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I am a 33 yr old healthy male. Had lipo dissolve...

I am a 33 yr old healthy male. Had lipo dissolve first treatment done a week ago. The first day 4 hrs later I started shaking and having chills. The next day i felt nauseas and extremely weak. Same again the next two days then diarrhea follwed. The following night I started sweating extremely and woke up to find the bed drenched with my sweat. Half an hour later I was unable to breathe and could not move my arms for about 30 sec. My wife called 911 and I was taken to the ER. I told them about the Lipo dissolve. They were not too familiar with the whole procedure since its very new. My blood work was ok but chest x-ray came to have pneumonia. I called back the center I had the procedure done but they said its not related to lipo dissolve. I am on antibiotics feel a bit better but still sweating a lot. I do believe Lipo dissolve contributed to what I went through. To any one who plan on doing this I would reccomend you think about it. Not worth going through the pain and reaction it caused me.
Amy, I'm sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience with lipodissolve. With any medical procedure, there are associated risks, but I'm glad you went to the ER to get your situation taken care of. Have you been back to the center where you started your lipodissolve treatments?
George, I feel very confident that the lipo dissolve did this to you. The ER probably diagnosed with you with pneumonia because regular Dr.'s are not going to be familiar with this solution (that is not FDA approved). No ones knows how this solution affects our bodies or what it is actually doing once injected. I made a stupid, horrible mistake not throughly researching this procedure and now I am paying for it dearly. Amy in Atlanta
George: It sounds like you got the flu, no? I TOTALLY have sympathy for your plight but I just wonder if you are sure it was lipodissolve that did this to you. Have you had a doctor check on this? thx.
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