UPDATE Almost 3 Weeks Post-Op

Like everyone else, I have a 'story,' but I will...

Like everyone else, I have a 'story,' but I will spare you the minor details and say that I have wanted this done since I was fifteen-years-old and I'm now twenty-eight. Like most of you, after each pregnancy, they got bigger and bigger. Now, three kids later (and my tubes tied), it's time. I'm 5'9" and 190#. Currently, I am herniating out all sides of a 38E. According to my surgeon, I fall under every criteria: hideous rashes in the summertime, drooping, indents in my shoulders, neck/back pain, arm tingling ... my boobs even extend under my arms, which he said he will liposuction.

Now I carry Federal BC Basic. I've heard that you can't get much better insurance, and I'm hoping that's true. I called my insurance yesterday and they do not need a prior authorization, just a predetermination. It's so difficult to wait. I just want to know.

Some questions for any ladies that have been there, done that:
*How do you know if you will receive drainage tubes or not?

*My husband is supportive, but when I showed him pictures of what I was thinking, he was stunned. He pointed out sizes that he preferred, but were still 'big' to me. Because this surgery will be important to reduce my pain, it's even more important to me to have it done correctly the first time around. I'd rather go smaller than larger (like a B cup) but I am large framed, so I don't want to look awkward. How did/do you handle this situation with you husband/significant other? Did they want you to go bigger than you were less comfortable with?

* Did you receive liposuction as well? Such as around the breasts, under the arms, sides and/or top of breasts? If so, did it really make that big of a difference?

I've debated putting my pictures up here for weeks now, but I decided to because so many of you have posted pictures of your journey, and I hope that mine will help someone, too.
Welcome to the journey..first i have to say that i am a big fan of doing things for myself because my husband or anyone else who happens to have an opinion has not carried these around their whole life. It is something that you are doing for you..keep that in mind always..i think we all initially think we can go to a B..but it depends on many factors including but not limited to..breast density, blood supply, nerve and skin condition, and body proportion. I would have loved a B..but am now a D..but still swollen and hoping for a C after it is all settled..the main idea for most of us is relief..my breast related issues are gone. No back, neck shoulder pain..no rashes, and no boobs cutting of my airway when i am sleeping..best thing i have ever done..drains are decided by your doc. I had them in for one day only. Others longer..it depends..i would have lved some lipo but i was under for long enough so that will come at the end of the year. I dont like the side boob, but a lot of it is gone as well. Most times the doc will let you know if they are able to do it..i love mostly the lift as well..they are on my chest..not my stomach! And this is a very safe place here..i have never ever taken so many boob pics before!! Best wishes..
Thank you for your comment! The side boob is like a whole other beast in itself! I don't remember what it's like to have my arms straight against my sides, and I can't even imagine being comfortable.

Surgery is Scheduled!

Surgery is August 9th! I'll believe it when it happens :)
My surgery was done some 4 months ago. The drains I believe is up to the surgeons preferences. Some like using them, some don't. Mine didn't. About the size, my PS wouldn't discuss cup sizes, and said he would make them a medium size that would go well with my frame. And I love the results :) I know some PS's will discuss sizes and bringing a picture of what you want wouldn't hurt, but I do see that although I would have liked to be slightly smaller, the new boobs look good on me, and my pains and aches are gone. My better half didn't mind me having a reduction at all, and basically said whatever I wanted was fine with him, but from what I've read here, BF's who feel more strongly about this tend to come around and enjoy the results every bit as much as their better halfs. I had no lipo. The PS said I wouldn't need it, and he was right. Also expect to loose weight after the surgery. Most women do, as they can be as active as they please without fearing the dreaded rashes, pains etc. Best of luck on the surgery, I'm sure you'll be delighted with the results :) I know this surgery was the best thing I've done for myself in many, many years.
I had the surgery on April 24th and I can hands down say its the best decision I've ever made! 5 weeks out and my scars are barley noticeable and all my symptoms are gone! I went from 38F to a 36C I couldn't be happier! I did have drains but they were removed before I left the hospital the next morning so it wasnt that big of a deal! Good luck!
Hi - glad to hear the surgery was scheduled :) I would ask your PS about drainage tubes- it seems to be a preference of the PS and they may do in certain cases and not others. I assumed my PS would do that however, he did not. My case is not typical (as far as the challenges I ve had with healing )and I have had challenges but I can't help but wonder if I had drainage tubes if that would have lessened some of the challenges. I had so much swelling and still do. My husband was supportive- I think he was a little intimidated by mine lol so he was ok with smaller. They are still a D at least. The insurance companies typically will give an amount that the PS has to remove based on your weight,size etc. They have a formula they go by however, I think if you look in the forum that even though alot of women wanted to be smaller they were a little bigger. I would just discuss with your PS and husband..I am sure he'll be happy with the end results either way :) I didnt have lipo on the side my PS didnt mention that to me or maybe my insurance wouldnt cover or maybe he thought I didnt need. RIght now mine are still swollen on the sides at times but I am hoping they look ok once that settles down. I would have considered it. Best of luck of your journey and keep us updated.

2 months seems like forever to wait.

I see my big boobs and I immediately feel like the rest of me is big, too. Now want a tummy tuck :)

I hope the next 2 months goes quickly. I can't wait to be comfortable.
When you find out about the insurance decision, please update as I think I have the same as you. Would love to know how they "think"! Good luck to you!

Bump in the Road

While waiting for my pre-determination letter, my insurance decided that they now need "more evidence" to support the need for a reduction. Insurance seems to move so slowly, and my surgery is scheduled for August 9th, so I'm worried that it will be pushed out further. I am growing slightly impatient.
I am excite for you..drains are up to,ps..i had for one day..no big deal, and no pain with removal. Cup size is subjective. Manufactures make things to their own determination. It can be frustrating, so just know going in that you will be smaller..and your back, neck and other issues will go away..that is the main thing. I wanted lipo on the side, and he didnt do it..i was under for four hrs and he knew i would have enough to deal with..i am older so recovery is not as easy had i done it 20 yrs ago! I may go back for the lipo..because side boob is really bumming me out..hang in there and we will supprt you..

Post-Op Question for my Ladies

How was the healing from your reduction? I'm having mine done on a Friday when my husband is off work, so he'll be with me Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By Monday, I'll be back to taking care of four kids by myself. Is this realistic?

Two weeks after my reduction, we were thinking of taking a family vacation. How did you ladies feel two weeks post-op?
really everyone is different. my best advice would be to have the kids help you. if you do too much you will swell more and recovery may be harder. For some, especially younger women seem to have an easier (used very loosely) time with recovery. my experience has been more difficult..but i am 51, and my body always has to fight me! but now at almost 4 months, i am great..back at the gym, golfing, and able to do just about everything..good luck to you..
My older kids are 9,9 and 8. It's taking care of my 16 month old that worries me. But, I think you're right -- If I think of them as helpers, that will probably be key to my healing while my husband is at work.
Hi, I would say it depends on the age of your kids, everyone heals differently but please know this is major surgery and should be treated as such. Im 3 weeks ot and am just starting to feel like I can go about my life a little more regularly and it's just me and my husband. Some people are doing great a few weeks out other people take a longer time to heal. The vacation 2 weeks out would be a bad idea, plus you must remember you will have post dr. visits. Take time for yourself to heal properly. I just wanted to give you my honest opinion, my jaw dropped when I saw your question. Good luck!

3 Weeks & 1 Day Away From The Big Day

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks away from my surgery. I still hadn't received the pre-determination letter from my insurance, so I spoke with my surgeon's office and they said that they resubmitted some more paperwork and should hear back sometime next week. If not, then the surgeon himself calls my insurance for a peer-to-peer review. I didn't think the insurance would be so difficult to deal with, but hopefully they come through just fine.

Every time I go to the mall or the store, I stop and look at bras. It's unfathomable to me that I will eventually have smaller breasts! My shoulders and my neck are so ready to have relief.

I'm beginning to think of all the things I'll need after surgery. Any suggestions on what will help make my first week or so more comfortable or easier?
Sleep is very important for recovery, and I'd recommend you to give some thought as to how you want your sleeping arrangements for after surgery. Some people use wedge pillows, others prefer recliners, and I made a nest with lots of pillows and a rolled up duvet under the knees/bum, which worked well for me. I'd advice you to test it out before deciding, as you won't be able to do much experimenting straight after surgery. Get some ah-bras in different sizes. Ah-bras/genie bras are very comfy, and I started using them I think some 2 or 3 weeks after surgery. At that stage I needed one that was some 2 sizes larger than I anticipated. You'll swell quite a bit after surgery, and it helps to have a selection of bras at home, as shopping is hard for the first few weeks after the BR. Get some soft button up cardigans/tops for after surgery. They won't pinch, and are easy to get in and out of. And yes, get a stool softener. The pain meds will most likely cause constipation. Place things you'll need at elbow hight (you won't be able to reach up for a while). Most people have a period after surgery where the new girls are horribly sensitive, and sometimes it can be painful. It helps to line the bra with silk fabric. The silk breaths, and the softness soothes the skin. Well, these are a few pointers. Best of luck :)

18 DAYS AWAY! So much on my mind!

18 days from the surgery feels so much closer than 20 days! Haha! :)

I'm now beginning the 'emotional' phase that so many women on here have talked about. I'm elated one minute, terrified the next. I know for a fact that I will still go through with the surgery-- I'm in too much pain and discomfort not to. The closer I get to my surgery date, the higher my self esteem goes, and I haven't even had the surgery yet!! I can only imagine how my self esteem will elevate after the surgery is actually done.

Was it weird to accept your new body? After 15+ years of having breasts that were too large for my age, size, shape and frame, I have come to base my self image on them. I hated them so much, which naturally resulted in low self esteem, and, at times, downright self hatred. Is this an automatic change post surgery?

My daughter (she's 9-years-old) asked me the other day why I'm always lifting them up. I guess I didn't realize that I did the 'lift and readjust' maneuver so much. Ya know -- the one where, no matter how tightly you have your bra in the morning, by the afternoon the weight of your breasts have stretched out the bra's fabric, and you must manually lift them and the bra straps back into place? I sure hope that's not just me!! :)

My husband and I were lying on the couch yesterday evening and I had to squish my boobs down to see over them. Also, they're so wide that they touch my arms (even with a bra on), so I don't know what it's like to have my arms fully down at my sides. My boobs are everywhere!! AHHHH!

I love this site. I really do. I felt so alone before. Having other women to talk to who truly understand on such a deep level is part of the pre and post surgery healing that we ladies must go through psychologically, I believe.
There was a book that was recommended to me by a lady on here and I bought it off Amazon. It's been great. It's called "When Less is More" by Bethanne Snodgrass. I am more than happy to mail it to another lady who wants it. Just let me know if you want it, and I'll get it sent out. Maybe this will begin a chain for the book around the world! :)

Before I Forget ...

Has anyone else on here had a spinal fusion surgery? I have always wanted to learn how to jog or run once my boobs were reduced, but since my fusion, I'm wondering if I should be extra careful. My neurosurgeon said I can begin light jogging 6 months post-op, which should be about the time that my breasts are healed.

17 Days ...

I may post an update every day until surgery, that's how excited I am!

Today I am taking my kids swimming, and I've spent the last hour trying to find a way that my boobs will stay in place in a bathing suit. No viable options exist. They just do not fit regardless. I can't wait to put on a suit and have them fully covered on ALL sides!
Best of luck to you!!!!!! We have similar breast types! I'm also very flat where the breasts should actually be!!!! I can't wait to see your results :)) Keep us updated!
I definitely will! :)

16 Days ...

I came up with a list of questions to ask at my pre-op appointment. If you can think of any others, let me know.

- Will I have drains?

-What is the chance that the stretched out skin with all the stretch marks will become tight?

- What shape will I be? Teardrop or rounded?

- Will you make my areolas smaller to go along with the smaller breasts?

- FNG or pedicle?

- Lollipop or anchor incision?

- How small of a size are you willing to try and bring me down to?

- Is my skin too stretched for my new breasts to stay perky for years to come?

- What can you tell me now just by looking at my chest's width and natural shape? Will I have wider than average breasts post-op because of my large frame?

- What will happen to my breasts if I begin jogging and lose weight (up to 30#)?

I plan on showing him pictures that I've found of what I do and don't want to end up with.

If you can't tell, my biggest fear is to be left too large (any larger than the average C cup).

12 Days!

Today I went on a cleaning frenzy and donated 8 bags of clothes to Goodwill. I have adorable shirts that I have never even fit into correctly (can you say "button ups"?!?). I got rid of a ton of the clothes/shirts I HATED wearing, but had to in order to hide my size ... even though there's no hiding these monsters.

I can't wait to shop once I'm healed.
Good luck! Try not to worry too much about ending up "too big" - I was a 32G, and now a 32D maybe even DD and the lift has done WONDERS, because I still love my girls. I left it mostly up to my surgeon to determine size in order to minimise trauma and make them look as good as he possibly could, and he certainly did! You skin won't be too stretched, I had alot of saggy breast going on at age 24 and he lifted and reduced them just perfectly that noone would ever know they aren't natural :)

Freaking out and unsure.

Suddenly, I'm:

Afraid of being left too large and still uncomfortable.
Afraid that my husband will not like my new breasts.
Worried that it's going to be more pain than I want to handle at this time.

This is normal, right?
Hun I just read your story you will not be able to take care four kids three days after surgery you have to take very easy...I'll keep you in my prayers keep in touch
I realized that this is true, so my husband will be home with me for four or five days, then after that my toddler will go to childcare until I feel better. My other three are old enough to care for themselves without much of my help. They are almost nine and ten years old.

2nd Update for the Day. I embarrass myself sometimes. Where's the delete button?!?

Okay, I've calmed down :) I'm pretty sure I'm pms'ing hardcore right now.

Good news! The surgeon moved my surgery up by one day. So now it's August 8th, pre-op the 7th. That's next Thursday!
TOTALLY normal, it was on my mind ALL of the time up until, felt so much better when the day was finally here. Hang in there
One more thing my doctor saids its best to be at a stable weight before you have the surgery because if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight after surgery it will affect your results, Im working on a diet I needed to lose about 42 lbs before my surgery cause I want to be at my goal weight, I have already lost 12 lbs now I have 30 more to lose before my surgery!!!
I'm getting a reduction in october, with your body type you should go with a full c small d, that way you won't be too big or too small they will be a perfect size for your frame, good luck and keep us up to date!!!

One Week Until Pre-Op!

Sometime this week I will be going to the store and purchasing bras with no underwire, basic medical supplies, and possibly a recliner. Anything else that you can suggest that made your recovery easier or something you wish you would have had handy?

I'm now so excited that I can't sleep! I'm dreaming about surgery now! :)

Insurance Info If You Have FEP

For the last few weeks I've been updating you guys on my insurance, and the issues I've had. Come to find out, I not only didn't need an approval, I didn't even need a predetermination letter.

If you have Federal Insurance (not Tricare, but FEP - my husband is a civilian engineer in the army), this is how it goes:

Your surgeon sends a letter saying that it's medically necessary, you have the surgery, and then insurance pays. The insurance gal at my surgeon's office didn't realize my insurance was so simple, and kept trying to get them to send a letter, but my insurance doesn't do that.

However, when a medical office sends a request for predetermined services, it opens up a file and the insurance will ask for more information, regardless of the surgery, so ANYONE who asks for a predetermination, regardless of whether you need it or not, will be predetermined.

Hope that makes sense.

Surgery Is 6 Days Away!

Oh my gosh, I am getting more and more excited as time passes. Less than a week now! I've been INCREDIBLY uncomfortable today in my giant bra with my giant boobies. I can't wait to see how instantly I don't have these shoulder and neck discomforts anymore!

I was at Wal-Mart this morning looking at post-op bras. What size am I supposed to buy for post-op?
I am rooting for you! Less than one week! I didn't buy a bra because I just didn't know where to start. I will buy one after the bandages are removed. Then I can gage size a little better. I'm swollen up right now so it's even harder to tell what I should get. You may want to consider buying what you think you need then buy the next size up just in case the swelling is an issue. Can't wait to see what your results will look like . Good luck!!


Only 3 more sleeps! Pre-op Wednesday, surgery Thursday!! I hope this week goes quickly! I'm so ready!

Pre-op Tomorrow Morning, Surgery The Next Day!!

Tomorrow morning I pre-register with the hospital and see my surgeon. It keeps becoming more and more real. Tomorrow is my last full day with these giant boobs!!
Good luck and enjoy your last day with your big boobs!


Just got back from my pre-op appointment. He's such an understanding surgeon. Wow! So much was talked about, and I'm even more excited than before. What I learned is:

* I may or may not have drains. For some reason, I don't react well to internal stitches, so I will probably end up with them in case my body decides to revolt against the stitches and become infected.

* Size wise, I want smaller than average, and he agrees that is what's best since I also have a 3-level spinal fusion and my spine needs less weight on it than a normal person's would. We're shooting for a small C/large B cup even on my 5'9" frame.

* Anchor incision with nipple pedicle.

He wrote me a prescription for Ultram, Percocet and Keflex which I will go fill this afternoon.

Words cannot describe how I am feeling. Twice in the last ten years, I have been close to receiving a breast reduction, but circumstances got in the way of those surgeries. Now, it really really is happening.

Also, he mentioned that with my spine history and my awesome insurance, I should try for an insurance approved tummy tuck once I'm healed. The worst that can happen is the insurance says no, so I'll eventually try it out.

This is going to be a life changing event, I already know it. I can feel it.
Hope everything went well today , mines is tomorrow : )
Good luck tomorrow!! You will be so happy.
I wish you all the luck. In Europe it 12.30 AM now so I wish you all the luck for in about a couple of hours.

Done! Years of waiting have come to am end!

I'm home from surgery now. I will write more when I'm coherent enough to do so :)

2.2 pounds removed from each side. 500 grams liposuctioned from around breasts. I can't believe how much lighter I feel.


Sorry, I guess you want pics too. Haha.

One more "before" picture.

I forgot to ask you: Would you tell me what the size is the surgeos reduced you to?
When all is said and done, I should be a large B/small C. I'm 5'9" and 185#.
Wonderful, I can not say anything else, you look wonderful!

Bandages are now off!

They are perfectly what I wanted.
Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! You look so great!!!!! I am so happy to read how happy, and relieved, and NOT IN PAIN you are!!!!! :))
Beautiful! They are super perky! I was looking forward to your pics!! I had mine done on the 2nd and opted for small too. It's weird because they almost feel like implants due to the swelling. Yours look really nice!! :)
Thank you! My mom said they look like implants too. I'm sure they will drop and fluff some, but I told my surgeon I wanted high and tight. So far, that's exactly what I have. I'm very happy with my results thus far.


How amazing are they! I can't wait to see what they'll be like in a week. They're gorgeous now, bruises and all :)
Lookin good! The breasts look great! Looks like the bruising is around the breasts and not too much on them which is good. The swelling is the worst part for me. Just uncomfortable...you really look fantastic and they are so pretty :)

Day Four Post-Op

Okay, time for my surgery day information (if I can remember it all!)

I arrived at the hospital at 6am, checked in and was sent to the same-day surgery unit. The nurses were all great, and the anesthesiologist was telling me about how she felt after having a breast lift done. Once my IV was inserted and the doctor drew all over me, I became seriously nervous and began crying. I was so excited to be having the reduction, yet it was unbelievable to my brain that it was actually happening at that exact moment! I am an incredibly emotional woman, and I wear my heart on my sleeve at all times, so crying isn't new for me, but the situation definitely was!

I was wheeled to the OR, and they had me lie on the operating table. I had the clear gas mask placed over my mouth and the next thing I knew I was back in my pre-op room, being asked if I could feel any pain by my pre-op nurse. I said no then about an hour later they let my husband come back and when I saw him I got so excited and said, "Look, my boobs are gone!!" :)

After I woke up enough to use the restroom and get dressed, I was wheeled out to my truck and my husband drove me home. By the time I got home (which is 1/4 mile from the hospital) I was pretty sleepy, but in no pain. I sat on the couch for the rest of the evening, smiling like an idiot every time I looked down and saw how small my chest was. That night I slept on the couch upright and slept pretty well. I took half of a Percocet at 3am and never really felt 'pain,' but soreness.

The next morning my husband drove me to the surgeon's office and he removed the bandages. I had a full length mirror in front of me while he was doing this, and I was so so so so happy when he removed the last bandage and I saw small, perky, light breasts that were MINE -- ON MY BODY! He said I should end up a B or C, but most likely a B when all the swelling is gone. He put a post-op bra on me and told me to come back in two weeks unless there are any issues.

I have been so incredibly worried throughout this whole process that my husband would not like my new breasts. He really enjoyed the old ones, which I hated, but when we got into the truck, all he could say was how amazing they look, and how my surgeon did an incredible job. :D

I felt so good that Friday night we hooked our camper up to the truck and drove four hours away into the wilderness and camped. I'm glad we did. We had a fun time and I was in no pain at all. We got home Saturday evening.

Sunday morning I took a shower, which was glorious, and my husband helped me wash my hair. He kept looking at them and smiling like a dork. He said he wanted to touch them, but he didn't want to hurt me. I am so glad he likes them.

Sunday afternoon we walked around the mall and I looked at shirts and bras that I've always had to skip over before the reduction. There was no way in heck I would ever be able to buy a button-up shirt from a store before, but now I can. And all the pretty bras - oh my - I forgot that they made such cute designs!!

This surgery has already changed my life. My outlook on my entire body has changed. Before, I saw my large breasts and felt that the entire rest of my body was just as large. Now, my shoulders don't look so masculine, my stomach doesn't seem so big, I like my womanly curves and child-bearing hips, and when I look down, I can see my feet. I feel more feminine, much lighter, prettier, and more self confident. My husband says that he has never once seen me this ultimately happy. I keep thanking my husband for providing me the ability to have the surgery -- the insurance is through his employer, which he has because he's a driven and intelligent man. I feel as if I owe him many thank yous, but he keeps saying that as long as he can touch them when I'm healed, that's all the thanks he needs. ;)

So, now it is Monday, four days since my surgery. I am definitely sore where the liposuction was done around my breasts, but I have no pain still. In fact, the soreness from before isn't even as bad as it was the last few days. I have not taken any pain medication since yesterday (and that was just extra strength Tylenol) and while I don't feel capable of cleaning my house top to bottom, I'm able to resume my normal daily activities, just a little slower than average.

I love my breasts for the first time in my entire life. It's such an odd feeling to WANT to see them, to WANT my husband to see or touch them, and to smile when I look in the mirror. As of right now, my nipples are slightly uneven, but my surgeon said that it has to do with the swelling. If they don't correct themselves within six months, he will fix them, but honestly, they are the least of my concern. I'm so happy with the rest of my results, that I feel like I can live with uneven nipples any day.

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on, gave me encouragement, and talked me through the worst parts of the emotional aspects.
I almost don´t believe it, it is as if I hear meyself talking. (I am going to have my op done at the end of september) Everything you said about your husband and how he felt about the old ones, your concern if he´d like your new boobs. The tension you felt right before the op(I´ve had a mastitis op done quite some years ago and I was in a lot of stress too) Wow, but you look wonderfull and a B cup is beautiful. Thanks for your story.
I am here for you if you need to talk. I had many crying moments before my reduction when I was overwhelmed that I wanted the surgery so badly, yet I felt like my husband's view of me would change once I had them reduced. I was worried that he wouldn't find me attractive anymore, or lose interest in me sexually. I do have to admit, though, a lot of my fears come from my previous marriage that was incredibly sexually abusive. I wanted so badly to please my husband and be comfortable at the same time. A huge relief was lifted off my shoulders when he finally came forward and said that he thinks they're wonderful, bruised and all. Do you feel like your husband doesn't understand, and it's difficult for you to discuss with him, or does he just flat out have a hard time with the reduction? My husband fell into both categories at different times, so I know how it feels to be in your shoes. I'm here if you want to talk.
My husband DOES stand behind me (he is a good guy)and he does not disapprove of the br but , how do I explain it, if is was for him, I should not have it done. He likes them the way they are and I think he doesn´t know if he will like them after the procedure. He also said that he doesn´t know how it is to have them(the weight and the incomodity and so on). He wouldn´t like them to be too small. I am happy for you your husband says he does like them the way they turned out. (I think it is just a case of adaptation) and it makes me think that for my man it might result the same way. You know, I talked about the procedure with a female friend of mine, She´s the same size as I am (E cup, european size).When I told her what the surgeon inicially proposed (that he could do me a lift and a small reduction of a 20 till 30 %)(I told the man that I do not want to keep so much weight on me so he said that he could do me a 50% reduction) it seemed to her (my friend) that 30% off, seemed ok for her (looking at my size) and 50% like the maximum. Shortly, sometimes it seems to me that people think that if you get a big reduction(to a small B for example) that you´d regret it later on, to have gone so small. How do you make understand to people that even if you have big boobs, you don´t like them that way and you simply want them to be smallies. (of course there are also girls who do not like them to be very small and that is fine as well but it doesn´t mean it is like that for everyone else).

Day 5

Feeling good. "Zingers" began this morning. Nipples still uneven. Swelling going down. Bruising galore!

Still incredibly delighted.
They look great. I wouldn't worry about the nipples just yet because one breast is often more swollen than the other one so the nipples often look out of place at first and once everything starts to settle down they look more even.

Just For Fun ...

Went to Walmart and tried on some bras.
October, so happy for you! Thanks for sharing about the lipo with BR, I kinda forgot my PS was doing it, I was so worried about BR, well when I remembered I went into mini panic , lol. I'm so glad it not so horrible after all, I had dreams of terrible garments and mummies! Thank you, Happy, Healthy Healing!

1 Week Post-Op Update

Liposuction areas are still tender, but getting better. Nipples still uneven, but I love my breasts anyway. Fit into a 36B at Macy's today. Nearly cried.

I can't feel my left nipple and barely my right. How long does this continue usually?

Recent intimacy was a whole new experience. :)
I have a question, I also had lipo under the bra strap area too and it was really uncomfortable. Now at 2 weeks, I have lumps that are really hard and hurt if I palpate them. Are you experiencing any of that? It's mostly at the end of the incisions at the sides. As for your question for nipple sensitivity, I personally have overly sensitive nipples now, but have heard that sometimes 3-6 months to regain all sensitivity throughout the breast. Im sure yours will come back soon because you are feeling something :) I am a little bigger in one breast so far and a way I have tried to see if it will stay that way is by measuring the length of the scars. I figure if the scars are even on both sides then there's a good chance the breasts will even out over time. You could try measuring the length of the vertical scars. If one is way linger than the nipple will more than likely stay higher up, but if they are close to the same, then swelling may be the culprit. I don't know if this is a real way of doing it, but its helping me because 6 months is a long time to wait for final results :) I am so happy for you about your recent shopping trip. I too tried on a bra that is a 38B and can hardly believe it. I almost think that maybe all the bras are bigger that I'm trying on because at 2 weeks it's hard to believe that I also fit into something so small. Anyway, sorry for the long post :) happy healing and keep up the fantastic updates!!
I don't have lumps necessarily, but the entire area from the lipo is incredibly swollen still and feels "thicker" than the areas around it. I'm getting frustrated with all the massive swelling that doesn't seem to be leaving as quickly as I want it to :/
I feel you there. I'm not loving all the swelling. It gets worse at the end of the day or after doing...anything. Mine feel thicker too and hard. It's uncomfortable when I wear a more fitted bra because it pushes on the lipo sites. Oh well, at least it will look good in a few months. :)


I'm still ultra swollen around the sides, and I'm still terribly sore from liposuction. How long does all this last?

Bruising is going down, but my right breast is more tender and larger than the left one.
The soreness from lipo usually goes away by week two. My breasts are still swollen and uneven a month later. My surgeon told me this is common and everything should even itself out once all the swelling subsides. Keep in mind, many women have breasts that are different cup sizes. You look great - I would have loved to be a b or c cup but I am a d which is far better than the j that I was before the surgery.
Thanks for your reply. I guess the euphoria from the surgery has worn off and I'm ready to feel normal again. I mean, I haven't been in "pain," but constantly being sore takes a toll on a person. I want to wear a regular bra and not this post-op thing that gives me a uni-boob look.
I feel the same way. I have no pain just soreness along the incision line. I'm not enjoying the uni-boob look either. By far, the worst part of the surgery is my impatience for the recovery period to be over.

Day 10

You might feel "big" as you said on the last picture but you´re NOT, they look beautiful.

Day 11 - Not As Happy As I Was Before :(

My breasts look awful to me today. My nipples are crazy uneven still, my right boob is way swollen, the liposuction areas hurt like heck, and this morning I found a golfball-sized lump between my right breast and my armpit. My surgeon's nurse said to put warm compresses on the lump and see if that helps.

I'm impatiently ready to be fully healed. The itching is driving me crazy. I still feel too big, too.

Is it normal to feel like a bit of a mess right now?
I think the size you have looks perfect on you!!!! It may go down a little once the swelling goes away but I do believe that fit you perfectly!!! Give your girls time to heal and even up. Though we wish they would magically be perfect soon after but it takes time for the to heal. One of my boobs is higher than the other but I am only a week out and have seen other girls that look like me and after more healing they are perfect. Its the hurry up and wait syndrome LOL :) Smile girl you got some pretty boobies!!!!
I know this goes against what everyone has mentioned... but I too, get lumps/bumps/masses in my breasts (before and after my surgery). Even though I've been told in the past to use heat, I've found that a cold compress is VERY effective. It seems to minimize the blood flow. And yeah, mine too are like the size of hold balls. But the cold really helps reduce the swelling (and quite quickly). Maybe this will work for you too?? I hope you feel better soon. Just remember to allow some time to pass before getting worried about your shape/size. You are still very early in your recovery :)
*golf balls

Almost 3 Weeks Post-Op

Okay, I'm feeling much better now than I was a week ago. My boobs have evened out some, I'm not as sore as before, bruising is minimal, and I decided that the post-op bra was not happening for me. I went to Victoria's Secret and bought two underwire-less bras - 38C to be exact! I fit into the B cup on my left, but with my right side being more swollen than the left, I just went with the C. Let me tell you: I cried. In the dressing room. In front of the employee who was fitting me for the bras. It was a magical moment. I feel much better about life with a beautiful bra on.

The semester began yesterday, and I noticed that my breasts didn't rest in the desk in front of me. NOT EVEN ONCE! I have more confidence wherever I go, and when I went shopping, I bought a medium size shirt when I was previously an XL just to fit my boobs.

In my new bra, I haven't had to "adjust" myself once. No more tucking them under my armpit, no more holding them in place when I bend over so they don't fall out, and no more cleavage protruding over the top of every shirt. So freeing. And, walking around in my pajamas without a bra - glorious.

If you are deciding whether or not to go through with a breast reduction, do not wait a minute longer. Do it. You will never look back.
Wondering how you are doing. Please let us know!
Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!! So excited for you!!!!! That's so awesome :)) I'm so happy to see that your mood has improved, too!!! Your scars are seriously looking awesome!!!!
Walking around in pyjamas without a bra was my main goal
Geoffrey Stiller, MD

Dr Stiller never once made me feel uncomfortable or like he was too busy for me. He reduced my breasts to the size I personally wanted them, which I appreciate greatly. He's friendly, funny and gentle. Absolutely would recommend him for anyone.

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