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Please do not resort to this procedure. It made me...

Please do not resort to this procedure. It made me look 10 years older after 2 months. It melted the underlying fat layer with the result that today I have folds and sagging skin on my cheeks and neck. I will have to resort to a facial lift to correct this. It is dangerous when used at high frequencies and unfortunate irriversable.

Same doctor paralyzed my optic nerve so that I had double vision for two months after Botox injections in the crows' feet around the eyes. He injected too close to my eye. I had to wear an eyepatch to drive or function. Stay away!
So glad I read this!
I can only agreed with bad results and pain . I certainly look 10 years older as I lost fat from my cheeks and around my eyes :(
Dr jean francois tremblay at Mediclub in Montreal

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