under the bad jawl either…hope it gets better...
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Goodness ladies! I lost 40 lb three years ago, don't wear makeup, but am in pretty good shape physically. Usually get told I look 50 (I'm 60), but even my nursing-home/dementia mother will look at me and comment on my facial wrinkles! Gotta love her honesty and the beautiful humor of life. I did not inherit her lovely complexion though...bottom line: after reading all of your comments, I've decided to keep my wrinkles and hope mama's around a little longer to notice them!
So Csterling...all you had done in Mt Pleasant SC was a lifestyle lift and they charged you $14K? How is that possible? And you think you will need to spend even more to have it made right? And for this people come from all over and have the additional costs of the hotels? Surely I've gotten a lot of what you said very wrong....grace60
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He was nice the day i met him... But he never met with my husband the day of the procedure...he said he would...no call or check on me since procedure at all!!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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