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I have a small perforated septum. I had to choose...

I have a small perforated septum. I had to choose septoplasty from drop dwon list because I didn't see a treatment with this name. He is the only dr. that I saw (I went for 3 consults) that does a completely open procedure and takes tissue from ribs to repair a preforation. I'm terrified of any kind of surgery. Has anyone had a repair done by Dr. Losquadro for a perforated septum? If so, what was your experience and results.

I have had a repair done for a preforated septum however not by Dr Losquadro but by Dr Reda and fantastic results although still recovering and am in my 3rd week.. Cartiledge was taken from elsewhere in my nose to repair the septum. I believe the cartiledge is normally taken from behind the ear but I suppose it depends on your surgeon and what is easier. I had no pain, just discomfort and tenderness and feeling very congested and stell feel congested. Just had outer spint removed today and the gunk removed by a sucktion tube and it was brilliant to be able to breath even if it was for just a couple of hours. Your nose will be swollen for a while but the end results will be all worth it.. I had my repair done as I had constant nose bleeds and could not breath properly. Hope everything goes well for you. Diana

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Septoplasty is probably the correct category for you here. Here's what some doctors say about repairing perforated septums.

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