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64 ,arm Lift 3 Days Ago - Mount Kisco, NY

So... My grandmother arms that I had.. didn't...

so... My grandmother arms that I had.. didn't match my face or my lifestyle. I have gained and lost weight over the years but the most was 50 pounds when I was around 59.. so I was surprised that they were as droopy as they were ..but I've never been an excercisor.. so maybe that's why. Anyhow. I had confidence in a plastic surgeon ..having used him when I was 56 .. so I did't have the stress of choosing and deciding. Additionally, his price was acceptable , especially for the Westchester New York area. Not being retired, or having paid vacation, this costs more than it sounds as I can't work for a month. I have a family reuntion July 31 so I have 38 days to be presentable.

Monday morning my doctor drew various lines on my arms, erased, did it again he was happy with his final map. My proceedure involved lipo and then skin removal. . The operating room is in his facility in Mt Kisco and the anestheologist he chose was perfect. Everything you would want in a dr including being good looking. Operating room nurse was great, then later a recovery room nurse. I felt safe and informed.
Two different people called me the evening following the surgery...dr and nurse.
From day one, my dr said he wouldn't be using drains, he uses a technique that I think eliminates the need.
when I woke up from surgery my arms were bandaged and the lower half of my arms looked 98 % normal. I expected swelling or a generalized weirdness, ..no, just a slight bruise where he had the iv in my hand. ( way good btw)
and the only discomfort I felt was in my armpit and it was not severe. The first night? I expected to have a lot of pain which I figured I would manage with hydrocodone. But it was not that way, in my case, I think it could have been managed with tylenol if I couldn't tolerate the stronger meds.. but I could, so I took advantge of it and popped them anyhow ! yeah.
I found turning, getting out of bed requires navigation.. Putting on stretch pants? bra? Lots of stuff difficult with both arms out of commission. as I was in the middle ..in overstretching I pulled out a stitch or two and the next day had to have novacaine ( ouch into the wound) and then a couple of stitches. I found my dr's demeanor very engaging as he viewed my scar placement the next day as he changed the bandages. He was strutting ! he said it was as perfect as he'd wanted it, there was no artificiality in his happy eyes .. he was aiming for dead center of my arm so that when you looked at me from the back or from the front, nothing was visible. and he got it. ( It kind of made me feel this is somewhat less than an exact science and there was a little luck involved !)
while the bandages were off, we took these photographs ad I could see my arms are sigificantly smaller ! yeah.. I did it. DID IT !
that night Tuesday, I had lots of itching. Once you scratch, boy oh boy it gets worse. I still don't know why.. arnica? I am taking a number of supplemnts he recommended, it is hard to get a control factor to find out what it is. I thought antibiotics, but no, because today, third day .. I have it again and I stopped the antibiotics.i Now I'm dropping the oral arnica and I'll see. I'm having an annoying time with my bandages.. did I wrap them too tight that's why itch? Now too lo0se and falling off.
In recent years I am scarring more than I dd when iwas younger. I am concerned about this, but it will take a lot of time to find out how I will scar from this. Pain is minimal. at least with MY GUY !
I'll update this as we go along with healing.


you can also ask doctor to make sure there are no allergic reactions to be on the safe side. Arnica gel worked for me with itching.
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well its been 8 days, I have no infection, no side effects, and all results so far are good. My sister had a full facelift yesterday with the same surgeon. Today they took out the drains and took off the bandages briefly and she is thrilled with the results so far, no turkey neck anymore, and incision placement like artwork, I know she won't have visible scars because I don't and I had a facelift several years ago with the same doctor
Hi I just had my arms done june 18th and you should NOT stop antibiotics. I took mine for 7 days and it caused nauseous and diarrhea. I had to take 2 cephalexin 500mg for 7 days until completed,this is for infection. Itching is common side effect,no worries and try not to scratch. You just had your surgery so swelling,numbness,soreness,itching is all normal in the healing process. You can take tylenol for itching. After lipo your body releases histamine as it heals,so this is common and normal. Best wishes Bella
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well its been 8 days, and it has been uneventful. I had some itching very manageable with topical anti itch stuff from CVS.I will post photos later, one arm is more bruised and more zig-zag than the other however I have complete confidence than when they are healed they will look just fine. This is a good surgeon, I have experience with him, he also at the same time did a scar revision on my face which I did not make mention. Of..but it's looking good.
yesterday my sister had a full facelift and hip liposuction with him today she has the bandages taking off for a little while, and we are both very very happy with this result for her.even with the next day swelling, it's quite obvious that her turkey neck is gone.,..GONE!


Thanks for your review. I plan to have the arm lift in the fall. Your arms are going to look great! I can't wait to follow your progress.
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You know I went into this with realism. I have seem millions of befores and afters. I am rarely blown away with the results, but hey I am not 26 any more. Next, as I understand, Most everyone who has a successful one says they look better and don't regret it. I am told that if they take as much as the average client would rather, then, there can be complications: I am not using the right words, but people who sew understand. how to end it at the elbow? it has to what...'fold' over and meet and not end up with a lumpy something ( causes revision later) and most importantly not to interfere with nerves going down to arm and hand, which all of us have read about. They have to decide how much to make us happy and no too much to cause problems. My arms will better match who I am now, physically and mentally. thanks for your comment and I will watch for you too.
wow! you go. Congrats to you and your sister! A whole new you. I look forward to updated pics.
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2 week update

so far so good with one concern.. , hope this resolves otherwise I will be disappointed.. we'll see..
I think my healing is going fine. I think I am not limited much in what I can do at this time, discomfort is manegeable. the photos look sore, but those dark spots are stitches that are coming out tomorrow.
As I've stated before, these surgeries from what I am seeing in most befores and afters make arms look more normal. more proportionate.
I do not feel as though I have thin arms , they still look a little hefty to me, we all want to go back to when we were 26. but my right arm has a bulging area near top. you can see in photo, ...what I feel when I touch my arm is strange lumps and bumps inside I did not have before. I read that massage will help this, or was it an undercorrection? I don't know
I can't massage it yet as it hurts, but maybe that's a sign it is still swollen. Right now My right arm is larger than left and I never noticed that before. so I'll post again as I go along.
I am glad I did this. At top of the first review I posted unsure.. but so far I am happier than concerned.

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stitches came out today; 2 weeks and one day

hey someone told me this wouldn''t hurt ! OUCH ! tonight pretty sore .. dr said I need to wait until Dec to decide if bulge needs more lipo or if it will resolve. it feels lumpy. I think I lost 1.25 in per arm.
I have family reunion in 3 weeks... hope this isn't too scary looking then...


Thanks for update,i hope you don't need a revision or more lipo. You definitely don't want to have lopsided arms or dents. I would say wait 6 months to 1 year before a revision. My doctor said 1 year but i am not doing a revision. I will live with bulky arms,the outside of my arm as long as my underneath skin isn't sagging,hanging,wiggling or jiggling,i am HAPPY!!!! Hope it all heals properly. :)
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I had a bulge under my arm after the first night of surgery and it subsided in 2 days. I feel my right arms is healing faster as far as scars,they are very faint and light unlike my left arm. this is weird because my doctor told me he spent more time on the right, You would think it would be more swollen and the scar would be more prominent,but not so. weird. there is more numbness in my right arm by elbow but more tenderness in the left under the scar. No lumps and i am 4 weeks post but this waiting is driving me crazy. I can empathize with you. Happy Healing
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Nygemgoddess, I bet you are glad that part is over ( getting stitches out). How much of your daily routine are able to do at 15 day post? Are you wear compression sleeves? Are they hard to get on and off? I hope you feel better with each day.
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