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Face Damage by Radiesse - Moscow

In 2006 was introduced into the area of biopolymer...

In 2006 was introduced into the area of biopolymer gel nasolabial folds and lips, and then in 2008 introduced polypropylene fibers to form an oval face two left and two right of the chin, in April 2011 is another beautician was entered in the amount of Radiesse 0.8 units. to the corners of the mouth and cheeks, 5 days after the procedure began burning red cheeks, his face to swell, in the nasolabial folds red stripes, with each day picture is worse, there were hardened in areas of administration. Which introduces a beautician could not do anything. Contact the office that distributes the drug, there is assigned treatment: Aerius, Nise, Venoruton in Tech. 14 days and an injection of dexamethasone injection of 2 week intervals. Swelling gradually decreased, hardening smegchalis and all it lasted exactly one month. But this picture was repeated for 1.5 years, 6 times at intervals of 4 months, then the interval was reduced and the last time interval was 1 month. That is 6 months for 1.5 years, I was with a badly swollen face, and could not appear in public.

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This my last chace, i've tryed in Russia, but here no specialist with this type of tragedy

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Radiesse is NOT approved or recommended for use in the tear trough (the area directly below the eyes). Radiesse is too thick for such thin skin.
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Oh wow. Is your face better now?
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I hope you feel better now... I am from Russia and had some cosmetic procedure done several years ago... It became a problem now and nobody in the USA would take responsibility to treat your foreign side effects. You should find some experienced doctor in Moscow or St Pete- I think St Pete is even better ...too bad... with you a lot of good luck!
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I feel so bad for you. I have also had horrible problems with Radiesse in my tear troughs for the last 4 1/2 years. Hang in there.
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I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through, and that you are having difficulty finding a doctor to treat you. Have you gone back to the person who did the injections? I would be curious what they had to say.

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