22 Year Old Small B to a Full C - Morristown, NJ

I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my...

I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my previous experience at the office. I am a 32 B (small B) and I am hoping to be around a C cup. Will be receiving my surgery in 2 months. I am fearful of the post-op recovery period, but that is based on my low tolerance for pain. I have wanted bigger boobs since I was 14, and I know it will be worth it.
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Although I have yet to get my surgery (highly anticipating the date) I must say that Dr. Rafizadeh truly cares about his patients. Dr. R. gave me a full hour of his time to answer any and all of my questions during my consultation. He made sure I was happy with the size and the type of implant I will be getting. I had plans on going to a few doctors, but after my consultation with Dr. R. I am positive that he will be great. I must say, the moment you call his office the receptionist is eager to help you as well. The entire staff is a delight, and this office is a gem in NJ! The office is clean, friendly, and highly recommended if you're interested in getting anything done. Thank you Dr. R. and staff.

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Glad you have found a doctor you like and trust to perform your surgery. What type and size implants will you get getting to achieve your goal look? 

Here are some questions that you typically ask your doctor at your first consult, but if you've missed any of these, you can still ask them at your next appointment. 

Keep us posted and let us know when you get your surgery date!
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