34 Yrs Old & 5 Children....much Needed Mommy Makeover - Morris, IL

Tonight is the night before my surgery. I am...

Tonight is the night before my surgery. I am really nervous. My friend and co-worker will be driving me to the hospital in the morning and then my husband will be heading over around noon. I have to be there at 8:45 AM - surgery is scheduled for 10:45 AM. I am having tummy tuck with lipo on flanks and breast augmentation. I have 5 children, God has blessed me with 5 beautiful healthy girls!!! My oldest is 13 soon to be 14 and my youngest is 21 months old. I nursed all 5 so you can just imagine how my breasts (if that's what they're called) look like. They are hanging bags and so deflated, it's really depressing looking at them. I have lost all the weight I had gained with all my pregnancies and my stomach (muffin top) just hangs it's pretty gross too. This is a lot of money to spend and believe me I have thought about it over and over and do think I am being somewhat selfish but I have faith and believe everything will turn out good and once I am healed I will be a lot happier with my body.
I just had my mommy makeover April 1, I'm not using my painpills that my PS required me coz I can tolerate my pain really well and I don't want be on drugs to much make me drowsy and dizzy. Im using over the counter Tylenol and also I saw my doctor today he pulled out the drainage on me coz not much coming, If you trust your PS and pray for a good result and don't worry too much . I hope its going to be a successful one. I will post my pictures later.
Wow, that's great for you that you have a good pain tolerance. I myself take 1/2 a Vicodin pill every 6-8 hrs when I get really sore. I'm feeling better today and hopeful that with each day it gets better.

1 day after surgery..ouch

Yesterday is a bit of a blur. Once I arrived and checked into the hospital the nurses took great care of me. They put my IV in and stated me with meds. They gave me something to relax until Dr. Burt arrived. That helped out a lot, definitely took the nerves away. I had initially wanted a pain pump to help me with recovery but at $1,600 that was not affordable so I just take vicodin/valium now. I do remember Dr. Burt coming in to mark me up and talk to me, then wheeling down to the OR. I then recall waking up in recovery but could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. First because I was so drowsy and then because my vision was so distorted. The nurse removed the nausea patch behind my ear and little by little my vision came back to normal. The first night was not too bad, I couldn't eat anything, my husband and daughter kept trying to make me eat at least crackers so I can take pain medicine but I couldn't. My throat was sore I'm sure from the breathing tube. I slept most of the night and only got up once to pee. I was told it is good to walk around so I pushed myself to a bit.

This morning I feel good. My tummy is sore but tolerable pain, My breasts are another story. My right one is so swollen and hard compared to my left. I hope I don't have something going on in that one. Dr. Burt called me this morning at 9 and I asked her about it and she said it is normal especially because she cut more skin off that one, because it hang more. She also explained to me that she could not put the implants cc's that I wanted because she couldn't stretch me. I wanted minimum 475cc preferring 500. She said she did try to put those in but would no fit with my body frame so she put in 450 high profile silicone. I hope I won't be unhappy with them. Especially because they hurt so bad. She told me I didn't need a breast lift because I hated my areola it's huge and I wanted for her to make them smaller - just like my big belly button I wanted that small too. Monday at 1:00 is my first post-op with her and I will get to see what is under these mummy garments.
I can't wait to see pictures. :-)

3rd day after surgery....

This morning I am feeling much better. I was able to get out of the recliner myself and get to the washroom to brush my teeth. I do get tired right away and need to sit. I woke up with a bad headache so I took two Tylenol instead of Vicodin. I also took a stool softener hoping for a BM today. I am not collecting a lot of fluid in my drains so hopefully tomorrow at my visit Dr Burt will remove at least one drain.
Sounds like you're doing great! I love your day by day diary. Thank you SO much for sharing it.
I am schedule with Dr.Burt for this fall :-) . Thanks for sharing

5 day after surgery..doing well ;-)

Just an update..yesterday Monday was my first post op appointment with Dr. Burt. I was still very sore and at night it's hard to sleep on the recliner but the bed is definitely out. My husband tried to have me sleep in our room and I could not handle laying on our bed, so back out to the living room on my recliner is best for now! ;-) I took a Vicodin before we headed out to my appointment. It went well. Nurse Peggy took off all my mummy garments and my tapes (which did hurt a bit) but it felt so good to have all that off. Dr. Burt came in and checked everything out. She said everything looked good. I still have swelling and bruising around my breasts which is normal. I'm happy with results so far EXCEPT my belly button. I am hoping and praying it's because it needs time to heal, because I was very specific with the fact that I hated my belly button prior to surgery, as it's huge and deep and ugly and I had ask Dr. Burt to please make a small cute one after tummy tuck. When I looked at it in the mirror it looks gross, big and deep. I did ask her right away about it and she said it will heal and be smaller. She then took one drain out (that REALLY hurt) as both my drains were not really draining anything anymore but I can't get the second one out until Friday.

This morning I woke up feeling better, I can get up easier and walk around. It just really drains you out. I got the go ahead yesterday to shower so that's my project today. I can't wait to sit under warm water. I haven't taken any med's since last night, trying to take Tylenol instead of Vicodin...but we'll see. I'll update later today.
Thanks for sharing, sounds like you're doing well. I'm sure your belly button will be fine after the healing process. Sounds like you have a good doctor, I'm sure she listened to you. Take care!

some pics

Here are a few pictures
I can't wait to see more pictures. Hang in there. You look great :-)
Dr. Burt is doing my surgery in the fall
Good luck! She's a great Dr. She's great at what she does.

Worried about my breasts...

Ok can anyone tell me if they had purple bruising by breasts 6 days post? Yesterday I took my first shower. It was tough but it felt so good to sit down and have the hot water run down my back. I have such a back ache everyday from sleeping on recliner. I was shocked to see my breasts, my right one has severe dark purple bruising starting under my armpit all the way across my chest, especially by incision. Of course I started to freak out about hematoma's and out of all things me having to get some other type of correction surgery. But I calmed myself down and just iced it last night. My Dr saw me on Monday and she did say i have a lot of bruising because she really had to stretch me and it was normal. My next appointment is Friday morning but I think I will be calling her this morning just to ease my thoughts. Here I have a full tummy tuck and have NO pain or discomfort with my belly, but everyday I wake up with really sore breasts. It was hard in the shower without my bra, couldn't wait to put my C.G and bra back on!! I feel great other than my boobs, I am able to walk around pretty well now, I am just taking tylenol during the day and the Vicodin at night.

Breasts still painful ;-(

I just took my first Vicodin for the day, I'm trying hard not to take any unless I have to. So my Dr.'s office called me and it was the nurse which was disappointing because I really wanted to talk to Dr. Burt. Peggy just speaks way too fast and I feel like I am being rushed. I told her my concern and right away said it was normal because Dr. had to stretch me a lot, that it will take a lot of time for bruising to subside. I also mentioned that I have this second drain that is draining absolutely NOTHING so I was wondering if I can move up my follow up appointment from Friday to tomorrow Thursday and she said I could but they would be working out of the Morris office tomorrow not the Plainfield office and it's at least 30 minutes further for us to drive so I just kept my Friday appointment. I keep putting ice on this right breast. I hope and pray that this bruising and pain will get better, I go back to work on Monday and hope I'm okay by then. I also have to start driving by tomorrow because my oldest has something going on at school and I have to be able to get there and my hubby works second shift so will not be home to drive me. By the way - I have to say that my hubby is THE BEST!!! We've been together for 17 years and although he was very against me doing this MMO he is very understanding and has helped out so much. Like today he already made dinner before he left to work, and has been doing all the laundry and waking up early to drive my little one to school. :-)

Reassurance is key! ;-)

Dr. Burt just called me and assured me it's normal for the bruising. She said to keep icing it and it should get better. I might have to take another dose of SinEcch to help the bruising. I feel much better, and happy she called me. ;-) I actually was able to wash the dinner dishes! Helped feed my 21 month old dinner too. I miss holdings her but can't break the no picking up anything over 10 lbs rule.
Congrats on you MM! I also have small children, and the hardest part of recovery was not being able to pick them up and be the mom I was used to being. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are feeling great soon! =)
Thank you for your positive words. Are you feeling back to normal? I am still sleeping in the recliner and hoping I can eventually go back to my room.
I feel pretty good. I went dancing a couple nights ago so my abs are a little sore, but other than that I feel great. Just waiting on that one spot to heal under by right breast. I'm back to picking up my 9 month old and doing everything for the kids. I still don't lift the 3 yr old though as she is a lot heavier than the baby lol And I have been back to sleeping in my bed since about 2 weeks post op! =) I am still a little uncomfortable at night but everyday is better ! You will feel great soon!

Bruising by my right breast a bit better I think?....

Today was s long one, I did drive! I drove twice once to drop off my 5 year old to pre-school and then after a nap and some Tylenol I drove to my 8th grader's school to pick up her graduation things. I mmade dinner and cleaned up with help from my oldest girls. Today my breasts feel better, here are some pictures of my bruising. Tomorrow is my 2nd post op appointment with Dr. Burt, hopefully it won't be too painful getting that 2nd drain out.

Jeans are a definite a No...

Yesterday morning was my 2nd post op appointment with Dr Burt, it went well. My second drain was taken out (that hurt) but it's a good feeling. She said my bruising was normal and did prescribed some medication for my muscles, my implants are so hard I can't even begin to massage them let alone put them close to see clevage! :-( she said I need to be patient. Today I had volunteered to help at a school function (sitting down of course) and I tried putting on my regular jeans that would normal fit me loose and I could not button at all nor get close to it, so I'm definitely swollen. Hope that goes down, I am due for my monthly too so we'll see how that goes. Last night I slept in my bed, didn't go well but its a long road and I have to take it day by day. I do walk around a lot but do get tired. Monday I go back to work, not looking forward to that.

Swelling... :-(

Today was a good day. We went to church today and out for lunch to Olive Garden. I am feeling better everyday...however kinda depressed about how swollen I have gotten. Today after my shower I can see love handles!!!!! Is this normal???? Weren't those supposed to be gone? My jeans don't fit, only can wear sweats/yoga pants. I weighed 121 before surgery and I don't even want to think about getting on a scale because I definitely see myself thicker, I feel like Sponge Bob just square!!!! Tomorrow for work since I have to dress up I will be wearing some leggings and long sweater, don't want anyone to notice anything.

New pic's

Forgot to mention

I also got my period yesterday, so hopefully swelling is from that too....
Hi there! Just checking in to see how your first day back to work went. And about the swelling and love handles. .I decided to just wait until I am fully healed up. We want to see fast progress out if all that we are going through but I keep reading that we need patience. So i suggest we wait it out and I am positive we will be happy with our new bodies. .in time. And how brave are you to try on jeans. I hope your first day back wasn't to exhausting. I don't go back until 4/23 but at this moment I just can't imagine that day. Plus no one at work knows about my surgery so I will be questioned if I appear less than refreshed from my"vacation". Ugh really dreading that day. I will be following along with you to see how I might get through it. Thanks!
Thank you for your positive words...I am trying so hard to be patient but it's hard. I feel like so much $$ and so much pain and I feel a lot thicker than before. Work went okay today. I felt bad lying to my co-workers, no one knows except my one good friend. I told them I fell and hurt my back that's why I'm walking a bit slouchy. I'm walking a bit straighter now so no one really said much, just if I enjoyed my vacation! :-) If they only knew right. All my clothes fit tighter and it's so disappointing. I hope the swelling goes down soon. I've been reading about "dog ears" and I pray that I do not get that. I wonder if my Dr. only lipo'd my flanks, because I had told her that my upper abdomen has always been big too??
I just might have to use your excuse about why I am slouchy. I don't know how I will be by the 23rd but somehow I don't think I am going to be able to fake it. One I am at my desk I should be ok but I still have to get up once in a while. I am not looking forward to this. I also hope I have more energy by then. I guess I won't worry until it gets here. Maybe i will have more progress. Glad you made it through ok.


Hi everyone - Just a quick update. Work went well, a bit overwhelming but okay. I am a practice manager for a dental office and have so much to catch up on. I have so many concerns and thoughts racing through my head. I am depressed at how thick I look, I wore baggy sweater and leggings and I'm swollen. I am trying to be patient but it's hard when I look in the mirror. I hate my belly button, my scar seems high up and I have love handles and hoping and praying they don't become "dog ears". Sorry had to let it out - now for the good news my breasts feel better, not much pain. Again sorry for complaining...thanks for listening.
Stay positive. I was where you were too, could not even wear jeans that fit me prior to surgery for first 2 months, but I am now 9 weeks post op and have went down 1 pants size.
Thanks, I am trying really hard to be patient. I pray and hope time will fix it all. ;-)
Hey girl.. Chillax ;) Pray, cheer up and be patient. Give it 2 months for swelling to go down. I hear you about how the scar seem high up on the hips! I'm putting extra attention to those sides when it comes to scar treatment! It is ok to complain or vent here.. We're all anonymous ;) I'm in my 4th wk and still swollen! Not daring to put jeans on yet.. Just like you only few knows about this makeover. I only said Hernia repair ;) I can stop wearing those maximizer bras! I'm still struggle to walk straight.. I hope by Easter I'll be good at it! Coz relatives gathering and I don't want to be obvious. I'm glad your breasts are getting better! Again, cheer up! Don't be depressed. These are all temporary... As I've said, give it two months for swelling to go down. I guess this silly weather we're having help us disguise how we dress up ;) God bless!


My breasts feel so much better, however they seem smaller....which is VERY depressing. I was very specific to my Dr that I wanted to be a DD after this BA, and it's looking very very slim that I will even be anything close to a D!! It looks like maybe a C, I think they are "dropping" and was hoping they would FLUFF out but it seems to be going the other way. Sorry to complain here but you know $13,000 is A LOT of money especially for a family of 7 and I really truly pray and hope this ends up being worth it. Daily I change the gauze by my still very ugly big belly button and I see the bulges on my love handles and want to cry. My hubby is being supportive and keeps telling me I am swollen and it will go down, so he cheers me up. My sister was with me on my initial consult with Dr. Burt and she had a consult herself. She decided to go with a different doctor and only decided to do LIPO instead of full TT and let me tell you, she looks GREAT!!!!!! She just had it done this last Saturday 4/12 and her tummy is FLAT!!! I couldn't believe the difference (she is heavier than me). I am so happy for her. She has no bulge hanging and a lot of bruising but it's flat! No love handles. I know that a TT takes longer to recover from and I'm trying hard to be patient but it's so hard, especially with me working and I can't put on my clothes now. I dig up clothes from when after I had my last baby that I went back to work and feel ridiculous wearing big clothes. My next post op appointment is next Wednesday and I will be letting my Dr. know my concerns and disappointment. Hopefully she can shed some light on all this. It's been a long day, I worked then came home made dinner, cleaned up, and did homework with my girls. Now I am exhausted and ready for some good night sleep. I only take Valium and Vicodin at this time so I can get some good sleep.

Too much in one day...

I am feeling better everyday. The bruising under my right breast is so much better. I feel like I am sleeping better too, only first thing in the morning is rough to sit up. I feel so much pressure in my chest when I sit up. I take 2 Extra Strength Tylenol in the morning to get me through the day then at night I take my pain medication to sleep good. Today was a good day but I am exhausted. I think I may have over done it. My girls had no school today and I don't work on Friday's so this morning after my shower (which feels good but is tiring) I had a movie date with my older 2 girls (13 & 12). They really wanted to go see the new movie "Heaven is for Real" so we did that...movie was good. I am trying hard not to eat food that is salty so I tried SO hard not to eat any popcorn, but gave in and had maybe 2 handfuls. After movie we went to lunch just to Subway to grab a salad. Once we got back home, hubby had to go to work but he had my little 3 ready for me so it was their turn to have some fun. I then took them to the Children's Museum in Naperville. We were there for at least 4 hours....my oldest girls are AWESOME they both were the ones playing and lifting my baby. My 7 year old and 5 year old are great, they had fun playing with each other. We then headed home, stopped for some pizza and I am finally laying down in my bed and just took my pain medicine. I am tired, but don't feel like I'm dying or anything. I know I am still supposed to take it easy, but everyday I'm feeling better. As far as my results...still the same. I will post some new pictures tomorrow...still swollen (I hope) with love handles, boobies look smaller but feel so much better. I am only wearing sweats and leggings because my jeans don't fit at all, can't even wear a dress because I look so thick. Trying really hard to be patient.
Wow! That was a busy day. Yesterday (post op day 11) I also had one of my most buddy days. Me hubby and my twin 16 y/o's pretty much spent entire day out and about. Went to visit my mom at assisted living, she has Alzheimer's :( I felt so guilty not seeing her since before my surgery. Then off to do some shopping. It's funny how when we go shopping everyone gets something except my husband. So then went home to rest before going out to dinner for the kids' 16th birthday. This was the first full day of activity and I was tired but feels good to do things again. Funny how just 11 days of recovery can feel like forever. I am sure we will continue to see progress as time goes on. I hope to be 1 pant size down someday soon just like jackvan!

Swelling slowly going down....

Just a quick update...this Thursday will be 3 weeks since surgery and I feel good. Sleeping is still tough, but it's getting better. My bruising around my breast is almost gone, but they still feel sore. They keep looking smaller to me. My swelling has gotten a bit better. Tomorrow I have a post op appointment and will probably have the tapes around my nipples and TT scar removed, hope it doesn't hurt too bad. I will let you know how it goes, and also post some pics after. No one can tell I had anything done, not even my Mother.

couple of pics

I took these after my shower tonight. ..sorry not the best, will post some tomorrow.

3 weeks tomorrow, had PO check today

I'm glad I saw Dr. Burt today, she really motivated me and it's so nice to hear everything will get better and better with time. I just have to be patient, she knows my concerns and just wants me to give it time. It takes at least 3 months for us to see these results. She showed me how to massage my breasts and also started me on my lotion for my TT scar and breast scars. She removed the taping and it wasn't bad at all. I will see her again in 6 weeks and hope my boobies will be fluffed out some by then. I am going to follow her instructions on massaging them daily and applying my lotion. She said to keep wearing my C.G which I wear 24/7 now except when I take it off to wash it every other day, which is nice because I do put it in the dryer and its snugger on me which I believe is helping my swelling go down. I am so hoping it will look better by May 10th for my sister's wedding (I am matron of honor). I was thinking of purchasing Spanx but I'm going to wait another 2 weeks and continue wearing my C.G, I don't mind it at all, I actually feel weird without it after my shower as I wait for it to dry. I also purchased a few sport bra's from Walmart (they were 2 for $11.99), they button up from the front, they don't zipper but button and they're great but I always feel more comfortable with the bra I got from my PS so I tend to just keep wearing that one more.
Hey there! Your looking great! =D I hope your swelling is starting to get better for you. I know how uncomfortable that is. Happy healing!! Can't wait to see some of your updated pictures! =D
Thank you, hope my results look like yours with time, you look fantastic! I posted new pics...still some swelling but it's getting better. :-)
I feel like I am reading my own page reading yours. I too am living in swell hell. You are over a week ahead of me, I believe. I was wondering what kind of cg you use? My doc gave me a binder but with my long torso it is crazy uncomfortable. Happy healing! :)

New pics...still unhappy 4 weeks post surgery

Hi RS, haven't updated because not really much improvement in my opinion. I know being patient is important and I can't wait for 3 months post to see my results with my breasts. I have no cleavage, and am a size C right now (very depressing :-( ). If they don't fluff and puff I definitely want them redone. My TT scar is weird because there's an area that's nice and low and then goes up high. I know I'm still swollen and see my upper abdomen bulky in the evening. I wear my CG 24/7 and massage my breasts and lovely love handles that I still have.....that were supposed to be lipo'd twice a day and apply my repair creme on my scars. My sister's wedding is May 10th amd I ordered my dress should be in by end of this week, we'll see how that fits with my love handles. I still only wear my bra garment too. No one has noticed any change. :'( sorry for complaining but that's how I feel and I want to be honest. My good friend who does my hair also had MM with different Dr. In Chicago and she looks so good, flat belly, awesome small belly button and huge boobies! She got 500 cc implants and she's smaller framed than me! She's wearing size 34DDD! She is 6 months post though so .....hoping time is key with me.

On the good side I feel back to normal, recovery went great and glad I can sleep all night. I take no medication during the day only 1 valium at night before bed.
Don't feel sorry for complaining. We are the ones you complain to! You look beautiful, and you still have a long road ahead. My PS told me that it can take 12-18 months to see the total results. Your breasts are beautiful and very proportionate. Complain away girl. We are here for you.
Thank you for your kind words and all of your support!! ;-) I looked at your pic's and you look like you're healing great!
Hey girl! I think your breasts look great! I am sorry you are feeling disappointed with them. I think that they look awesome and natural. I hate that "porn star" booby look that so many women end up with. Yours seem to fit you perfectly and I hope you start to like them better. We are always our own worst critics. ;o) Your swelling looks like it is starting to go down too! Yay. You look fabulous!!!! =D xox

Love handles...so disappointed and unhappy

Here are some new pictures taken tonight. No changes, I have LOVELY love handles and it doesn't look like I had lipo done at all on these areas!!! I've been trying to be patient but it sucks. I see many of you with MM done after me and your tummies look amazing, flat and NO love handles..... I know everyone is different but I wasn't big to begin with. My breasts don't hurt as bad anymore but they are sensitive, and still no cleavage unless I squeeze them together. My sister's wedding is this weekend and I'll have to buy a real tight garment to wear under my dress to tuck in those L.H it's a strapless dress so I can't wear my usual CG. Happy for all you R.S that are recovering and look great!!! My next appointment is not for a couple weeks and I will address these issues with Dr. Burt.
You look great, don't be disappointed, give it more time. Looking awesome!
Thanks! I just looked at your post op pic's and you look great! Hang in there it does get better with each day.
Yes it does, we will be sexy together ;)

Almost 6 weeks post op..

Hi RS -

Just a quick update. ..see new pic my love handles have not changed. I still wear my CG and on top a firm girdle. I feel back to myself. Very unhappy with my results, I can literally grab my love handles a good inch too just like before! I will definitely be talking to my PS about this at my next visit next week. I know the swelling comes and goes but these things are ridiculous. Here I've already received and made my first "car payment" on a Lexus and I'm driving a Chevy.

On a good note...my sister's wedding was great! She had a beautiful day and looked amazing! I did drink a lot so the day after I was in swell hell...but we had such a good time. Hope all of you are well...

I think what I have are definitely dog ears! ;-(

The more I read and research my surgery and my love handle issue, they're "dog ears". They are usually fixed by liposuctioning or cutting them and extending the scar??? I hope Dr. Burt has some answers for me next week because this is upsetting.
It doesn't look like dog ears from what I have read. I don't know alot about it but I searched dog ears on RS and all the doctors say it is bunched up skin at end of incision. You seem to just have either love handles or could be just your shape with some swelling. I also think it could have something to do with where the the scar was placed. It looks just a bit higher than mine so that would also make a difference. I think you look great! . I hope you PS had a solution for you. Because whatever it is, dog ears, love handles, or whatever, you are obviously upset and your PS needs to explain what is causing this. I hope you get some answers and hope it will resolve itself so you can love your new body! Here is a link I found helpful:http://www.realself.com/question/dog-ears-swelling-tummy-tuck just copy and paste :)
Thanks for the link, I did talk to my PS today and she was wants me to be happy, moving up my appointment and hopefully we can get this issue fixed. You're healing good, your scar looks good. Your tummy is flat!
That is great! I hope this gets resolved and you are happy with your results!

Also still have numbness in my right nipple!!

I forgot to mention that I have NO sensation in my right nipple, this was told to me was normal with all the bruising and stretching she had to do, but surgery is 6 weeks ago tomorrow, is this normal? ?? I am very concerned.

New pics...and I spoke to Dr Burt today

I did call my PS office today regarding my concerns. Dr. Burt called me back this afternoon and with my nipple sensation she says that should slowly come back tingly leading to me getting sensation back. She says it's a good thing that I feel around my nipple. I explained to her about my love handles and she understands my concerns so we're moving up my appointment and once she looks at everything we can make a plan on how to go about it. I am happy she did contact me right away and am happy that she's going to fix my issue. :-)


New pic's of my TT. How depressing....:-( Here's me sitting, no need to grab them, they just hang out there.
Hang in there! I agree you paid a lot of money not to mention the pain and suffering. Be direct and assertive with your doctor. I will pray you get what you want because surely you deserve it!
Thank you so much for your positive words.
I just looked at your update and you have awesome results!! Congrats

Small revision...looks the same? ?!!

Well a few of you have asked me how it all went last week at my appointment and I've been waiting for swelling to go down after my revision but this is ridiculous. So last Wednesday in office Dr. Burt numbed me with local anesthetic and cutt some extra skin and extended scar on both sides. I asked if maybe doing lipo on my love handles first should be done but she said that would create a different problem with extra skin? My left side looks a little bit better but my right side looks horrible! It looks like I'm sticking my hip out to the right and I'm not. It did hurt and was painful. I did email my Dr. Pic's and waiting to hear back.
I can see your concerns. It sounds like your dr is responding to you though. I still have tons of flab that I can grab even though I had him go very far around my sides to take care of the love handles. I'm 5'2" and weigh 107 so like you, I don't have a lot of fat. That makes it even more frustrating doesn't it? My surgery was Jan 9th so I'm not even swelling now. You still have some swelling you are dealing with. I'm very surprised that your dr would do a revision so early. My guess is she's going to tell you to give it some time....keep us posted!
I forgot to ask you...did she do any lipo?
I did take a look at your pics and I agree you definitely need a revision of some sort, you should not have so much fat after TT. I honestly don't think LIPO was done as we planned with my surgery, I believe that's why my waist looks weird because I carry all my weight in my love handle area and now that my tummy is flat they stick out so much. My PS has been understanding and is more than willing to fix this, so hopefully when I go back I will have what I originally wanted, the LIPO and if there is extra skin it needs to be removed. Good luck to you, the depressing part is now it's summer and I won't be able to enjoy it as I thought I would.

Bruising and very swollen 8 days after small revision

Yesterday morning I couldn't believe the huge bruise that showed up on my right side. I feel like my body is just getting worse, its really swollen now. I hate looking at myself now, I'm trying to just be patient and let time heal my body. It's so hard because I've gotten a few comments with my lumps on my side and that's with clothes and CG on. Dr. Burt called me yesterday afternoon and we went over my concerns. She said I have a small pocket of fluid and my body will absorb it, I just have to wait. I go back in 5 weeks and we'll re look at me then. I really believe I didn't have lipo on my flanks done just tummy tuck and now thats why they stick out so much because my stomach is flat. As I told her everyone's body is different and even though I am a thin person I have always had my weight problem in that area. I know that I won't be wearing 2 piece anytime soon. I am happy that Dr. Burt has followed up and she knows how I feel and she's more than willing to revise this situation, we just have to wait. My left breast hasn't dropped either so that looks really weird too. :'(
Give it time it took almost 7 months for most of my swelling to subside. Even after a year I still swell after eating foods high in sodium. Get some shape wear ie fajas and wear them around the clock...I did for about 6 months straight. You look great !!!! and Dont worry... We are our own worst critics
Your scar looks great. Did you use anything on it. I can't wait for your update in a few weeks...
Hi! Your scar looks amazing and it's only been 1 month!! There is tons and tons of swelling and I am 10 months and still swell sometimes! Also, it took over a year before I got sensation back in my nipple and I still don't have full sensation as before. I know this is hard to hear, but please be patient and wait at least 4-6 months for swelling to subside. You look awesome momma!!

Almost 9 weeks P.O

I haven't been on for a few days, just trying to keep busy and let time go. I am trying hard to enjoy the nice weather we've been having but it's hard. I wear my CG 24/7, and it's not easy especially now that it's getting hot. If I don't wear it my "lumps" are noticeable. I look forward to these weeks passing to see my PS. Hopefully with some lipo on these nasty love handles will resolve my problem. I just wanted to post these pictures I just took. As you can see my flabby love handles still look the same. They just hang out so much. I saw my good friend this last weekend who had her mommy makeover in October of last year, (she looks amazing) she showed me her scar and the small scars she got on her lower back (drain holes) from the lipo her PS did with tummy tuck, I didn't have those so I'm pretty sure I didn't get lipo. My left breast hasn't dropped at all and I don't like them, yes they are fuller than before but NOT what I asked for nor wanted. Thank you all for your comments, and you all look good! So happy for all of you that are healed and looking good and for those of you beginning your journey.
Did you ever ask her if she did lipo? Forgive me if you addressed that and I missed it. I'm with you, I would think you would have lipo incision marks if she did based on what I've seen here. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Believe me....I SOOOO understand!!
Did your friend went to the same doctors, you went too
No....she went to Dr. Michael Horn in Chicago.

3 month post and regrets

Just a quick update. I haven't been on for awhile because I've just been trying to let some time go by and let my body heal but I am very unhappy with my surgery and results. It's very upsetting and overwhelming to see how much fat I have in my upper, lower abdomen and love handles. My breasts look ridiculous and lopsided. The left breast is still high up and never dropped and almost 3 months post op. My belly button is huge and ugly. Tomorrow is my appointment with Dr. Burt and I'm not sure where to go at this point because I know I definitely need a complete revision and not sure I want her to do it.
dr fisher or dr hassan might be able to help they arent as expensive .. or have you tried looking at other doctors i always see women spending so much money for cheap results when other women get fantastic result for half the cost from good surgeons.. xoxox hope you fix what ever you dont like xoxo
Thinking of you.. Keep us posted
By the way.. it's not you. She's not a very good surgeon. I just saw my gf boob job done by her and she's not happy either. Her boobs is even. One is higher then the other. It's only been 6 months and it's really saggy. She have to wear a bra to keep it looking perky. Dr didn't put enough cc in it to fill it up. And oh boy her scar looks really bad too. :(
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

So far I have seen Dr. Burt twice. The first time was my first consultation. I have to say she was great. She talks a bit fast but does make you feel comfortable. The second time was for my pre-op appointment and that went well too. Dr. Burt has been great so far pre-surgery and post surgery. Unsure at this point if it was worth the money because not happy with my results at this time, but I know I have to be patient and time will tell and it's too soon to certain. I will update as time goes by. Now I am almost 2 weeks post op. 3 months post and Unhappy with surgery and results. I contacted her last week and she called me back but I was at work so couldn't pick up, the next day she has Peggy call me to tell me she'll just see me at my next appointment. Nice.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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