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I have always had flawless skin. I went to the...

I have always had flawless skin. I went to the spa for a facial. The lady put something on my face and i said it burned. She told me it was normal. I asked what it was and she told me it was an all natural blend of herbs. When i left, my face was really red, sore, and it burned. I called and she wouldn't tell me what she used. My face, then, got infected. I called again and she still wouldn't tell me. I got horrible acne and my dad went to the spa and complained. The woman, finally, told him it was a chemical peel. She did not ask my permission, inform me of the risks or effects, or tell me what to do after treatment. It has been six months and my face is still pretty red, scarred, and i have acne.
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She was very rude, unprofessional, and did not even tell me it was a chemical peel. I am 16. Why would i need a chemical peel?

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Hi I am speaking from africa, nigeria to be precise. I have a feeling she was carrying out a test like doing research with ur face. If I were u, she would pay so dearly and then make her close shop because she can carry out same act on someone else another day. I think u should avoid any other facial stuffs so it won't complicate matters. Just was face with water and soap n then apply not even a moisturizer. Just ur face b then avoid too much sun. I bet u, ur face will heal naturally. Intake of water and for facial use is very good. God bless u.
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Wow. I can't believe she would put a peel on a child either! I wouldn't even use that on my oldest son who is 22! I find it strange that your skin is still reacting to this six months later. I have done many peels in the past (25% TCA) and all I did was moisturize and keep my face clean afterward, and my ("adult") acne actually improved. Do you happen to know what type of peel was used? I'd like to make sure to avoid it. I hope your lovely face gets on the mend soon...
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Just checking in to see how you are doing, have you seen improvement in your skin since the treatment?
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omg! you know they have to have malpractice insurance! there are consent forms that have to be signed, how aweful! I would sue the spa if I were you!
  • Reply heart goes out to you. I hope you can sue her and get her to close shop. Nobody should be allowed to do this kind of thing. This is complete malpractice.
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I should have mentions I am a licensed esthetician.
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I am so sorry for your entire experience. It is absolutely unacceptable the way you described it was (mis)handled. I hope you report this to the state esthetics board. I cannot believe she didn't have you sign a consent....but to not even tell you what she was doing and what she was using completely baffles my mind. What if you had severe allergies to aspirin and there was salicylic acid in the peel? Or, any other ingredient? I am stunned! Does she even have her license? Of course, any idiot can easily pass the written state boards. I'm not an idiot, but I was so insulted at how ridiculously easy the written exam was. I'm glad you took photographs and I sure hope she is insured because she should pay not only for your pain and suffering, but for any doctors' visits, medication, etc. I see where it has been six months....please tell me you have filed a formal complaint about your entire experience. Again, I am so sorry this happened to you. Will you please email me the name of the spa and the name of the peel she wouldn't tell you the name of? I am really curious to know the ingredients. You absolutely deserve some type of compensation for this. Have you at least gotten a refund from the spa?
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