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Not worthy it. I have pain in both ears. At times...

Not worthy it.
I have pain in both ears. At times it feels like something is crawling and something is falling off. I was aware of the fact that I would some scaring behind my ears, but not in front of them. I have scaring in front of my ears. I have lumps protruding from my ear lobes onto my jaw line, in which I cannot hide. I never expected to have these issues.
I expected my face to be much more fuller(smiles lines are too deep), in which I feel that more fat could have been injected in that area. I cost me $8650 for this procedure plus the medications and supplies that I was not aware of during my initial consultation. I must say that I received numerous calls prior to my procedure, for example; did you get the medications, did you order the specified supplies, and we need your check or how are you going pay for it. I have received an injection to get rid of one of the lumps. Why not both? The doctor chose to do one only.


was this a LSL? that's a franchise, i beleive. otherwise, it's hard to comment without pictures.
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Update please? Would greatly appreciate as I am presently considering mini-lift at the same office and am very nervous after reading nationwide reviews.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf!

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Doctor is not someone that I would recommend to someone else. Phone call: doctor never returned my call. Answered my questions/ Bedside Manner: doctor did not always speak in lay persons terminology After care Follow-up: schedule was followed Staff Professionalism & Courtesy: staff was very courtesy

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