Afraid How It Will Look Like After Removing Huge Implants Without Lift - Moscow, Russia

Hi, everyone. I've got my implants 3 years...

Hi, everyone. I've got my implants 3 years ago, but today I can't tell why I did it. I was stupid, dependent on others people opinion. During these 3 years I had 2 surgeries to correct the result. I was depressed. I feel them all the time. I'm tired to wear them, it's painfull. Few months ago my partner told me that she can't see my tears because of it & I went to my PS to speak about the possible result of explantation.

I don't have kids yet & breastfeeding, so, in this case my PS doesn't want do any reduction. I don't want it also, cause I know, it will be awful for me. I don't want additional scares on my breasts. My implants are huge, 410cc. I tried to find the similar cases of explantation without lift, but I couldn't. I know, my look will get a lot of questions from my friends, like "where did you lost your tits?" Don't know what to do. May be everything is not so horrible as it seems to me. Later I will load photos, but I don't have any photo before.

Hi everyone! I've just realized, that I hadn't...

Hi everyone! I've just realized, that I hadn't described my breast size.
So, I found some pics, where you can compare before & after.
Before I had 32C, right after the surgery it became 32H!!! It was horrible! Realy! With time it became 34D (it was last year, after I've lost 3kg). But now my size is 32DD, which wants to be 34E((((
I was disappointed with the surgery right after I've waked up after it. And when the next day my anaesthesiologist has come to me to check me up, he said: "Hey, when we saw you on the table, everyone's said "wow!" At this moment I felt so bad myself!!!
I also had 2 additional surgeries, later I'll tell about them.
My surgery will be as soon as it possible, hope, it will be next mounth.

My surgery will be in May 22. Scared. Hope,...

My surgery will be in May 22. Scared. Hope, everything will be fine.

I'm nervous. Today I spoke with friends. Can't...

I'm nervous. Today I spoke with friends. Can't stop thinking what I will look like...

Sorry to have been away for so long, I'm on a...

Sorry to have been away for so long, I'm on a vacation now.
Well, what can I tell? Nothing good, ladies. To say the truth, I hoped that it won't be look so damaged, ruined & frightening.
As the result of the surgery I have 2 new scars, 8-10cm each, which are two fingers lower than my breasts. So, I don't know how to describe, but the scars are on my ribs. And my new lower line of breasts are higher, than it was before all the surgeries.
PS says that she can do lipofilling in lower part, I don't want to.
The upper part looks like before, nothing has changed, but the nipples look down.
Can't tell anything about the size, because the form of my breasts is more quadratic than rounded. I can't try on anuthing. Anyway, terrible scars will be seen.

1,5 years

Sorry that I didn't show you the result so long. Well, here we are...
Svetlana V. Gagarina

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You look great.
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You look great! Better with out implants :)
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Hi . U look amazing. R u happy with ur decision of being implant free?
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Thank you.) Sure, I think that I'm very lucky girl, because the result could be worse than I do have now. sometimes I imagine that I could endure(?) some discomfort, but than I remember about all this... consequences, like pressure on the ribs in the supine position, what was very tangible. I don't need anymore to keep them by hands for supporting whenever I stay without a bra and their heaviness goes "forward" from the shoulders and the back. I don't have back pain, I have no numbness / paresthesia on my breasts, I have no fear of displacements, contracture, so that the implant will move down closer to the navel and require further surgery. Some fears were silly, but that what was it. Sorry for my english)
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You look great!
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Hi, everyone. Thank you for your support, it was so important for me. I haven't been here for a long period, gave myself a time for recovery. My breasts are much better than they used to be right after explantation. Of course, scars didn't disappear, but they became pale. I'll try to do new pics to show the result soon.
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Hi limoncute, I just wondered what your outcome was in the end? Good I hope! x
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Hi Limoncute, it has been some time.. how are you feeling?
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Hi Limoncute. Sorry to hear you're unhappy.Give your scar some more time to heal. Think positive :)
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I am sorry to hear you are not happy. I agree with everyone about scars fading and treatments to make them less visable. I would say that scar is the least of my worries, try to think positively and think about everything that went right in your surgery and being implant free. I will be sending you positive vibes, keep us updated!
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Hi Limoncute, I too am sorry you are upset! But, as others have said, you can do all sorts to help the scars fade. Have you got any tape at all on now? As I have to wear micropore tape for 6 weeks and it is supposed to really make a different for scars. Like this: And then after that I'll use rosehip oil.

And remember to be kind to yourself! You have been through major surgery and your breast tissue is traumatised, it is going to take a while for things to get better - your skin needs to recover. And, we are so critical of our bodies, which is the reason most of us got implants in the first place - I bet they don't look as bad as they seem to you.

hugs x
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I am sorry to hear your unhappy, but thinking positively it has only been a month and they say it takes anywhere from 6 months to a full year for things to heal and settle. I will keep you in my thoughts. There are a few creams on the market for scars, I hear rosehip oil is very good for scars!
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Hi Limoncte! I just red your latest post and I have to say that don't be so upset! Scars fade over time and there are a lot of good products and cosmetic treatments that minimize and fade scars. Are you sure that the original place of your crease/lower line of breast has changed? From your pictures it seems that you had so big implants that the surgeon had to lower the original crease of your breasts when he put implants in. Most surgeons do so because they have to fit implant to ribcage so the scar is not placed on the original crease but lower. So when implants are removed, scars are lower than your real crease. Of course in that time when we put implants in we don't think that what about when we are taking those out and the scars are visible. Many women are in the same situation than you but scars will not always be so visible! Please keep us updated and good viibes to you! Sorry my english, I'm not native speaker eather.
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It's been a while, how are you doing?
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Hi, thank you for the concern about me. Now my biggest problem is to find a swimsuit.)
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I am so curious towards how your breasts are looking because I can definetly relate to you. My breast are very similar to yours with implants in and out. I also have my implantrs for 3 years. I am so happy for you, and cant wait to hear more!
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Hi limoncute, how are you doing now?
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It's been a little while since your surgery, how are things coming along?
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Hi. I've been a little busy, couldn't update my theme.
Well, I don't know what to tell. I feel better myself, to say the truth, even better than others in same themes. But the result... Oh god, I don't know how to describe it!! I haven't seen anything like it. My breasts.. There's no the lower pole of my breasts (I can't describe it correctly), it ends right after nipples.
PS says that they will pull down in 2 months at least. 2 weeks later nothing has changed.
I'll do some pics. Hope, I'll update it soon.
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Yeah I have read two other stories of that happening on another website, but from their updated profiles it appears that the lower half of their breasts filled back out after a few months! But I am glad to hear you feel better! And I am sure the fluff fairy will help ya fill out too ;)
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Hi limoncute, how are you doing?
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ljernigan-I think my husband was totally surprised when i told him that i wanted to explant too! I think mostly because i never voiced that opinion before because it took me awhile to come to that decision in my head. It was truly the support and stories of this forum that gave me the voice to be confident in how i was feeling. I have to tell you, that although it was very difficult prior to the surgery to not cancel out of fear of all of the unknowns....but even though i'm only 2 weeks post explant...i'm loving it! I know that my implants looked good and fit my frame well and were exactly what i was asking for....they were just never "me." Know what I mean? I was constantly aware of them with every move that i made...just didn't like always being reminded that they were fake...just not me. This forum is here for you as you walk through this decision, no matter what you decide to do :)
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I would just like to thank everyone on this site. I got my implants 6 years ago and have really struggling with them. I as well couldn't tell you why. Felt pressured I guess. I developed scar tissue around the right breast and I am looking forward to when I can have them removed. My husband doesn't understand and thinks I will totally regret the decision to have them removed. I want to thank everyone for all the support I know I will receive from this site.
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When I came to the final decision to have my implants removed my husband said I was crazy. But after talking with him about why I wanted them removed and showing him pictures of how well they shrink back (I think he secretly thought they would look like two flat beaver tails after) he seems fine with my choice now.
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Thank you everyone. It's the second day, I have not seen them yet, just couldn't. My doc said that the size is real A)))) Beautiful A)) My surgery cost 500$, not 1000$ as I've wrote earlier. Today I left the hospital & I'm at home now.
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