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I have had the previglue of having a tummy tuck...

I have had the previglue of having a tummy tuck several years ago by Dr. Rafizadeh and I was just thrilled with the results. Since then life's challenges and "growing old gracefully" is not in my vocabulary. I was tired of always looking tired. I did not want or expect to look 20 as I am 56 but I wanted to look refreshed. I had many converations with him as to what I did want and what I did not want. He was very patient and always listened to me when I spoke. My final statement to Dr. Rafizadeh was "I wanted just enough done but not to much". I have seen so many photo's of cosmetic surgery gone wrong and was never worried that I would not be happy with his results. To be a surgeon in this field, you must be someone what of an artist and I share my journey today because I feel he is the best surgeon in my opinion in NJ. I have seen far to many photo's of famous people that did too much and do not even resemble what they formally looked like and that was not for me! Here are some photo's I am happy to share, the before, after and while still recovering. Oh yes one other important matter, I do not do well with anesthesia, he did suggest that he could perform the procedure with local anesthesia and a sedate. That was a perfect solution for me and the procedure was less expensive. I certainly did fell him working during my surgery, but never did I feel actual pain. I was awake and at times so comfortable did fall asleep as the procedure was 5 hours.
You look very naturally beautiful and I wondered about your anesthesia and the length of your surgery. I've heard that oral sedation is usually used in procedures lasting less than 3 hrs. You had only a facelift? And were you injected throughout AND what about "bathroom issues"? Under twilight or general a catheter would be used, I think. tks,grace
Good Morning and thank you for your comments...I will be happy to answer your questions :) 1. I was given tests prior to the surgery to determine if I was medically cleared for the procedure by my physician...Even though I have high blood pressure it is totally under control so the local pain management during surgery was approved for me personally... 2. I am not sure about the less than 3 hour limit for the sedation, but the medication was administered via IV and the numbing medicine was through injection at the site of surgery... 3. You are not permitted to eat or drink the day prior to surgery, after a certain time based on the start time of your surgery, so I had no bathroom issues at all during my 5 hour procedure. No catheter was used or even discussed. Had it been mentioned, I would have declined as in my case it was totally unnecessary. 4. Yes during the 5 hr procedure I was injected in the site area that the surgeon was working on and if I ever felt anything I was able to speak and simply to him while he was working on the area he would administer another injection. There was music playing and I even was able to watch the procedure on a screen if I chose to. 5. I had a face lift and a neck lift. Every person and procedure is different, so the results are based on one's condition, how severe or minimal the work required achieving the best results you personally are looking for. 6. I am quite sure the cost is also reflective on what anyone is having done and the amount of time required to perform the surgery. 7. This is now 3 weeks and I have full feeling back in my forehead and neck, but the sides of my face in front of my ears are still swollen and numb. I am sure that is due to the incision in front of my ears, which are hardly visible already and the majority of the incisions which are behind my ears and still visible and swollen...No pain right now just healing discomfort. 8. I elected to not mention to my co-workers that I was having surgery prior to...It was suggested that I stay home for at least 2 weeks which I elected not to...I was home for 10 days, however, I did go into my office early morning and work for a few hours before my staff arrived and was also able to work from home for several hrs during the day, resting in between...When I returned to work I told my staff what I had done and they were very surprised of course that the bruising and swelling was minimal at that 10 day period...I am sure that is totally individual based on how someone burses and heals from wounds...Now as the swelling is going down I feel more myself...I think it will take at least 2 months for all the swelling and numbness to dissipate! All good things are worth the wait LOL I just took more photo’s this morning and will put them upshortly and I will continue to do so for this informative format. Glad you appreciate my postings! Happy to answer any of your questions Grace, but remember everyone is completely different and everything or anything on does must be medically cleared by your primary physician and all the blood work and ekg prior to any surgery of this nature… If you are thinking of doing anything best wishes to you! Happy me 
Christine, Thanks for your detailed answer. Very helpful! Some facelifts said to be under oral/local are given valium or some other medication by mouth and then injected with lidocaine or similar solution for numbing the face. It's sometimes difficult to know whether local means this technique or sedation IV similar to what is used in a colonoscopy.

Three weeks tomorrow :)

Feeling good, still swollen but happy and on the mend

More photo's

Sorry hit post too soon :)
You look fantastic! He did a great job.
Thank you kindly, he sure did :)
He did, didn't he though :) Thank you!

03/20/14 Felling like me again

Scabbing is falling off in the area's affected...Put some facial cream on the area last night, it helped with a soothing effect...Feeling great today...Stay tuned :)

PS Sorry about the turtleneck, it's cold here...Next batch of photo's I will try to remember not to wear one for a better view!

Sorry about typo's it is early lol

Good Morning
He did a great job!
Wow! Your results are so natural and youthful. Just lovely!
You look terrific -- congratulations!! :)
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Dr. Rafizadeh was wonderful and I would certainly have him perform other work as needed without a second thought!

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