53 Yr Old, Wanting to Remove Brown Spots - Mount Airy, MD

Wanted to have face look smoother with large amt...

wanted to have face look smoother with large amt of dark spots gone or lighter. every day i notice improvement( as it was explained to me it was the usual result) dark spots definitely lighter or gone.
my face did swell quite a bit, more than usual but i was just that unlucky % that this could happen to, it did go away as he said it would.


Thank you for sharing your experience, thrilled to hear you are happy with your results! Are you planning on any additional treatments, or was this a one time thing? Did you take before and after pictures, if so, are you willing to share with us?
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Mount Airy Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cappuccino was very patient with any question, his staff always called me back promptly, although the procedure is a little painful, his explanations were helpful and he was as quick as he could be with remaining safe.

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