Having my Smartlipo in 2 Weeks - Mount Kisco, NY

I'm 22 y old, 5'11 196 pounds. I lost...

I'm 22 y old, 5'11 196 pounds.

I lost 45 pounds when I was 15 and managed to keep the weight off for years until I moved to the US 3 years ago...I guess I couldnt resist all these american goodies and ended up gaining around 40 pounds last year. A mix of stress, homesickness, and many other changes in my life. I've been fighting back and going to the gym at least 5 days a week.

I'm havin lipo under local anesthesia in my flanks, hips, lower and upper abs + fat tranfer to butt in 2 weeks and trying not to think too much and just go with it...I'm very low tolerance for pain.

My doc told me I could buy any bodyshaper I feel comfy with but I am wondering...what did you guys use? Spanx? Fleexes? Confused ;(

To be continued...

Bought everything I needed...Bromelain, Arnica...

Bought everything I needed...Bromelain, Arnica gel, Fleexes (body compressor)...

I'm now second guessing myself If I made the right decision...my doctor seems good at what he does but he is not the greatest when it comes to dealing with patients emotions. He never gives me a solid answer...only that Ill see improvement. I dont know about other people but 'some improvement' isnt enough for me for 5k, that i can get at the gym for $10 a month. He thinks he knows what I want but he doesnt..he doesnt know me. I said 'I wanna my belly really flat' and he goes 'no, you dont' =/ how the heck does he know what I want?
Then he gave me the idea of transfering the fat to my butt which I loved but the nurse didnt tell me how was the procedure or anything just that 'it doesnt hurt that much' when I thought that was the easiest thing and then I come here and read crazy reviews on fat transfer. I'm REALLY scared specially because I only have 5 days off.
Sorry, needed to vent.

Tomorrow is the big day! Yaaay

Tomorrow is the big day! Yaaay

Every thing went fine with my Surgery but I...

Every thing went fine with my Surgery but I thought I would die at some point at home. When I really can do something on my own I plan on updating my situation very detailed here
Tks for the support

Does anybody know what to do with this dizziness...

does anybody know what to do with this dizziness everytime i get up?? :(((

Feeling much better today (3 days out) . I leaked...

Feeling much better today (3 days out) . I leaked so much that there are no bruisings whatsoever, the very annoying part of it is not being able to sit since i did BBL together with the lipo. I am now itching, a lot! hopefully ill be even better by monday when reality starts again. You will feel pain during the procedure..I screamed quite a bit but you will survive, keep your eyes at the prize!
Dr. Neil Goodman

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I will tell you what I was told/read from everyone and from my own experience. ..Be patient ,drink lots of lemon water for the swelling and massage daily. You should also rise.and move slowly to avoid dizziness. (Recommended by my doctor) It's a roller coaster ride ....up and down at times. Be strong you are not alone.
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yeah i spent 109 on mine
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my doctor gave me two stage one garments Design Veronique then after two weeks i bought same design but stage 2, stage two is tighter
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Yea I know I'm just not sure because my garment is really expensive and am not sure if I wanna spend more money or what but I will see.. Mine has to cover the whole body till the knees because of my Brazilian butt lift. Those run for over a 100 bucks
We will see ;-)
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hi i live in the bronx and i always wanted liposuction i heard of the smartlipo..has anyone done it with great results? i would also like to know the price range for my abdomen is this dr goodman real good? where is he located
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hi you can search thru the website and ready many reviews, My doc is located in Westescher county. About the price i cant tell u that. u have to see the doc to know more details.\goodluck!
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Welcome to RealSelf, suesamms! We have a lot of NYC Smart Lipo reviews here. My NYC geography is horrible, so I don't if any are in the Bronx, sorry, but it should get you started. :) A lot of the reviewers name their docs too. Hope this helps!

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I can't wait to hear about your experience. I have an appointment with Dr. Goodman on Monday for my consult. Hope all went well with you today!!
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I love Dr. Neil!! you cant go wrong with him he is super sweet and funny. Im loving my results and it has been less than a week. Goodluck!
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Just wanted to let you know I hit the 2 week post-op mark this week and it was a HUGE milestone for me. Got up yesterday and any soreness and tenderness seemed much more minimal.

Doctor took off the steri-strips yesterday that he had put over my incisions and I saw them for the 1st time. I guess I should say I didn't see them because I can't even tell where the are!!

Good luck, it just keeps getting better and the recovery really isn't that bad. I would do it again in a minute! You should look amazing!! I saw great results from the 3rd day on.
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Awww thank you all for the support!
I'M excited! Getting there at 7:30am to take a magic pill the nurse said she has..haha I wanna be as calm and groggy as possible. I know if you did it I can do it too but as my mom says nothing can be harder than give birth! Since I dont have kids I know it will be tough for me.

I am also doing BBL at the same time. Sweet Jesus =/

Keep you guys posted!
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Good luck tomorrow! Sending happy thoughts your way. :)

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@amalgam49. was the garment provided before or after the surgry? I'm a little confused?
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They showed me the garment at my consultation appointment because I asked about it. When I went for the lipo procedure they put it on me as soon at they were finished and I went home with it on.

Everything was included in my cost posted, general anesthesia, garment, etc. Everything but my medication.

Hope this answers your question.
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Oh, thats great! I'm peeing in my pants...already looked the contract twice to know how to cancel my surgery! I will freak out, literally...I've always been so low tolerance for pain, it scares me.

I'm glad you are enjoying your results!
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I thought "why am I going to do this!!??" many times! I was under general anesthesia, laid down, woke up and it was over.

My cousin recently had the same done under local and did fine. We had different doctors and they had different recommendations.

If you are using a plastic surgeon they can put you to sleep, if not they can only do it under local.

I only took pain pills twice and that was the 1st day, my cousin didn't take any.

We both got great results! We would both do it again in a heartbeat!
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Thank you for the support! I'll try to focus on the gain instead of the PAIN.

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My doctor provided the compression garment. It is called the DALE abdominal binder, have to wear it for 6 weeks 24/7. My results so far are amazing, had abs and flanks done 8 days ago. You won't have to worry again about the muffin top spilling over the waistband of your jeans. Best of luck to you!
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