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My name is Barbara Muller in 1979 I had the...

My name is Barbara Muller in 1979 I had the implants done .I am 59 years old.They need to come out.They are getting to a point where they may threaten my health. I have no insurance or job.I live in Troutman N.C. I was wondering if ANYONE knew of any place or
Docotrs that may be able to
Dr. Lewis F. Brinton

He did the augmentation but is now deceased. Last time I saw him was around 2000. All my records of the procedure and treatments have been destroyed.

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If they are Dow Corning you have until june2, 2014 to prove it for 5,000 from them. After 30 years and a surgeon that fled the country( took or destroyed all records), I do not have records? Do you? I have been researching & once removed a picture of the implants and a note from the ex planting doctor saying they are dow corning implants(assuming somewhere on them is an identifying symbol or number. You can get money back if DC product, which most were years ago. I know that does not solve the upfront money issue! I will have to charge it myself! And hope the implant is D.C. So I can get $ back. This site is helping me back that decision & tomorrow I am calling for a free consultation appointment. Blessings that a door will open for you!
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Hi Barbara, sorry you're in such a mess. I've been there plenty of times myself, I'm 62 and got my first set (saline) in 1999 and then went bigger in 2009. I managed to get a credit card with no interest for 15 months and that is what paid for my explant, now I have to pay it off. I live on Social Security but I'm married and will be able to do that hopefully in 15 months, it was $2210. I read someplace that sometimes hospitals connected with a university, teaching hospitals do them for free or for very little. I'm sure there is a waiting line, I live in San Antonio, TX where we have UTSA. Sounds like you got some other good suggestions too. Prayers are with you, I know how it feels to want the darn things out and gone. God Bless.
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I paid for mine on a credit card, and then submitted the paperwork to Medicare for (hopefully) some reimbursement...we'll see. I didn't have a choice, as they had to come out. Age 66, implants (orig) 35 years...good luck to you!
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Good luck with Medicare, my PCP told me that no one would cover it since it had nothing to do with breast cancer. Oh well, I feel like it was necessary and I'm glad I did it even if I do have a payment every month. I just wish I would have never gotten them bumped up larger. Also I would have enjoyed being larger when I was younger than now that I am older. You live and learn. Good luck to you too!
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Medicare is supposed to reimburse if the implants were ruptured, as mine were....I just hope it shows up in my mailbox one day!!
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Hi verana, so how did the Medicare thing work out? My dr. said my would not be covered because it is cosmetic, but at my consultation the dr. said he thought one of them might be ruptured...
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I submitted the paperwork a few weeks ago, so I assume I'll get an answer by the time I'm 110!!!! Hopefully soon...will let you know! They are supposed to cover if you're ruptured. I even included the PS pics in my paperwork. :)
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We can only hope. My sister had been sick with one thing after another, she's 57, and her PS wrote to her insurance that he believed the silicone implants were the cause. They paid for the explant and she paid for the internal lift done at the same time. Total of $7000 altogether. No sense crying over spilt milk but I sure wish I had never had the opportunity in 1999. Good luck on yours. I had my RF today and that was the weirdest sedation I have ever had, I just hope it works. I won't know he said for about a week. It sure hurts now though.
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Great to know, I will ask my PS to put something in writing if they are ruptured and maybe I can get reimbursed for some of it...thanks so much for posting about this, it could really help !
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You're so welcome Sadie, that's why we have this great site. Thanks Angie! AGAIN! Do you have a surgery date set yet?
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You may be able to find a plastic surgeon in your area that can remove them under local only. I know many on here have done that. It's not free, but may be $500 or so. I think calling around and seeing if they are willing to negotiate would be a plus. I was also going to suggest any teaching hospitals in your area as well. Kind of like beauty school, they need to practice and always have an attending nearby watching to make sure all goes well. Good luck, I hope you are able to get them out. I had mine out 10 days ago. Best decision I ever made.
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Hi Barbara, Thank you for sharing with us. I wish I had an answer to that question. I have had mine for twenty three years and have medicare because of ill health (I believe due to these implants) and had to wait till they ruptured before they would cover the explant and through the help of my sister will be able to get surgery. I know what it is like to go for years without having the resources to take them out. may have some doctor interns near you that would help. Good luck and blessings
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