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Rebirth of my Tummy:) New 8weeks photos- Moscow, Russia

I did all necessary tests ( lung test, blood test,...

I did all necessary tests ( lung test, blood test, infections test, leg veins doppler test) and that had a surgery day scheduled. I loved anesthesia ( general and spinal both), I had no nausea at all, medications on first two days were very correct so I felt NO big pain. After two days I went home. The drainage was taken off on 2 day. I was very pleased with the sight of my new tummy and especially belly button, my belly button hernia and diastasis recti which I had for 9 years completely gone.

I started having some problems with sneeze or laugh after a week post op - before that time to sneeze or cough was pain, but not big pain, but after week may be that sneeze and laugh torn some some freshly healed tissue and there started severe pain with any act or attempt of laugh or sneeze - the pain so big that it make me really cry, and it started little inside bleeding so my doctor had to make puncheons and take away that blood with a syringe. But he is very helpful, caring and I appreciate it very much.
to be continued

I forgot to add. I got hernia and diastasis recti...

I forgot to add. I got hernia and diastasis recti in 19, when I gave birth to my first daughter in 2004. She was 8,5lbs and it's not so much but labor longed for 23 hours and was the hardest of all three (compare to 6 and 7,5 hours). Later I had two more daughters, who are now 5 and 3, and Since then of course my belly didn't improve.
In fact, I never had problems with weight, I am rather thin, 127lbs, but due to diastasis (30 cm) my waist was a real problem for me as my breast cup is 0 to A and my waist was the same size as under bra. That's made me look rectangular and flat but not in proper places.
I always knew that I will make tummy tuck, but it took time to make my kids grow to the age when they don't need me desperately and I will have time for myself. Also money question had place but my father was so generous that he gave me half of money needed to make surgery and I must say he is the best of caring fathers!
So, recent update - still have bleeding though lying in bed for week-end and doing nothing harder than internet-shopping, watching good movies and hand sewing. Going again to see my doc tomorrow. Trying to stay positive but this is hard as I don't know what to expect further.
My scar is ok, pain level is bearable, bruise are less, but little burning pain near navel.

Today had an appointment. It is no more bleeding,...

Today had an appointment. It is no more bleeding, just regular post-op liquid to be taken away by syringe. As I mentioned, drainage tubes were taken away on 2 day. My doc practices just taking away liquids by syringe because he says usually as he noticed there are not only one pocket with blood or liquid on post-op tummy but a few and finding them with syringe is better than just waiting until a few will dissolve together, join and liquid reaches the one which has a tube to go out. I don't understand what is better but seeing how people hate their tubes I think doc may be right not to add to discomfort of tubes.
to be continued! now need to get rest after trip

Have about active 6-7 hours a day. Looking forward...

Have about active 6-7 hours a day. Looking forward to more!
i measured my waist today, being in my CG. Girls! It is 71cm though I am still swollen! Cool!!!

The good thing that I can control my muscles of...

The good thing that I can control my muscles of belly and it is no more pain. I feel my waist! Today is the first day I feel OK in shower without CG. I will continue to wear it though because I feel safer in it and because it makes me flat and help liquid go away.



Updated new photos with better quality

Updated new photos with better quality
Your surgeon did a great job and you look amazing! Congrats!
thanks! I hope everybody here soon heals and we all will feel and look great on Christmas:)
You look fabulous!

Today my stitches were removed and some seroma,...

Today my stitches were removed and some seroma, about 50 ml, was drained away. feel better without these:) Can move faster and stand straighter! and today I did my way back on my own, because me friend ha time only to drive me forward. I had a cane with me to help me walk, so I did walks between metro, train and taxi. I coped! May be next week I shouldn't bother anybody and make two ways on my own.

Today I received a corset that I've ordered a few...

Today I received a corset that I've ordered a few days earlier. Thinking of putting it on on New Year Eve when we will be out with my husband. I KNOW I will look great on my new waist. I just put it on now for a few minutes even on CG and tightened it just a little tiny bit and it is so cool:) Now I know how my waist is going to look after recovery!!!!

I was told by some of my friends that if I have a...

I was told by some of my friends that if I have a big surgery with a blood loss, my period will most likely have a serious delay. That wasn't true. Swelling and bruises and back pain - all get worse. Sounds like I would prefer to spent a few days in bed because belly and back hurts, but my 5-yr kid has got a stomach flu unfortunately. Thanks God I have a helper - my Grandpa. He is an old man but I can rely on him to give drinks to a little one and somehow try to comfort her during her hard time.
That's what I told about - if you have young children, don't even try to survive this all without a strong support. Sometimes you will be in pain and your kid simultaneously. God bless people who help others in need!!!!
I'm very glad you have help right now. The stomach flu is no joke and you need to make sure you do not catch it too.
Thanks! Doctor said it's just gastritis and it's not contagious. She feels better now.

Only do what you are comfortable with.


Today 21PO! No more painkiller pills, yeah! Still...

Today 21PO! No more painkiller pills, yeah! Still make ethanol epithems on my tummy as my doctor told me. this week I didn't have to go to my doctor to take away seroma, and most of bruises of my legs have gone. still have swelling near scar, of course. Feel better a lot, returned to most of my usual routine, but avoid any kind of lifting heavy things. Tomorrow I will make photos again:) My waist is small and I love it, I feel muscles and thanks God I can now laugh almost without pain. That was awful time when I couldn't. Still avoid comedies and funny stories, but can bear everyday humor:)

I am back from my doctor. I am doing very well, I...

I am back from my doctor. I am doing very well, I must say:) My complications finished, seroma stopped and if I will be cautious and do not over do I can be as happy as stop wearing my compression garment after New Year, or al least wear it half-day if I feel comfortable with it. Yeah! I just measured my waist - and you know, I couldn't be happier about it!!!!! 2,5 inches less than I have had before surgery. There was no lipo during my surgery, only muscle repair, so I can be proud:) I was so upset about my waist for so long time and I so happy know I need to be busy remaking waist on all of my skirts and fitting my favorite dresses:))))))))))))) Pictures coming soon!

Now I am uploading my BEFORE pictures.

Now I am uploading my BEFORE pictures.

I am 1 month post-op today! Hooray! A few days...

I am 1 month post-op today! Hooray! A few days since I began feeling more itchy in an area above my scar. So now think in my case it is also reattaching nerves, like some of us feel. I still feel tired soon and need a lot of rest and sleep, though it is much better than even 1 week ago. Yesterday was my first day that I tried to put on my jeans (previously I put on only dresses, warm maxi skirts and wool pantyhose, sometimes yoga pants). Really uncomfortable in jeans though my sizes are less than before surgery. when I got home and got rid of them I could only lie in bed, absolutely exhausted. I think it will be another month till I try again jeans.
You are looking more and more awesome by the week! You have a very short scar too compared to me anyway! It looks like you are healing very well.
Thanks! This week all looks the same as previous week and I am not posting a new pic. Swelling usually takes a couple of months to go away, so need to be patient... Wish you good luck!

I am almost 8 weeks PO. Now I feel comfortable...

I am almost 8 weeks PO. Now I feel comfortable with all my usual housework and don't need additional rest. Yesterday I went snow tubing with my family! It was great to enjoy physical activity! There is still some swelling above my scar but I know that time will take care about it. I upload new pics to show how it all looks like now. I no longer wear silicon strips and CG.
My waist is 68 cm now and I am happy with it:)

Today I visited my PS with a 8-weeks visit. All is...

Today I visited my PS with a 8-weeks visit. All is perfect, now I can do any physical exercises I am comfortable with, only pregnancy is prohibited:) I want to ski, I want to swim! To do abs crunches!

Almost 3 months after surgery. Now I feel my...

almost 3 months after surgery. Now I feel my stomach area and I can't say I like it, it is still swollen and very itchy sometimes (but of course it's a necessary part!!!!). For a few times I tried to do abs crunches (1-7) but I was veeeery afraid - every time I am afraid that I will tear my muscles apart and spoil my MR and especially belly button. Need to work on that fear.
My waist is 70cm.
Dmitry Elenshleger

I liked clinic from the first and thought - now is the best place and time I asked doc if he is capable to get rid of diastasis and hernia and skin but care that I can have more children in some years as I want a baby boy once in a few years.

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