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Like every one on this website I Hated my nose !...

Like every one on this website I Hated my nose ! It wasnt that bad but it could be alot more feminin... I am origanilly from lebanon and all of my family back home has done lots of plastic surgery! I talked to some family members trying to look up some doctors and after searching and asking I called Dr A. I told him what was concerning me and I emailed him my pictures !

I asked for local anastesia because of my fear of falling asleep and not waking up! so he said thats not a problem . I booked my ticket i will arrive a day before easter and celebrate easter and get ready for my first appointment with him April 1st !

The surgery is April 3rd! The cast will be removed a week after ! Am not nervous because all of my family has done it in lebanon except me! so i am veryyyyy excited ! I will post some of my before pictures!


You are gorgeous! good luck!
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Thank you ! Hopefully my nose will look better !
Good luck, keep us posted!!!
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Hi everyone ! I am traveling today I will arrive...

Hi everyone ! I am traveling today I will arrive tomorrow . I am going to celebrate Easter and get ready for my surgery. My appointment is going to be on wednesday . I am very excited and am counting the minutes!!! I will let you know what will go on very soon! Wish me luck!


safe flight!, keep us updated and enjoy ur stay in Lebanon ;)
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Hi everyone so I got to Lebanon safely enjoyed the...

Hi everyone so I got to Lebanon safely enjoyed the first week. I saw a new doctor on April 2 nd and I just looooved him . He graduated from Canada and studied In Texas . He's very experienced and very friendly he gave me my time and we talked about every thing . Today Friday April 5 I did my surgery. I got to the hospital around 8 am got my blood checked and filled out some papers . I got to my room in the same day care . I had my own room . Then they took me to the surgery room were I met the anestasian nurse I choose general Anastasia . I felt very sleepy until I woke up! I wasn't allowed to eat anything but jello or pudding so I ate jello and slept a little bit . I first woke up at 1 then slept till 2:30 thn left the hospital. Right now it's 6:43 pm and am still In bed I keep on sleeping . I got some bruises right away under the eyes I hope they would get better as soon as possible . I am applying arnica lotion on the bruises . I did put some ice for a little bit then went back to sleep . I took some pictures I will post them as soon as I can .


hi , hope the swealing is better now, any new pics soon?
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i cant wait till i see ur results, do you recommend doctor Charbel? and why you changed your original doctor? best of luck sweetie :)
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Well I absolutely do recommend him . I did see the other doctor he was very experienced as well but I just didn't feel as comfortable with him . Dr Charbel Medawar talked to me as his sister or a friend we were laughing and we made jokes . He's very friendly and he's not materialistic . I wanted to get my smile lines filled he didn't let me he told me to save my money am too young . Any other doctor wouldn't care about me saving my money! That's y I choose him .

Hi guys After my surgery day 2 I went and got the...

Hi guys After my surgery day 2 I went and got the tampons out of my nose. It felt like it was coming out of my brain and it felt like it was burning up my nose then I was able to breathe which was great ! I stayed home the 2nd day. I went out the 3rd day but it was very sunny so it bothered me a little bit even though I had a hat on and sunscreen. The 4th and the 5th day I was out all day long. I will remove the cast and stitches this Friday which will be day 7 and I will leave Saturday at 5 am . I can't wait to c how my nose will end up. Bruises disappeared the 4 th day plus I bought a foundation that was designed to cover bruises and tattoos from Macy's . It's the best I love it. I will upload pictures as soon as I get home. But can some one please tell me if the stitches and the splint will hurt when they get removed???? Please and thank u


I've had stitches removed from the nose area before (for another reason), and let me tell you that our nostril and upper lip area is quite sensitive. You might feel some discomfort or have a couple tears stroll down from your eyes, but it isn't awful. I looked it up beforehand and read taking an extra strength Tylenol 15 mins before leaving would help. I don't know if it did, but I was able to tolerate the discomfort. :) Btw, would you mind sharing which foundation you bought for your bruises? I'd like to keep it in mind for when I get my rhinoplasty!
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Hey everyone am back In Michigan the cast and the...

Hey everyone am back In Michigan the cast and the stitches are off . My nose looks different but still big due to the swelling I can't upload any pictures of my iPad for some reason! I have one nostril smaller than the other due to the swelling. My Dr said it could take months for it to get back to normal. My nose is taped now for 1 more week. I will try to upload pictures tonight from my friend laptop.


I love the result and you look gorgeous! I appreciate the photos and information sooo much and feel much calmer about my upcoming surgery :)
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Hello! I'm thinking of having a surgery in a couple of Months as well. And I have the same fear, so I reallllly appreciate your info and photos I feel more calm now :) love the result and you look gorgeous. :)
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Dr Charbel Medawar is that the surgeon who performed your nosejob?
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Dr Charbel moudawar


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