22 Year Old Small B to a Full C - Morristown, NJ

I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my...

I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my previous experience at the office. I am a 32 B (small B) and I am hoping to be around a C cup. Will be receiving my surgery in 2 months. I am fearful of the post-op recovery period, but that is based on my low tolerance for pain. I have wanted bigger boobs since I was 14, and I know it will be worth it.
Glad you have found a doctor you like and trust to perform your surgery. What type and size implants will you get getting to achieve your goal look? 

Here are some questions that you typically ask your doctor at your first consult, but if you've missed any of these, you can still ask them at your next appointment. 

Keep us posted and let us know when you get your surgery date!

1 month to surgery!!!

I have returned to the office for a 2nd visit, and my final pre-op appointment. I just filled out the paperwork, and I have paid off my doctor and my operating room. I am beyond exciting, and counting down the days till surgery.

I am currently 110 lbs, 5'4'' and have a 34 inch waist and 27 inch rib cage. I am going with a 225cc smooth high profile saline and filling it to 270cc. I am hoping to have a nice pair of boobs that look good in low cut dresses/shirts.

I am in love with Dr. Rafizadeh, but not in the creepy way. He was so thorough during my visits, and spent quality time with me. Although I have yet to undergo surgery, I must give once piece of advice to anyone considering surgery. Make sure you trust your doctor. I feel as if I should feel more anxiety as my procedure date quickly approaches. In reality, I am excited because I know that I can trust my doctor god forbid any difficulties arise.

Will keep everyone posted. Please send me some positive feedback and love!
I'm sure you have done your research, but don't plan on wearing any low cut dresses/shirts until ~6 months out I think? I'm not sure yet because I am only ~3 weeks post op and have seen no dropping. I put on a sleeveless dress the other day and my husband politely told me my boobs didn't look right for that dress at this time (they are still quite high). Good luck on your surgery and recovery. I have a low pain tolerance as well, but stopped taking pain meds on day 4 and started taking muscle relaxers only at night on day 4 for a week and then stopped those. Had some muscle spasms, but they were bearable. The more moving you do, the easier it is. The first few days it may feel like an elephant is on your chest, but trust me, that gets better as each day passes.
Thank you for your input. I am very worried about the pain, but I know it will be worth it. Were the first two days absolutely horrible?
They were pretty bad....breathing hurt. Laying down flat was good, but sitting up was a nightmare. It hurt me worse than I thought it would. Not trying to scare you, just being honest.

2 days to surgery - Any last helpful hints?

So of course, my anxiety is through the roof. I am excited yet extremely nervous. With only two more days, I have almost everything ready for the big day.

Can anyone provide me with some final feedback, moral support, or helpful hints?
good luck! I live 20 min from Morristown... but I used a NYC md as I work there. Let me know how it goes as i have a friend that wants to go local and I think this is the MD she was thinking of....I will be thinking of you.
Thank you! Will continue to blog the processes. I would absolutely recommend my Dr. Rafizadeh even before my post-op results!

1 day Post Op

I cannot believe I have boobs!!!! Yesterday was the day if my surgery. I went to Florham Park Surgical Center and everyone was wonderful. Each nurse and doctor was caring and amazing.

Right after I changed into my gown and socks I entered the creepy white room. I guess this was when it first hit me - IM GETTING SURGERY! I was extremely calm each step of the way, and I didn't even take the prescribed Valium the night before surgery. But as soon as I sat on that bed, I FREAKED! I told the nurse I didn't want to do it - can you believe that??? I asked the nurse to get my mom, who obviously sat with me and calmed me down. My one peice of advice I can give anyone getting breast augmentation is to have a great support system at your surgical center.

After the IV (which sucks) I had a really nice liquid anti-anxiety medication and I woke up a changed women. Waking up from anesthesia sucks, there is no denying that. But they gave me some pain medication, I ate, took a walk, and they released me.

Last night I rested a bit and stayed on top of my medication. The pain really isn't too bad. It feels like a dull pressure. I have felt a lot worse pain from banging my toe!!! The only part that sucks is getting up out of bed.

Yesterday I was able to eat, and I even took a nice 10 minute walk outside. I really can't believe how well I felt only a few minutes out of surgery.

Now it is morning of day 2 (yesterday was the day of surgery). I set an alarm to wake myself up to take some more pain pills at 2am and at 7am. I didn't want to wake up this morning without any pain medication, and I am happy I didn't have to. This morning kind of sucked. Again, the worst pain was really getting out of bed. I went downstairs, I ate my breakfast and I walked around downstairs for a few minutes. Any movement helps loosen you up and release some of the tightness/pressure pain.

Will keep everyone posted on my recovery & will take some pictures after a week of recovery.
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Although I have yet to get my surgery (highly anticipating the date) I must say that Dr. Rafizadeh truly cares about his patients. Dr. R. gave me a full hour of his time to answer any and all of my questions during my consultation. He made sure I was happy with the size and the type of implant I will be getting. I had plans on going to a few doctors, but after my consultation with Dr. R. I am positive that he will be great. I must say, the moment you call his office the receptionist is eager to help you as well. The entire staff is a delight, and this office is a gem in NJ! The office is clean, friendly, and highly recommended if you're interested in getting anything done. Thank you Dr. R. and staff.

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